Hello, it’s a murfreesboro chiropractor for healthworks chiropractic in murfreesboro tennessee today, the hip flexor and I’m hamstring relationship, the external and internal rotators of the hip. Of course we have the gluteus maximus, the biceps femoris, the plantaris, the gastrocnemius, the soleus. Actually the latin name is dorsey is actually involved with the rotation or extra rotation of the hips erector spinae gluteus medius gluteus minimus, the piriformisobituary on externus quadratus, femoris, albuterol, a tour internus and inferior jimmy, lewis and superior jimmy, lou and I know we can stretch out. We can strengthen them, you know. Of course we went to one of you, a strengthening exercise and make sure there’s even tension and distribution throughout the hamstrings lot of time. We see a day, murfreesboro chiropractor at healthworks chiropractic in murfreesboro tennessee. What we’re seeing as a murfreesboro chiropractor is that a lot of people are having weakness, are overstretched hamstring and there’s a lot of tightness in the front portion of their hips. So what we want to do is we want to murfreesboro chiropractor straighten up the hamstringyou. Can do this for things anything where you’re at you’re flexing at the knee or you’re extending at the hip, such as a romanian deadlift or things like that laid press? Even things to wear your heel is kind of going towards your butt and then we want to strengthen hamstrings, and then we want to stretch out the hip flexors. So there’s there’s a lot of different ways that we can stretch out the hip flexors of the front portion of your hipand. These are some of the things we’re going to teach you how to murfreesboro chiropractor and in murfreesboro tennessee. You know if we look at the relationship and the distribution of tension through the hip flexors to the you know, we we can. We can do you know like a standing, lower trunk, flexor stretch that gets the other. So as muscles the rectus abdominis, the external obliques that like his and we can get, we can get all these muscles in a 1-1, great area that we want to make sure stay stretched murfreesboro chiropractor are the internal and external obliques. This area super super tight. You know as a relationship to the the hip flexors of the front portion of your hipaa murfreesboro chiropractic can’t help you with this. You know we can look at the one leg, standing hip, flexor and extensor stretch. So in order to stress you know, we want to stand upright with our weight evenly distributed so I’d say we’re stretching the the right side. First, we’re going to put all the weight I’m, keeping it balanced on the left leg and keep the right or keep the left foot pointing straight forward, and then they almost as straight to the skin, help you maintain balance embrace the left hand on the wall. If you do need to do that, then you could havemurfreesboro chiropractor been the right need. The need at your question that you’re stretching and you’re going to grasp the right foot or the ankle tightly, and you going to pull the right heel on back and slightly upward with in about 4 or 2 to 6 in of the but at the same time, you’re going to push the hips forward to going to feel like good stretch and like a bow and arrow stretch. Most stretch muscles the end of right, vastus medialis, the right, that’s intermedius and right, bastard, vastus, lateralis and middle and upper radius, sagittarius right, rectus, femoris right so as muscle right left, right, tensor, fasciae, latae, you’re, going to feel a lot of stretch in these general areas in the front portion of your hip and the app the muscles murfreesboro chiropractor that help flex. Your hip hop words. So when we do this stress, we have to be careful not to strain the knee by over flexing the knee. We want to generally pull the ankle slowly in a more backwards than upwards direction, making sure that the hip also move forward as well. So we need to concentrate more on doing hip extension, then I’m doing knee flexion or flexing the knee for the vastus medialis. We want to rotate the upper body away from the medial muscles, so we want to rotate the right side, clockwise and we’ll have any backwards. So you want to place the most stretch:emphasis on the lateral of the side, muscles like the ttfl tensor, fasciae latae, or the vastus lateralis I want to rotate the body away from the lateral muscle and rotate the right side counterclockwise in bending backwards that you can use. With this stretch to stretch the hip flexors out that murfreesboro chiropractic can teach you. So one of the things is the supported, one-leg standing, hip flexor in the extensor stretch. We can get on a box and put it in the top portion of our toes in our hands on the rear support of the box with about a surface in about 6 to 12 inches behind the murfreesboro chiropractor buttocks moving the torso back slowly, so that you so that the heel of the foot can touch the buttocks make sure that the ankle and knee are at a comfortable position. We wouldn’t want them to be in an uncomfortable position and compromise the other stretch. So that’s why it’s really important to show you these specific techniques office in murfreesboro tennessee. We can show you all these things, all these stretches and corrective action or sizes. That can certainly help you I want to make sure these areas are stretched out right there getting the most benefit from the stretches, so yeah the feet in the cavs are very important areas to stretch to as well. You know stretching the anterior tibialis, you know the abductor, abductors and adductors of the muscle. You know you just want to make sure that you’re stressing all these areas out, so we can create that balance between the two.


We see a lot of the time that people do, the the murfreesboro chiropractor hip external rotator and extensors stretch where you’re going to be lying on your back. They comfortable surface of the body is kind of early rotating. One of your legs will will be bent anthony and they’re, bringing the the same foot up to the body’s midline or point the need laterally or outward while we keep the flat and grass the knee employment towards our body. Muscles are going to be the glute muscles that are stretched, cuz you’re, extremely rotating the hair for beside you know, it’s very very, very important murfreesboro chiropractor that we we stretch these areas out and make sure that they’re properly stretched out, because you know many of the muscles involved in the movement of the the lower body they’re going to run between the pelvic bones and either of the other spinal column and rib cage. And that’s a lot of time where we see several dysfunctions happening at adams, murfreesboro chiropractor in murfreesboro tennessee. We see those dysfunction, the lord touch their toes. You know the quadratus lumborum. You know that helps flex the trunk by pulling the rib cage towards the pelvis and that’s long time where we see some dysfunction out of that that specific muscle, the indio costas call salas borum run between the posterior pelvis in the posterior spinal column. So these be there really tight and tense. So we want to remember the wild while stretching these areas that overstretching or very, very intense stretching it can actually cause more harm than good. Sometimes the murfreesboro chiropractor muscles become stiff from overstretching too much of a I’m over stretching. It can actually reduce the muscle town I mean when the tone is actually reduced from the muscle, the body’s going to use some compensatory strategies for making duluth muscle excessive with type 2 for each for graduation. We want to start with the position that is the least stiff which murfreesboro chiropractic can show you that and murfreesboro chiropractor progress to the next position. Only when and after a few days you should stretch-and both are antagonists and antagonistic muscles-just remember that, although there may be a greater stiffness in one, direction, right versus left or vice versa, you should stretch both sides of that you maintain proper muscle, balance and alignment. So some of the some of the areas that you’re going to stretch we’re the ones that we went over and we can show you these in a murfreesboro chiropractor in murfreesboro tennessee today in murfreesboro, tennessee and murfreesboro chiropractor at healthworks chiropractic can help