Definitely if it’s your first time using chirotherapy, Murfreesboro Chiropractor you might have certain burning art, numbness lesson, tina watch out for that late. They say patients first time using hydrotherapy or using a cold therapy. In that pole, nature and there’s other tips and stuff that you can use for that. I’m there, certain type of cold packs that can be used over a large area muscles. You could use a nice, massage, I’m, just running cold water and placing the plastic cup with ice in it, and a little bit of lotion to help reduce some of that movement in friction and kind of going over. Certain muscles are some stuff that can be done for that and with the ice you want to make sure the temperature is cold, of course, using a cold mentality anywhere from 50 to 60 degrees, fahrenheit, and you can always contrast and change up. Hot and cold bath is whirlpools for sub-acute injuries. I’ve met you before different type of actual cairo modality things that you should use, such as a chiro cuff compression compression system compression sock that uses cold to help reduce that muscle, spasms or muscle pain, so that muscle can be stretched out. You could use that with stem like electrical stimulation, applying that with cold and some of the uses you can for patients that take home some ice packs. I said before ice packs. You want to make sure for acute injuries during use their use, the first 24 to 72 hours of an actual acute injury. The packs of last you a long time as well, if you’re taking care of it, making sure it’s not bending a large amount in 4th actually used bike. An ice pack and put it on the specific area might be having a muscle, spasm or attention or pain for no more than 20 minutes. More than 20 minutes might have some other type of negative effects to go along with that and as well to you. You can take the ice out for one or two hours so that the skin returns to that normal temperature. For that there are some contraindications for using chirotherapy and a contraindication is a precursor of any type of activities are elements that might interfere with the progress made health-wise by the actual cold modality. Certain things could be open wounds. You. They want to make sure you’re not putting cold therapy on chirotherapy on open, fresh winds bleeding, which goes along Murfreesboro Chiropractor with open wounds. Certain fractures, cold allergies, in the myself I have don’t have a cold allergy, but I do have hypersensitivity when it comes to a very, very cold things and certain skin types I’m. Another aspect on top of cairo therapy is thermal therapy, so I cowered therapy. What uses a cold modality, thermotherapy uses a seat mentality and that definitely heats the specific target area and helps for blood flow, definitely throughout the blood vessels and circulation and as well as i, can help her move some backed-up place in a specific area. Another thing that Murfreesboro Chiropractor can help out with thermotherapy is the use he can help. Subacute are edema cause swelling, and so basically edema is built-up fluid in the actual sales that can cause Murfreesboro Chiropractor swelling throughout the body. So using thermal therapy can definitely help with that end, with thermal therapy I’m, usually there certain types of packs that are camped out about immature about 170 degrees and they are laced and wrapped around certain protective pads at the skin isn’t actually coming in full contact. With these heated devices and like keratherapy, you can be used Murfreesboro Chiropractor electrical stimulation to increase the benefits, as mentioned to never let the actual packs. The thermal therapy packs come in contact with the skin cuz. They occurred with barns. That can do that. For that and that’s what pack is called a hydrocollator, so a hydrocollator pack is Murfreesboro Chiropractor what thermal therapy uses for that as well as chirotherapy. You can always use warm whirlpools are hot tubs help konahrik reese the range of motion or muscle spasm help the crease that the proper use of the heat packs you want to make sure that they’re only applied at the chiropractor’s instruction to the actual area that happens are that’s afflicted, never use it on any type of the body.

That’s your not having any type of pain. You always Murfreesboro Chiropractor want to make sure that the heat is moist and that is not dry heat and you want to put it out anywhere from 2 to 3 year, medieval, six or seven different types of towels for the packs of the night into the burning use, no more than 20 minutes, just like chirotherapy and I’m, possibly you’re. Still having that pain for another hour and repeat the procedure, never fall asleep on Murfreesboro Chiropractor the heat pack. Just as well, you wouldn’t fall asleep in the sun. You wouldn’t fall asleep in the tanning bed. Cuz. You will burn yourself. People see one of those things on, as mentioned before, some of the contraindications can be open wounds, bleeding etc I’m. Actually, one contraindication for heat, which can be corrected compared to cairo therapy, is acute conditions, some more for chronic use. You would use cairo thymine thermal therapy in 4 qt, but use chirotherapy. Some indications you might have for a patient who needs to use his therapy would be having pain in certain areas, chronic inflammation, a decreased range of motion for my example myself. That would be beneficial in the shoulder region. I’m, a certain trigger points we make sure when it comes to cairo therapy and thermotherapy, that you see a professional and certified doctor or chiropractor or any type of medical profession that you explain to them what’s going on and they give you the clear run around to Murfreesboro Chiropractor actually do so. So you don’t injure yourself