They were going to talk about the importance of keeping the spine maintained. One of them to talk about with our patients is our first goal is to get you feeling better as quickly as possible and then in the end, keep it better. That is where spinal maintenance come in comes in your purse or a chiropractor recommends this for every patient and I want to go over. Some of the reasons why today, in the end maintain your spine could be one of the most significant health investments. You can make the american institute for preventive medicine, hates that 60 to 80 million americans or 8 out of 10 people at some point suffer from back or neck pain. This 22 billion dollar industry could be greatly reduced and our future great, the security of people, would learn the importance of spinal maintenance, maintaining anything provides longer life and better function with minimal problems. Most importantly, maintenance is more cost-effective than correcting problems. What are the things the murfreesboro chiropractor likes to talk about is, for example, if you work out really hard for 3four five six months and you stop what’s going to happen well, you’re going to go right back to where you were and that’s what it comes down to with maintenance as well. If we work really hard over, if you wants to get you better and you stopped coming well, there’s where the problem lies. Unfortunately, one of the problems that people tend to try to get through and have trouble with is they think that once they feel better they’re, all the way better? Well, one of the questions we ask when regards to that is:what are you doing to feel better right now, and one of them are common answers as well:they’re eating right and exercising and they’re stretching, and that’s all really good, but the question I asked back to them or what my statement back to that as well, then just stop because you’re feeling better and I always get a sly look and that count as a resume for people. So, in the end, what you’re doing to feel better? Now, certainly is something that we need to keep doing this, like brushing your teeth as well. We brush our teeth for maintenance, getting the spanish

I said every once in a while is also maintenance for the whole body and our health overall I’m a fundamental standpoint. If you neglect anything that requires maintenance, it will develop a problem problems about silently, most likely, as our body is able to compensate for many things until enough damage occurs, though, to trigger a symptom or a crisis. The deal with it is pain, is one of the last things to come in and that’s the bad side of it, the good side of it. It’s also one of the first things to go out, but that’s again where people tend to get sidetracked on this. So, unfortunately, crisis are scented, may not occur until a significant or even permanent damage has occurred. The spine should be maintained from birth for maximum nerve integrity and optimum health potential at this point is not maintained. It will develop a problem problems develop silently without symptoms. These problems are generally called. Subluxation is over time when enough damage tissue, accumulates or several subluxation occur. That’s where the symptoms will develop and possibly permanent damage can occur. Take your car, for example. If you never open the hood of your car to maintain the engine, what would happen a problem with develop? Of course it would continue to develop until a crisis and symptoms occurred in cars. We have warning lights that tell us. When we have problems, we can cut them before crisis and symptoms occur. For example, if your check engine light comes on, would you put a band-aid over it, or would you actually take it to the mechanic to get it fixed while in the engine or take it to the mechanic to get it fixed, but that’s also the scenario of what a lot of people do when their bodies check engine light comes on, what they do is they put a band-aid over it or what that means would be they take ibuprofen or tylenol or muscle, relaxer or painkiller, from the prescription, medicine cabinet or from their doctor, and this is simply put in a band-aid over the problem is not fixing. Why that check engine light is coming on. Another example we have brakes were wearing thin, essential I would go on tomorrow, so we could fix the problem for the brace got into crisis mode and ruin the metal drum resulted in the grinding squeaking symptom in the human body. Again, there’s no check engine light. There’s no warning light problems about silent until enough damage accumulates the fire off a symptom and in the end most people come in because of symptoms. Your murfreesboro chiropractor wants to educate you, so this is not the problem for you. Another example to talk about in regards to sobe heart disease. Eating high-fat food over time is known to clog arteries. This problem is called heart disease. You did not feel heart disease, you feel the heart attack one enough disease has accumulated. The heart attack is a symptom or the effect of heart disease in the crisis stage very similar to what happens with our spine overtime, the subluxation mount up the muscle tension adds up the nerve. Interference adds up, our body can all or compensate for that, and then we walk in to the murfreesboro chiropractor office and say. My back just went out on me yesterday. The reality of it is this is been developing for years and years, and so when we go over x-rays and exam findings with patients, there always surprised and know that this is been a 2030, your problem engine, you know, or less or more depending on the person in the age, but that is always something that people are very shocked to hear so back to the initial part of the spine requires maintenance from birth.