So the big question is for a Murfreesboro Chiropractor is why we do the things we do, and why do we do the specific tasks or take x-rays? So what we do at healthworks, chiropractic in murfreesboro tennessee as a murfreesboro chiropractor the gross structure of muscles, it’s going to help us determine and decipher the actions of the muscle in the ways that the muscles are affected and their response to stress you so muscle fibers are arranged in bundles called fashion and the arrangement of these in their attachments to the specific tenants, the varia anatomically. So there’s actually two main divisions of a gross structure for the fusiform, where the spindle of the muscles. So in the fusiform. The fibers are typically arranged parallel to the line of the origin, to be a Murfreesboro Chiropractor search insertion and at both of the ends. The muscle in the flat tendon in things such as penny muscles or in the penne fibers, are inserted obliquely into the tenant and the tendon extends the length of the muscle on one side or through the belly of the muscle. Another arrangement is the fan shaped and that’s probably a modification of the other two, but it has a distinct Murfreesboro Chiropractor significance, clinically and according to things like grey’s anatomy. The arrangement of it is a direct correlation with the power of the muscle. So with muscles, extending the length of a muscle have a greater range of motion, but just not as much power I’m so pity for muscles, there’s a large number that are distributed along the tenants and have greater power, but a smaller range of motion. You know the joint in the motion is in the same direction as the length of the fiber and them Murfreesboro Chiropractor depending on each other. So we look at a few different tests. Muscle length test, so muffled muscle length test can be done for the purpose of determining whether the range of a muscle length is normal or if it’s limited or excessive. So how these are determined is that muscles that are excessive in length are usually lacks in their week and allow habitation shortening of the opposing muscles. So muscles that are too short are usually strong. Fibrous they’re, stronger, Murfreesboro Chiropractor hold their stable and they maintain opposing muscles. In a lengthened position, some muscle length testing consist of a few different muscle movements that increase the distance between the origin for the star and the insertion word inserts on the the bone, so elongating the muscles and directions of opposite and to that of the muscle actions of the muscle to be fixed in a position. Murfreesboro Chiropractor While the phone is the insertion and moves in the direction of the elongating for the length in the out the muscle. So the link test is employed to test movements, they’re, usually active assistant movements or a passive range of motion, to determine how much the muscle can be elongated taking through its its range of motion, so range of motion and muscle testing, the term range of a joint motion or a muscle length. You know it’s going to be expressed in terms of degrees of the joint motion that typically refers to the length of the muscle so muscles that pass over one Murfreesboro Chiropractor joint. Only the range of motion in the range of muscle length will measure the same limited or excessive, but some musculoskeletal conditions exist in the joint where the muscle is initially involved. Without any restriction by the others so muscles that pass over two or more joints, the normal range of the muscle length will typically be less than the total range motion. The range of motion of the joints over Murfreesboro Chiropractor which muscle it passes so in that it’s important to understand the difference when dealing with multi joint muscles and single joint muscles. So we measure range of motion of a joint ocean are the two joints over which a two joint muscle passes. It’s not necessarily to allow the muscle to be slack over one joint in order to determine the full range of motion like sesha’s. The range of the knee joint flexed or inflection. The hip is flex to allow the rectus femoris and the 10 served. Are Murfreesboro Chiropractor the tfl to be slack over the hip joint? What this does is it permits the full range of motion of the joint at the knee, so you can measure the range of the hip joint inflection denise flex, to allow the hamstrings to be slack over the knee joint and it’s going to permit for range of motion at the hip. Joint should have certain principles that you need to follow the the range of motion of muscle length and maybe express in degrees normal one single joint muscle possesses sufficient extensibility to lengthen through the complete range of motion afforded by the joint, at which it crosses a normal two joint muscle. It’s not going to possess sufficient extensibility to lengthen through the full range Murfreesboro Chiropractor of motion. So we look at different correlations between muscle length and joint range of motion in this there’s. There’s something that significant as the correlation that exists between the total range of joint motion and the range of muscle length chosen as a standard for hamstrings and the hip flexor length test. So each specific case of murfreesboro chiropractor can test the muscle length adopted as a standard is approximately 80% of its total range of motion joint motion of the two joints over which the muscle is actually passing. So the following examples of joint ranges used as normal, so hip, 10 degrees, extension, 225 degrees, flexion and that’s a total of about 135, 0 extension, 140 degrees flexion for a total of about 140 degrees, making the total a range of motion for  Murfreesboro Chiropractor both joints about 270°, hip flexor, link test. If uses a standard, we typically see a patient’s to pine, with low back and sacrum the flat on the examining table, the hip joint extended, the hip, flexors or elongated at about 135 degrees over the hip joint with the knee flexed over the end of the table at about 80°, the two joint hip flexors there going to be a long day.




