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A Murfreesboro chiropractor knows that soft tissue injuries can happen such as strange in sprains and other related issues that can sometimes lady debilitated and in mobility is broke. Chiropractor doesn’t want that to be the case. And that’s why we’re here to help at HealthWorks chiropractic, the way that tissues heal is imperative to how you rehab from an injury. And typically if it’s a strain in the muscle or there’s little micro tears, you want to create blood flow to that area, decrease the inflammation or bring the inflammation to an optimal level to feel inflammation isn’t always a bad thing because it lets your body know that there’s a response, um, to inflame too or to, you know, give your body the proper things it needs to heal that tissue blood flow to that area. And well, we get the optimal amount of blood flow to a certain area. You’re going to feel better, you’re going to function better, and you’re going to be unrestricted from movement in the body.

So one of the things that we like to employ for tissue damage is our laser therapy in our laser therapy is a class four laser that brings oxygenated blood to that kiss. You know also creates blood flow to those areas where you’re having restrictions that we want to help you with it. They said health works chiropractic and we want to give you those specific tools that’ll allow you to heal and to heal faster than ever before. In doing so, you’re going to feel better, you’re going to function better and you’re going to get a way to heal without painful surgeries or injections or laser can penetrate deep into the tissue. Bringing that blood flow to the tissue better and faster. And we want to help you and assist with this and health works. Chiropractic to ensure that you get the care that’s necessary for you for when you need it and why you need it. Understand those reasoning so we can best help you and use best practices to solve what’s going on.

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we want to give you the proper steps to heal and to educate you on how to stop and prevent those problems. In the future and a Murfreesboro chiropractor specializes in this and we help you heal better and faster than ever before at HealthWorks chiropractic. And when you function better, you’re automatically going to feel better and get back to doing those activities that you’d like to do. The laser therapy that we offer here is top of the line technology. It’s a class four laser that can penetrate deep into the scanner and deep down into the tissue and help break up adhesions in the tissue and help that tissue heal and form new tissue over it faster and better than ever before. If you’re looking to heal in an all-natural way without painful injections or medications, come see us at HealthWorks chiropractic today. Give us a call at (615) 867-1144 and we can assist you today better and faster than ever before. And when we do these things, you’re going to feel better sooner than later function. And when you don’t function properly, you’re going to feel you’re moving patterns become faulty. And when the movement patterns get faulty, you’re going to not be able to function as properly as you would be able to and a Murfreesboro Chiropractor can help you with this today.When you’re exercising and you suddenly turn your head or your lower body, you go down for a particular movement like a squat or a pushup or an overhead press and you feel something kind of stretched beyond its capacity. Or if the tissue is already kind of tight and really restricted from just, you know, everyday life or lack of stretching, it’s, it’s going to give sooner or later. It’s like pulling on a rope that’s too tight or you have too much tension on, we want to figure out what’s going on and solve that, loosen up those tissues and allow them to heal better and faster. And that’s what a Murfreesboro¬† ¬†¬†chiropractor practices. We want to give you the tension relief that you deserve in doing this. You’re going to release that stress on the body and you’re going to alleviate that pain and discomfort that you’re having. And when we look at these different factors and how tissue damage can happen anywhere, the foot or leg or ankle or back or neck, and it’s something at HealthWorks chiropractic. When I take a look at those patterns that you’re dealing with from day to day life activity and help to remedy those and get you feeling better, itching, functioning better than ever before with HealthWorks chiropractic. Do what’s necessary for you and your body to heal and to heal the and when you, when you look at different injuries and problems within your tissue, the soft tissue, there can be strains and adhesion in this tissue that you have to break up and there are some other methods that you can use. You know, obviously stretching and exercising and getting the tissue, those things that it needs to heal and foam rolling soft tissue work and manipulation can help. The adjustments that we provide can free up that tissue joint space, giving you some relief. And spinal decompression is another thing that we like to employ for some of our patients, depending on what’s going on and what they’re dealing with.

When you lengthen the space between the desk and you’re going to free up that joint space and you’re going to allow those tissues to softly stretch. It’s a progressive stretch and we honestly don’t want you to feel like you’re being pulled on. We want it to be very subtle and gradual because when we start pulling, they’re stretching too far too soon. The muscle tends to guard this peri spinal muscles and other surrounding muscles, depending on where your stretch is occurring, is going to guard and it’s not going to allow for a steady pull. So, what our spinal decompression machine does is it’s lowly slowly poles, letting your muscles let down that guard and preventing them from locking. And we set it on a percentage of your weight and your specific condition and how acute or chronic this problem has been going on for it. And if it senses that your muscles are guarding, it’s not going to pull at the maximum pole based upon your body weight. And those parameters are set individually and they’re specific to the person in the condition.

And we take precautions against stretchy, you know, a lot of times people would use inversion tables and while there may be some benefit to that, there can also be some negative repercussions depending on what’s going on with their specific condition and the muscles guard and they block against further stretch. So, you’re not always getting up a solid pole or a steady pole. It’s just a constant point of constant strain and stress. While that may not always be bad, especially where we’re kind of reversing gravity for specific conditions, we need specific parameters. So that’s what our spinal decompression machine offers and all these different modalities that we like to employ at HealthWorks chiropractic can tremendously help the quality of what you’re feeling and the activities that you’re doing. And we’d like to educate our patients to stay informed with the latest technology and understand what’s going on and how it happened and why it’s still going on. Some of the patterns and things like that that may be, you know, dysfunctions within the body.