So at a Murfreesboro chiropractor we hear a lot about scoliosis or an abnormal curve of the spine. There’s a lot of different variations of scoliosis and diagnosing scoliosis out of Murfreesboro chiropractor. We can do that as healthworks chiropractic, with a very thorough examination, with an x-ray to make sure that we know the anatomy of your body in your spine. We often so, you can’t be a better clinician, then you’re diagnosing somebody. So you know you can’t treat something that is effectively diagnosed, so we feel as though we want to get to the root cause of the scoliosis and help you better understand. What’s going on with your spine? So it’s really easy to miss the underlying cause of scoliosis and instability surrounding the tissue, effective diagnosis, it’s a central and it’s a key part in developing a treatment plan for a patient. So we’re not looking for just add I know a stuck position, we’re trying to increase the joint mobility and its location where it’s where it’s at and we’re kind of resting at you know we want to help the patient and get them an assessment to better understand what they’re dealing with and a Murfreesboro chiropractor can do that and we are dedicated to helping you with several different modalities for scoliosis. You know we need to diagnose it properly. First, before we can fix anything I know, surgery should be the last intervention that you have. We want to be able to effectively. How do you say you can live a more fulfilled life and, if you catch it at a early enough age, we can. We can certainly help with scoliosis and different misalignments of the vertebrae. In the spine. We’ve had some pretty severe cases the earlier that you catch it. How old is the bone in comparison to its chronological age, the degree of the curvature of the spine, the location of the curve? You know what is the curve worsening, or is it getting better with the adjustments? We need to keep track with all these things, to make sure that the patients getting better, and there is some change happening in the body when I’m you know you can have some some pain, I’m just back pain in general or you can. You can even have that answer, organs or tissue that can restrict your breathing. So we want to go with a surgical approach. You know I can catch in adolescence. You know they’re going to take into consideration that the degree of which the the child’s spine is curving. How old is you know if they’re getting to the point where they’ve already gone through puberty, some things can be only slightly reversed in children who have very severe curves, you know, 50 degrees or higher may need surgery to lessen the curvature and prevent it from getting any worse or restricting medical trouble in future, and you can brace it there’s a back brace. You know that that’s where early detection is the key with a mild or moderate curvature, well fitted, brace in conjunction with the adjustment setting the spinal joints and proper position is what we try to do normal activities with exercise corrective exercises, and you know you know for your out of a brace.


You know we. We need to make sure that this patient is getting the best treatment, the best care, and we can do that at healthworks chiropractic in murfreesboro, tennessee and murfreesboro chiropractor can help with that. So we want to. We want to make sure that chiropractic care can help you and your candidate for it. If you do have something like scoliosis going on, you know there are a lot of favors for chiropractic & scoliosis. You know there was a study. There has been a study done or 28th adult scoliosis patients reported improvements in pain and an angle of the chiropractic care. It was decreased within 24 months, so they’re there is some favors of chiropractic treatment. So we want to make sure that you know what everything is. It’s going to be in place for you and it’s something. That’s something that you’re interested in and something that you are willing to get better with with the chiropractic. You know we can help you it’s an abnormal curvature of the spine. In many cases, chiropractic care can help and we can help out of Murfreesboro chiropractor with things like scoliosis and joint dysfunction. I see you’re an s-shaped curve. You can you definitely want to take an x-ray with any scoliosis patient to make sure that you know there isn’t a secondary or congenital cause for the scoliosis senior secondary school yo sis, it’s usually caused by something neuromuscular like a neuromuscular disorder or an injury that occurred in the past, which is why it is to be present in adults. You didn’t formally have scoliosis doctor can’t pinpoint the type of scoliosis is when its secondary call total, dork and congenital scoliosis, which can occur at birth, and it just means that there is a spinal abnormal malaty from the very beginning. So there’s a lot of treatment options, sure that they’ve been properly diagnose to do an x-ray. This is the best way to look at the spine and visualize what the treatment should be. You know that c or s shaped curve, how much we can do at Murfreesboro chiropractor healthworks chiropractic. We can do that, though, but speaking in general terms. Scoliosis, it’s just a fine by a spine curvature, greater than 10 degrees, so, depending on the severity of 50 or more degrees, would be a severe case. You know you can understand, like muscle, torsion can influence the pool on the spine, so I can disrupt water flow from the brain to the body. So addressing this particular issue, incorrect interview via chiropractic adjustments at murfreesboro, chiropractic and help the patient experience, curvature correction from 12 eating complete restoration in the spinal column, which is endless problems that we see in byron, relining, the spine and just the surrounding tissue.

You can experience some relief know some people don’t get paid, but eventually that curve is going to get worse and worse if they don’t do something to correct, especially if there yet so. We always want to consult with one of our doctors here at healthworks chiropractic to make sure that you get a proper diagnosis before we even lay our hands on you. We want to make sure that you’re getting the best treatment possible for your body and your condition, so the bottom line is come and see you today. If you think you’re dealing with scoliosis or have been diagnosed with it and haven’t found a solution and don’t want to do surgery come see us at healthworks, chiropractic, murfreesboro chiropractor can help you give us a call today at 615-867-1144 would be more than happy to guide you through our patient availability and how we can tub tinsley help you with your scoliosis and get you pain free. That is the whole goal is to get you pain, free and get you functioning properly and more efficiently with your body. So we don’t want to make you a prisoner of your own body, so give us a call today. Give him Murfreesboro chiropractor shot will be more than willing to help you with this chronic problem.