Hello, it’s a murfreesboro chiropractor for healthworks chiropractic in murfreesboro tennessee. You never give me talking about the mists of chiropractic and demote debunking some of these miss that are commonly seen in murfreesboro chiropractor at healthworks chiropractic. Most of the miss our our own faults, depending on who you’re going to be speaking with you can get a variety of different reactions and opinions when it comes to chiropractic care. That’s because there’s a lot of different protocols and chiropractic and I can be a bit unregulated. So we dated the punk some of those miss that all chiropractors are the same. You know if you have a chiropractic office. You know there is a large demographic when it comes to chiropractor, for just like doctors, there’s specific are metal, medical doctors, I should say, or you know, and an orthodontist or something like that. There’s always different personalities and different theories behind certain things, but it doesn’t prove that the scientific research wrong so have you ever had a bad experience with a chiropractor of an adjustment. You know same could be said. If you had a bad experience at a restaurant or the same restaurant, you know I just like specialties in medicine, a cardiologist pediatrician physician to specialties as well. Not every chiropractor is going to be the same that she goes to your experience with one chiropractor actually be dramatically different from another. There’s that there’s a few different chiropractic boards for vacation. That’s radiology, I’m, sports edition rehabilitation, personal injury, neurology, acupuncture nutrition, some things, since I’ve, seen as if they only treat the spider murfreesboro chiropractic can only treat a spine or pain. Depending on the practitioner. Special team included two job dysfunctions in misalignment the job headache. So hormonal imbalance is nutritional deficiencies, a lot of digestive disorders and other muscle, joint tendon ligament issues that could be all over the body. Murfreesboro chiropractic can’t help with these things. Factor, you know claims to fix all these just buy align the spine. It may not be a good indication because a lot of time over all pro speed adjustments, the highlight of it all, but it’s fixing the patterns in the body that are going to help people the most these everyday life patterns. You know chiropractors in murfreesboro chiropractors they just fixed to you, know mobilize the joint, freeing up some space in there and giving the person some range of motion and restoring just overall health in the body. You know, I’ll get a great tire practor there always good to perform a thorough history and examination. Are you doing your body concerning function and your overall lifestyle and how to read a lifelong solution for the problem? Still in a great chiropractor, it determines out of their scope to treat something. That’s just not something that they’re going to refer you to somebody that can help you, because you know they’re, not just there to tell you that you mean adjustment or you need to buy a specific supplement, because you’re deficient in something they’re there to help your overall health. So they should be referring you to somebody that can help you. You know or a better solution. You know there’s a lot of scenarios to where they’ll try to get you into the long-term plan, but you have to go every week for the rest of your life. You know there’s different stereotypes that exist, so the myth is, it’s not entirely false, but you know all chiropractors are not equally the same. You know with that being said, you know you should talk to him about what the best course of treatment or the best planning ditching you give me better in the most efficient time, for you would be. You know, it’s a combination, home corrective exercises nutritional. Have it soft tissue manipulation. It’s like teaching someone to fish rather than just giving them fish. You know, you know you want to teach these patterns and you want to show them how to live a more stable and efficient life. There’s another big one that chiropractors cause strokes. You know you hear this time and time again with cervical adjustments. You know previous studies exhibit correlations, not consistent at all. You have a better chance of getting struck by lightning in a lifetime than the neck adjustment setting off a stroke. You know there’s certain situations and that’s why I thorough examination before you get in justin or manipulation is you know it’s it’s very imperative and a murfreesboro chiropractor will take the utmost care for you and make sure that we know the underlying causes of what is causing you pain and dysfunction. You know, bee stings are just miss. They don’t really have any basis there, just things that may have happened once and you know they get spread and has a negative connotation to it, which is not necessarily the case. We can help you out of murfreesboro chiropractor healthworks chiropractic in murfreesboro tennessee. We think that some of the good chiropractor just doesn’t work. You know, did it not fix you? Is that why it doesn’t work to do not do something for you if you’re expecting magical fix, which a lot of people can sometimes you know that may not be the case for you and your body. You know what you’re seeking to achieve ultimately relies on your expectations and understanding the whole process of treatment and a treatment plan, and why you’re doing it? Why it’s playing that way? It’s highly dependent on the practitioners communication, so community communicating very, very, very important when it comes to chiropractic care to make sure that the patient understands the value of what they’re, for not only their money but for their whole body and health. Is it as an overall, you no purpose. So, what’s your what you’re seeking new chief? Ultimately, it’s going to rely on what you expect to get from it and murfreesboro chiropractic can’t help you do that looks like and what they should expect and what’s expected of them during that treatment plan, when the correct tools apply to the appropriate problem, you know, chiropractic can definitely work for most people.

However, this can only be done off of a thorough assessment and that’s the very first steps in painting chiropractic and that’s why we do that at murfreesboro chiropractor at healthworks chiropractic in murfreesboro tennessee on murfreesboro chiropractor can help you and diagnose these proper. Are these dysfunctions throughout the body know there’s another thing that chiropractors aren’t real doctors and and its simplest form. A chiropractor has a doctorate-level degree in chiropractic, hence the title doctor and when you say you’re, not a real doctor, you’re referring to a physician or a medical doctor, of course they’re, not a medical doctor. You know which doesn’t make them a real doctor is what most people say. But I can assure you it’s a doctor of chiropractic. They obtain a doctorate, so they’re, technically dc, doctor of murfreesboro chiropractor chiropractic, so technically they’ve mastered the craft of chiropractic, such as a medical doctor is a doctor of medicine. You know, there’s different different levels in different certifications. Drop chiropractic like there are in any other discipline of health and wellness, so I hope this kind of help you today in the mist of chiropractic & howell murfreesboro car practor, actually help you. So why don’t you come in today at healthworks, chiropractic, murfreesboro tennessee, to be more than willing to help you out and check you and give you a thorough evaluation, and if we can’t help you, you know, we refer you to somebody that. Can you think it’s better in the first 90 days will get you feeling better for your money’s worth then we’re going to treat you the next 90 days for murfreesboro chiropractorabsolutely free and make sure that we do make a positive change in your body, make you feel it throughout your whole entire body, so murfreesboro chiropractor can help and that’s what we’re trying to do here at health, source chiropractic in murfreesboro chiropractor, is help you. The patient, always comes first and we’re looking forward to seeing you soon