About 80° over the knee joint for a total of about 215 degrees. / about 275, so equals about roughly about 78% range of muscle. Length is 70% of the total joint range so for certain roles are muscles and addition to their role in movement and muscles have an important role in supporting skeletal structure over the whole entire body, protecting vital organs, Murfreesboro Chiropractor long enough for mitt normal mobility of joints and be short enough to contribute effectively to joint stability. And when did you the tightness of the muscles treatment, consist of use of various modalities and or procedures that can help this muscle, relaxer and assisted stretching the muscle. Stretching exercises are one of the most important procedures in the course of treatment and modalities. So stress you should be graduating and may cause a bit of a mild discomfort and should not cause any pain. So and range of motion is excessive. The most important for is avoiding Murfreesboro Chiropractor overstretching. You know if there’s instability with or without pain. It’s it’s paramount that we apply. Support to that. Allow structures to tighten actually someone think of the opposite of lengthening, want to think of titans with corrective exercises. So we went to stretch the tonic or tight muscles, and we want to strengthen the last muscles. So there’s some certain test for the lower extremity and back muscles that are present in this word hip flexors hamstrings, the tfl, the iliotibial band can be short. I can interfere with an accurate test of the hamstring length, so it’s important to figure out where the cause of the dysfunction is happening so want to make sure that we’re getting a proper reading on the test. So we can accurately diagnose out of Murfreesboro chiropractor in Murfreesboro tennessee, so these are usually test with calipers varying with different degree range of motion, a lot of different factors or in this you know-and we can do these-you know test for specific nerves test for how a patient’s going to react to a specific treatment by knowing these tests prior, and we can do that in murfreesboro chiropractor in murfreesboro tennessee at healthworks chiropractic come see the best where the best in middle tennessee, murfreesboro, chiropractor, healthworks chiropractic, come see us today come give us a call will be more than happy to take care of you and test you for these two functions  

The scapula, my flat against the Murfreesboro chiropractor upper back approximately between the 2nd and 7th thoracic vertebrae, and it’s about 4 in Murfreesboro chiropractor apart and I’ll, give or take, depending upon the size of the individual, there’s a lot of faulty positions of the scapula that can adversely affect the position of the shoulder joint, so misalignment of this joint Aikens Murfreesboro chiropractor predisposed to injury and chronic pain such as a winged scapula, where your scapula Ashley protrudes out of it. This in cause a lot of dysfunctions in a lot of problems, because it’s going to pull on the rotator, cuff cuz little micro tears. We can wish him later on. If repetitive movement is exasperated exacerbated, Murfreesboro chiropractor cause a tear in the rotator cuff sell, a drawing of the standard position should appear with a line going through the midline of the shoulder, and it should indicate everything is in alignment. So we look at all these areas and we’re looking at the audio posture of the cervical spine. You know the line should be ideally through. The lobe of the ear head is slightly forward through Murfreesboro chiropractor the bodies of the cervical vertebrae, it straight through the shoulder. Give us a call at 615-867-1144