Today, I want to go over something that I learned in school a long time ago, and it’s hard and trade me in really. In the end, the more I look into the more I was really solidified. The murfreesboro chiropractor idea that chiropractic is so much more, then just pain, relief and muscle, spasm relief, there’s a there’s, a doctor name, dr. Harry windsor, who became intrigued by people who would with different diseases with their dying from, and he was looking to the source of the spine to see. If this is, you know what some of that was affecting these people and all the winds are autopsies and it really again has solidified my strength and what we do as chiropractor. So hairy windsor was a medical doctor from the grid, pencil philadelphia pennsylvania area and was intrigued by patients who return to health using chiropractic or osteopathic spinal care. So you noticed that people are starting to see improvements in their house and he’s trying to figure out. Why and so he’s asked himself how did chiropractor’s office osteopath get people better without drugs or surgery, and so he just kept thinking about was wondering about, and so he in the end, he plan to unique experiment decided that he would dissect human and animal cadavers and see if there’s a relationship between the health of the spine disease disease organ that he found. So he started doing this and the university of pennsylvania game commission to carry out his experiment and in a series of three studies he does sex of the total of 75 human and 22 cat cadavers, finding 221 total disease organs. And what exactly? Is there a relationship between the disease oregon to the spine of the 221 disease, oregon’s, 212 or observed to belong to the same sympathetic nerve segments as the vertebra and curvature? These figures cannot be expected to exactly coincide for oregon mary, see the sympathetic filaments from several spinal quote. On quote dr. Windsor found a nearly 100% correlation between minor curvatures are what we call subluxation of the spine and diseases of the internal organs. Some of the diseases and their related spinal or vertebral segments include heart disease, all 20 cases of heart, heart and pericardium conditions had the upper 5 through a sick, vertebra misalign in these abby from t12 t5. So t stands for thoracic. You have three areas of your spine, cervical, which is neck thoracic, which would be from the upper back all the way down to the bottom of the rib cage and lumbar, which is your lower back to your pelvis. Lung disease was an ex when he looked at in all 26 cases of lyme disease had spinal misalignments in the upper thoracic area, again t 134 stomach disease, all kind of different stomach diseases out there, but all nine cases of spinal misalignment in the mid thoracic area, which would be from t5 to t9, had some disease. Next one was liver disease off 13 cases of liver, liver disease had misalignment in the mid thoracic area as well from t559. If the patient had gallstones all 5 cases of gallstone disease had spinal misalignments in the same mid thoracic areas of t v tonight, pancreas all three cases that he came up with a head, pancreatic disease or pancreas disease has spinal misalignments in the same mid thoracic, spine t559, all 11 cases of spleen disease had spinal misalignments in the same mid thoracic spine t5 to t9 the kidney all 17 cases of kidney disease had misalignment in the lower thoracic spine witches from t 10 to 12, prostate and bladder disease. All eight cases of prostate and bladder disease had misalignment in the lumbar vertebrae in the upper lumbar vertebrae from l1 l2 l3. There was two cases that have uterine conditions and they had l to misalign so extremely interesting and unbelievable. This hasn’t gotten more attraction in the medical world, but I mean in in his mind. He found that you know spinal subluxation, which is what your murfreesboro chiropractor cracks affecting people’s health long term, and that’s because ultimate in the end, the nerve flow to this tip from the spine was getting. Pinched are not working at 100%, which means he’s organs weren’t. Getting a hundred percent nerf love from the brain and the body, which means they stopped working properly and in the end it cause them to get disease, and these areas the chiropractic approach to this is to remove subluxation. Then you murfreesboro chiropractor, have observe patients recovering after spinal care from nearly every disease or condition in which the flashes there arabs the doctor once a size gives way to the clan. The spanish language that interfere with body function again called vertebral. Subluxations can have a profound impact on internal organ health, and this is because the nurse from your brain send messages and energy to your organs via the spinal column. So exactly how does spinal nerve pressure cause heart, kidney, long, uterine or other organizations, while the mechanisms are not fully understood, but that has never prevented healers from giving people helping relief, for example, for decades, no one knew how aspirin work, but that didn’t stop the medical profession from prescribing, so dr. Windsor’s legacies, his insights and research for prophetic. Indeed, that again, the medical profession has largely ignored his work, however, and studies have been explained upon this man in the pond by scientists working in many disciplines who continue to research the complex relationship between the vertebral subluxation complex in the internal organ disease. This feels one of the fastest-growing areas of research in the healthcare sciences and chiropractic throught as one of its leading advocates. So your murfreesboro chiropractor again really feels like you by getting the spine adjusted now only helps you feel better, but literally helps your body function better and, according to the study of it, helps you fight off disease.

So y’all, are you connected? That’s a good question or the nurse connected. Are we where they function properly? The nurse connecting to your internal organs to your spine must remain free of spinal stress interference, your blockages, if he’s nervous or stressed or in spanish, because your spine is out of alignment, your house is probably going to suffer in the thing that is spelled subluxation czar. What is called the silent killer because they don’t they don’t pop up for a while, so pain is jenner. The last symptoms kind of like telling someone gets cancer, they don’t know they have it right away. It’s only when the cancer has spread enough to cause a symptom that you go to the doctor and get checked out. You know the depending on how far it’s gone is how serious the cancer is in if it’s treatable or not in the same thing with subluxation, we don’t know right away. I just continues to progress until our body can’t compensate for it anymore, and then you come to the murfreesboro chiropractor office to get checked a day or two ago you woke up with it or whatever you know I’m. So it’s just how it works. Our body will compensate for as long as I can and then it can’t. So you may not know it or feel it right away, but if you have 40 for subluxation your internal organs, maybe slowly weakening and could eventually malfunction and become disease. So why wait until you have kidney heart, lung, prostate, liver or other problem, for you get your spine estructura some check for stress, free from stress before long-standing civilizations, cause serious damage and healthy lifestyle. I mean it’s it’s something where you can’t just get adjusted to be 400 pounds and be healthy. Do you have to incorporate chiropractic as a as a part of a healthy lifestyle such as exercise eating right, stretching drinking lots of water in medications? Don’t help you per se mean they certainly help with certain certain situations, but it’s the snot. What may healthy, being healthy is taking responsibility for what you put in your body in your body, like emotional stress, your inherited weaknesses and strengths, usage, rugs, your levels of exercise and relaxation, the quality of the air, food or water that you’re taking in along with these, how factors a healthy spine and again structural systems are absolutely essential and that’s what your murfreesboro chiropractic can help you with. You can come in and get checked, I’ll. Let you know what’s going on what the proper course of action is to do to help you be healthy and in some people as major it’s a major factor in can make the difference between a life of health, strength and vitality, or a life of disease, weakness and disability. It’s it’s! It’s just how it works. So are the question I have is what I think you should ask yourself? Are you and your family carrie and subluxations and their bodies? And if that question is something you’d like to have answered, call the murfreesboro chiropractor office at 615-867-1177 and we can go check up and we can tell you otherwise, you just never going to know and you wait till you have pain and it is going to be a something that’s harder to deal with I’m, just like anything like answers hard to deal with the farthest going along, give us a call. The ones are size again or very impactful wood in my early education. As far as trying to understand how chiropractor played played a bigger role in people’s lives and to me it if you’re not going to draw said you’re not do everything you can for you and your family to be healthy.

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