Today, we’re going to be talking about the ideal posture for the the body everywhere from the cervical spine to the thoracic spine to the lumbar and sacral area spider in my car. We’re going to be talking about this today in the ideal positioning for each one, Murfreesboro chiropractor, healthworks chiropractic in Murfreesboro Tennessee. So the position of the head in the neck in an ideal position or alignment is one in which the head is very balanced and position in a manner with minimal muscular effort. So in like a lateral view, with a line of reference reference that coincides with the lobe of the ear and also the cervical portion of the spine presents the normal anterior. Curvature the line of reference coincides with the midline or the center of the body and the head and with the cervical spinal processes. That’s the ideal position. Fbi said it’s not tilted upward or downward. It’s not tilted sideways, laterally or rotated, and a chin is not retract or kind of pushed in is if you’re, giving yourself a double chin. Health works Murfreesboro, chiropractor, Murfreesboro chiropractor, can show you the ideal positioning for your spine with numerous different things, such as x-rays and examinations, and tests. That specifically and show you if you have the ideal position or if your neck is out of alignment or not in the proper position, whether it be due to a missing lot of misalignment of a subluxed vertebrae or some of the musculature in your cervical spine in this case is, is out of balance. So a good alignment for upper back is essential for the head and neck and some dysfunctions with us alignment of the upper back pain affect head and neck position. If the upper back slumps ford, such as in a historic photic posture, we’re kind of leaning forward like the hunchback of Notre, do then you’re, going to have some different, no complications with that. So if, if this upper back is been around a position, whether you’re sitting or standing, there’s going to be some kim Murfreesboro chiropractor compensatory changes in the body in the positioning of the head in the neck. So if the head were to remain in this fixed position with the neck and its normal interior curve, as the upper back is flexed into this position of round upper bed with around upper back, the head would be inclined forward and downward, but I seek, and the head must be raised from that position by actually extending the neck back.

So in some normal cervical extension there’s an approximation of the occiput in the. Seventh, cervical vertebrae are the last vertebrae of the neck, as the head is raised to keep it about I level. The Murfreesboro chiropractor distance between the ox pit and the last cervical vertebrae is reduce remarkably, and that’s in comparison with the separation between the two points in an ideal line it. So there has to be about 2 or 3 inch. Difference between the two positions, so forward head position is one in which the neck extensors and extensors, or the muscles that are responsible for bringing your neck back. Rna short and positioned. These muscles are very tight and tonic, and the potential exists for the development of an on an Murfreesboro chiropractor object adaptation to shortening these muscles. As you further, this forward head, posture neck flexors are in a long gated or if they’re basically stretched out I’m in a position, and it can definitely not bring on some weakness as of muscles are continuously stretched. So that is something that she can test for on or like I do not like an x-ray or if you have eggs. That is definitely uncle’s. Fine cuz we’re going to have a lot of itching on your face and to the neck Murfreesboro Tennessee health works chiropractic, how Murfreesboro chiropractor spine what do numerous different tests, x-rays examinations. So the mid back we’re going to be looking at t1 through t12 power, washing this old man crossing the street. So there’s an ideal alignment for the mid back ideal alignment for the cervical curvature is slightly or push backwards. Murfreesboro chiropractor this is we’re going to find what kind of bait a slump forward so that the cervical spine or curving inward that’s the ideal position as we talked about before, whereas the thoracic spine is a kyphotic, so it curves the opposite direction. So that’s what it means by a slightly posterior directions, just as the positioning of the head in the neck are affected by the positions of thoracic spine to the thoracic spine is actually affected by the positions of the low back in the pelvis region. So with the pelvis and the lumbar in the ideal position, the Murfreesboro chiropractor thoracic spine can assume an ideal position and being proper alignment. So if a normally flexible individual assume the position of lodorsis of the low back I, increased interior positioning, the upper back tens to straighten out and that is going to actually decrease the normal posterior curb so habitual. All positions and repetitive activities. May give a little bit of a rise to the development of lodore, cyst or a form in which one tends to compensate for the other or a swayback positioning. So the position increase posterior curvature of the upper back compensates for a forward deviation of the pelvis and sacral region, and if we’re going to look at the ideal position of the thoracic spine, of course me to go to the glenohumeral joint, the shoulder joint and the shoulder girdle. So, with the ideal position of the shoulder joint, the side view, or the line of reference actually passes through the midway, the center of the body throughout Murfreesboro chiropractor the joint, but the position of the arm and shoulder joint it, it highly depends on the position of the scapula or the wing of the scapula. You know that one bone that protrudes out of your back that is called the scapula, so in a good alignment Murfreesboro chiropractor.