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Today at Healthworks chiropractic I want to talk to about neck pain causes for students and younger children that are carrying around backpacks or sitting at a desk frequently. You know we see a lot of different populations that health works chiropractic and some of them are students you know whether it be you know middle school or elementary school high school college whatever you know there’s a lot of dysfunction that can happen throughout the day. You know neck pain causes first students can range from carrying a backpack that’s really really heavy or a one of the side bags you know kind of pulls you off to one side or sitting at a desk you know improperly for long periods of time. There’s a lot of neck pain causes and we want to get down to the root of that Healthworks chiropractic. So you know if you take a student from the age of seven and they’re carrying a backpack and it’s weighed down or pulling them kind of back in their head protruding forward that’s going to lead to the same effect as if somebody is on a smartphone. You know it kind of pulls your head forward it’s going to tighten all the muscles and near the front of your neck leading to weakness in the back portion of your neck. All the trapezius muscles and the smaller muscles. You know it’s it’s imperative that that students remain in a proper position and we can we can take them and get them feeling better. You know there’s a reason and a lot of neck pain causes you know a pain in the neck.

You know you hear that often from students and you know different populations and there’s nothing quite as irritating as the neck pain. So when we think about it how many times you turn your head during the day or look down at your desk or look up at a computer screen you know as much as technology has grown. We’re doing a lot more. Especially students nowadays because they’re learning with these devices and you know neck pain causes you to lose function in your body and kind of lose focus when you’re at school as well. And when your neck pain hurts it’s going to limit that movement that you have it could potentially cause headaches among other things. And it’s going to interrupt your daily life and your work at school. So your neck it’s a vital framework bones muscles and ligaments tendons and nerves that attached to your spine and it’s less protected than the rest of your spine. So it’s especially vulnerable for injury especially with long periods of sitting and immobile activity. And you know it’s at risk more than other areas of your spinal column. Your neck is because you know that’s where all of the top of your movement happens especially when you’re at school and there’s a lot of neck pain causes. And the most common neck injuries often stem from poor posture. The computer and you know computers have become a cornerstone in our life especially if you’re a student. You know even after words if you’re out work school at home you know computers do make things in our life so allow a little bit easier. But they can also have a negative impact on your overall posture and your neck health.

There was actually a study posted it was published by the National Center for Biotechnology Information that almost half of office workers involved in the study complained of neck pain within the last year and that one in ten of these people missed work because of their neck pain. So that’s going to take him severely out of full loop and you know neck pain causes you to lose that function. There was a University of California Berkeley also conducted a very similar student with a study with graduate students and they found that more than 60 percent of students actually suffered from neck pain due to long hours at a computer and kind of straining their necks. And even if you’re physically fit if you use a computer all day maybe twice the risk for next strain which causes neck pain due to long hours in front of a computer. And you know if if you are physically fit though like you were saying you do risk the chance that a person who does not work at a desk or an office have an extreme you know you can you can avoid neck pain. It’s important to improve the facts ability and strength of the supporting muscles of your head and your shoulders which we can help you with that Healthworks chiropractic. There’s exercises though that can help you as well that can prevent neck pain. And when you do some of these exercises there should be a general stretch throughout the neck and it should give you some relief and if you keep up on them you know you can kind of eliminate neck pain and you know rolling your shoulders keeping your head in an upright position.

You know warming up the neck muscles by shrugging your shoulders working to close the gap between your shoulders and your ears and then slowly returning them back given a good contractions strengthening and then releasing you know you use about 10 times throughout the day in your head rolls you know side to side up and down back and forth you know keeping keeping movement in the neck is imperative to eliminate neck pain and at Healthworks chiropractic we want to help you do that and help you feel a lot better overall neck rotations. You know these you got it. Yeah I kind of be careful with you don’t want to whip your head too far. The side just rotating your head in a 360 kind of deal. Back and forth clockwise counterclockwise the Nectec are kind of giving yourself a double chin. You know you can do all these things. You know I would say 10 to 15 times throughout the day to kind of help eliminate that neck pain because neck pain causes you to lose a lot of your function in your in your body and lose your focus and you know Come see us at Healthworks or practic if you’re dealing with neck pain or something that may be debilitating for you. And you know when it’s time to come help a chiropractor or a doctor you know a lot of people have this pain it’s persisted and it’s very severe and neck pain causes you know pain that can radiate down to your arms or legs or accompanied by headaches tingly numbness or weakness. And you know these symptoms could indicate more serious problems. So if you’re a student you know we want to help you out. Healthworks chiropractic.

And there’s a lot of studies done you know to show the prevalence of neck pain and shoulder pain. And you know these these are astonishing for students especially as we grow with technology. So if you’re dealing with this year’s student or you’re a parent of a student come see us at Healthworks chiropractor today we have two middle Tennessee locations. One is in Franklin Tennessee and it’s located at 2 8 4 Seaboard Lane and Suite 100 in Franklin Tennessee and the phone number there is 6 1 5 7 9 1 9 and 1 7 or in Murfreesboro Tennessee. We have another location. It’s located at 6 1 5. So at 9 to 5 South Church Street in sweet 800 in Murfreesboro Tennessee. The phone number for that Murfreesboro Tennessee office is 6 1 5 8 6 7 1 1 4 4. Neck pain causes a lot of different symptoms but we want to help those at Healthworks chiropractic. A lot of different. No neck pain causes but if you’re a student you’re dealing with these MCSA dad Healthworks chiropractic.