Say murfreesboro chiropractor wants to go or something and he’s really passionate about, and that’s that’s kids and healthy and happy, and you know what we can do as chiropractors to to help them grow up and be healthy, happy, kids and you’re. Simply a simple check-up can can make a big difference to your child’s health in early on and in forever. You know as a as parents. We do so many things to ensure our kids healthy meal during pregnancy. You eat right. You know most people going to avoid cigarettes and alcohol and all drugs such as vaccinations, aspirins, cold flu and other over-the-counter medications which can certainly do damage to the unborn child, or certainly, at the very least, cause problems in pregnancy. You know, and after the baby arrives you hopefully and, in my opinion, really important. This is breastfeed the baby, knowing that it’s a superior for nutrition, for your baby’s intellectual and emotional healthtop. Of that you’re able to pass unity on your baby to the breast milk. It’s really important that happens in short, more people do everything they can to make sure the baby is, is happy and healthy, but one thing people don’t think about is getting the baby spine checked. And how do you know if your child smart as healthy? It’s you probably don’t i, don’t think about it, but healthy spine can affect the house for their entire life and especially when they’re young young children are specially trained to check the child spy in four areas of distortion, causing nerve damage, which is called a subluxation complex or commonly called subluxation in the first subluxation in the babies, can come from birth. Sometimes a newborn spine is is harmed abernathy. The question is this:how can that happen? Welldon’t take the murfreesboro chiropractors word for, but according to abraham, tobin was medical doctor. He said this. The birth process is potentially a traumatic event, mechanical stress and pose by upset your called manipulation. Even the application of standard orthodox procedures, may provide or may prove intolerable to the fetus. Most signs of neonatal injury observed in the delivery room are neurological. So what is saying is the birth? Having a baby is traumatic for both the mother and the in the child, and sometimes that that that baby is having a hard time getting out of the birth canal, the the process of getting them out can cause subluxation and trauma to the child. You know what the birth process of becoming more and more interview in process through the chiropractor adjustments becomes even more important to a child’s future. This came from dr. Larry webster, who is the founder of the international chiropractic pediatric associations. The good news is, there’s literally no limit to the body’s natural healing ability, research just confirming that chiropractors observations that infants may suffer from spinal subluxation and one study. 1250 babies were examined 5 days out of birth. Out of that number, 211 of them suffer from vomiting hyperactivity of sleeplessness. Several stations were found in 95% of this group. It’s amazing. All of the researchers in the study looked at by the murfreesboro chiropractor were medical doctors. They recognize the power of chiropractic care of these babies were given the care that they needed. They were taking their chiropractic office in the they were addressed, addressed the spinal subluxation that were present the spinal adjustment, which is frequently resulted in a quiet and cessation of crying muscle, relaxation and sleepiness quote-unquote, where noted the authors also noted that it unhealthy spine causes quote many clinical features from sentra motor impairment to lower resistance to infection too specially ear nose and throat infections on that’s a big deal, so this child needs children with a spinal subluxation, going to be more prone to become colicky, have ear infections etc in the above, studied that we talked about what we talked about, discusses an 18 month old boy who are who is suffering from tonsillitis frequent enteritis therapy resistant, conjunctivitis, freaking, cold sleeping problems. He received a chiropractic adjustment, the child amanda, put to bed and slept peacefully and tom morning for the first time in the parent could remember how long his health then return to normal central. This child was just trying to express. How often is body could not cuz the nerves weren’t function properly. Murfreesboro chiropractor wonders what would have happened to the child had ever had chiropractic care of a life of antibiotics and other medications. I, don’t know a life of continuous sicknessso. The above-mentioned. The study that we talking about here after every difficult birth, any spinal stretch should be adjusted. The success of the jester overshadows every other type of care is what their conclusion was in your murfreesboro chiropractor told her that we see babies all the time and it’s amazing after you just send us how relaxed they become. They just become different children when they walk in to when they walk out or carried out in another study of of almost 1100 newborns 298 head upper neck stress in early signs of scoliosis, and you know, shirley too many children are born with subluxation, are left on cracked it and could hinder their house for the rest of their lives, and it’s really important. Murfreesboro chiropractor really think it’s important that every parent bring a child in when they are born, or at least a month no longer than a month after the born to get checked if. Over a hundred years, doctors of chiropractic have observed the often dramatic responses of infants the chiropractic are. There seems to be no limits, the conditions that can respond to chiropractic care of his colic difficulty, breastfeeding erb’s palsy, which is an arm being live in underdeveloped torticollis, which is a twisted neck, unbalanced face and scalp school development, foot inversion, nervousness, ear, nose and throat, infection, allergies and sleep disorders in projectile, vomiting or just a sampling of things that we can help children with all infants, however sick or well need to have a healthy structural system in this is important.

Nothing like to talk about. It was called shaken baby syndrome. Babies are very top-heavy mild to moderate, shaking their child can result in serious neurological damage it into their knocking muscles that are under valve. At this point in time, there has just heavy in their neck muscles can support them. So, just be very careful with this, the damage has been known to play, free, throw on a childthe air and catching them. The damage caused is called shaken baby syndrome in the loud house. Parents aren’t mean to do that. It’s just something that they’re playing with a child in addition to being shaken or thrown being spanked, also cause structural or neurological damage to a child child who has been subjected to this rough behavior definitely needs a chiropractic check up to prevent possible nerve damage really important, especially if, if you suspect any problems after the after rough playing like that, u murfreesboro chiropractor has experience with us and can definitely help you. Babies if need be. So when does a baby need a cap write a check up that I get. The simple answer is right away, but according to the chiropractic pediatric specialists larry webster there 6 times in a baby’s first year of life when chiropractic examination there, especially important first right after the birthing process and matter fact, you remember your chiropractor adjusted his kids right after their born in these, they have been really healthy and happy. Kids, no ear infections. No colicnext want to be when the baby starts to hold his or her head up for the first time again, that’s that heavy head in those muscles aren’t able to support the way. Henry while so sometimes I can remove that can cause loose bowels to move out of alignment actually won the baby start to sit up again. The baby doesn’t have very good balance and sell. This can cause areas of the spine to misalign when the baby starts to crawl or when the baby starts to stand, and also when the baby starts to walk. These all have to do with falls taken during this time, to this clumsy time, there’s certain things that can cause subluxation little things over time, bigger things like fall so as the baby goes there going to be a lot of those happening in as a parent just need to recognize that these can cause problems for their children, and it’s really one of those things where you just don’t think about it. Don’t want to be hovering parents after parents, because his children need to grow and live, but it just really simple to get a check up, and then it really hard to really encourage you to do so. We treated naturally not with dangerous chemicals, drugs and unproven surgery. That’s really what western medicine has turned into all. That being said, murfreesboro chiropractor should preface it by saying, is really good for emergency situations, but as far as maintaining healthy people like i, slightly disagree with their their process as far as a drug or a potion for every element and I think that we need to get back to a natural way of health, and that starts with their babies. Give your baby the best possible chance to have a healthy life, and you have your baby’s eyes, checked heart check here in check. Please bring your children in for a chiropractic exam at your murfreesboro chiropractor office. A simple check up now by your murfreesboro chiropractor make a big difference for your children for the rest of their lives, and you make it seem more sleep at night. Cuz they’re, not crying i, have to take him to the doctoris. My true infections or colic, and it’s going to help you so you might check ups during those times we talked about, would be really good for them. I can be reached at www.Healthfirst.Org. We have two locations, one franklin in our office in murfreesboro as well. We look forward to seeing your children in the office and if you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out either via facebook or website or via email thanks. So much