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Today Healthworks chiropractic we’re going to be talking about the benefits of chiropractic care. If you are looking for a Murfreesboro Tennessee chiropractor visit us at Healthworks chiropractic located at nine twenty five South Church Street a 200. Murfreesboro Tennessee 3 7 1 3 0. Our phone number is 6 1 5 8 6 7 1 1 4 4. Again if you are looking for a Murfreesboro Tennessee chiropractor visit us at Healthworks chiropractic located at 925 South Church Street 8200 Murfreesboro Tennessee 3 7 1 3 0. Our phone number is 6 1 5 8 6 7 1 1 4 4. So help works chiropractic. We really like to develop a personalized approach to fit every patient specific needs. First off our provider will evaluate your conditions and symptoms. This will help them determine how to alleviate the calls and we typically start out with a consultation with our patient. The patient meets the car Proctor and does provide a brief synopsis of their issues possibly lower back pain such as the duration and frequency of symptoms. We often want to description whether you’re experiencing burning throbbing aching a dull pain whatever it may be. We want the areas of pain that you are experiencing any type of issues we want to know what makes you feel better. We typically give you a 1 to 10 scale so that we are able to fit your needs properly. We want to know what makes the pain feel worse. Example standing or lifting again if you are looking for a Murfreesboro Tennessee chiropractor visit us at Healthworks chiropractic.

We were located at 925 South Church Street a 200 that is in Murfreesboro Tennessee 3 7 1 3 0. Our phone number is 6 1 5 8 6 7 1 1 4 4. So whenever we do our consultation we often get a case history. We want the chiropractor to identify any of the areas that you may be experiencing any type of nature of back pain. We want you to feel comfortable enough to ask us questions. We do like to know your family history any type of dietary habits that you may have any past history of treatments example would be chiropractic osteopathic medical oretc. We want to know any occupational history of psychosocial history any areas that you may experience seeing pain. The next thing that we do is perform a physical examination so the chiropractor will probably utilize different types of methods to determine the spine segments and depending on the results of the examination we will take x rays. This will help us locate and use the stations in the spine and also identify faunal areas with a significant need for manipulation. So chiropractic adjustments it does help align the spine and it does restore proper nerve flow throughout your body. Adjustments to free up the nerves that may be compressed within the vertebrae and of these vertebrae are typically out of alignment causing you that uncomfortable pain. Because Nasher so closely associated with the immune system overall health is super important and important your health can definitely be negative affected by those nerves when they are compromised. If they are pinched or if they are out of place this can cause pain in various areas of your body.

So again if you’re looking for a Murfreesboro Tennessee chiropractor visit us to Healthworks chiropractic were located at twenty five South Church Street a 200 Murfreesboro Tennessee 3 7 1 3 0. Our phone number is 6 1 5 8 6 7 1 1 4 4. So I wanted to go over some areas that chiropractic can help with and it can help with headache and migraine relief. The combination of both of those symptoms can definitely be debilitating and very uncomfortable. So if you are struggling with any type of headache or migraines chiropractic services are an effective way and an all natural way to treat any type of headache or migraine using chiropractic manipulations and exercises. You can definitely be on your way to experiencing pain free days. We also give corrective exercises. We teach you exercises that will help support a healthy posture and potentially keep you pain free. That is our main goal and with our car practica Justman our focus is to apply gentle manipulations of the spine. Like I said before this is when you are sliding vertebrae back into alignment to reduce any type of pain and do increase your mobility. Also adjusting extremity joints This can include but not limited to shoulders elbows wrists and knees. Now performing alignment on those joints can definitely help with any type of recovery from an injury or reduce that pain as well. Chiropractic care is also really wonderful for anyone experiencing any type of injury from an auto accident. You may not feel it immediately after the accident that you are out of alignment but you do and I get to a chiropractor and begin treatment this can avoid any lasting concerns or type of injuries. We also perform spinal decompression.

This technique does improve the space between the vertebrae and it does leave the herniated disc or any type of a pinch nerve pediatric care. We love seeing children at her office. We do provide care for infants and children. This does ease any type of coma concerns that a parent may have for their child and all often help avoid any type of issues in the future with their spine. We do have three phases of care. The first one is relief care if you are in pain. Our first objective is definitely to help you so you are starting to feel better. Definitely depending on that severity and the underlying condition. A typical patient would need to see a chiropractor for adjustments about two to three times a week and this does react best if you do have treatment four to 12 weeks out. We do have another phase corrective and restorative care during the corrective phase of chiropractic muscle and other tissues are allowed to heal more completely. The goal of the corrective and restorative chiropractic services is really to help bring that body back to 100 percent functioning. Now these adjustments are needed about four to eight times per month. Looking at six to 24 months and definitely depending on your overall health and definitely on the severity of your problem because every patient is different. Our last phases wellness care. So once your body has fully healed and you’re no longer experiencing extreme back pain or any pain symptoms. This is what of we leave you in charge of maintenance care.

And you just come here periodically for adjustments and this will help you avoid any future problems that you may have with your back. This just requires a quick visit. About one to four times a month. Based on your lifestyle and your goals. So again chiropractic care is important for your overall health and you should ideally get adjustments regularly. We just want your body in the best possible state of health. So again if you’re looking for the Murfreesboro Tennessee chiropractor visit us at Healthworks chiropractic we’re located at 925 South Street 1200 Murfreesboro Tennessee 3 7 1 3 0.