I want to talk about pregnancy and chiropractic. He remembers where chiropractor has over the years adjusted many women who have gone through pregnancy and it really helped them now. I feel better to the course of the pregnancy, but also help them he’s the birthing process. Could we make sure to keep their promise and alignment and easier for the baby to come out when I delivered? So you know what your body is your baby. So is this one of those things if you’re pregnant, for the best thing you can do is come in and see murfreesboro chiropractor to get adjusted. Chiropractic care provide so many things that pregnant body needs such as a flexible and balance spine, hip and pelvis internal organs, without postural stress and freedom from nerve stress, which are all essential for healthy pregnancy and delivery, along with a better diet exercise and avoiding drugs, alcohol and cigarettes. Chiropractic care for murfreesboro chiropractic should be an essential part of a pregnant woman’s health care, regiment sowell according to doc’s who specializes in the care of pregnant and burleigh mother’s. One lady carol phillips dc says so many women who received care during pregnancies test do us how, in the world to other women, get through pregnancy without getting adjusted and I get this question all the time, but it needs to have their body as healthy and strong as possible in in order to handle the rigors of pregnancy in in childbirth and chiropractic care at your murfreesboro chiropractor office will certainly help ensure that all body systems are functioning properly, especially the reproductive system, which includes the uterus, ovaries and related organs and structures so essential for a healthy pregnancyare. The body structure is causing the slightest nerve interference in the systems it could have virtually affect the mother in the philippine fetus. Your chiropractor will examine the body for distortion tone is subluxation that cause nerve stress and if your murfreesboro chiropractor find subluxation the body way to correct them with what’s call the chiropractic adjustment, these adjustments help align the spine and help keep the body functioning and moving properly. Another great reason for chiropractic care during pregnancy is out of struggles. Drugs, other prescription or over-the-counter can harm the growing fetus. There’s no such thing as a safe drug is virtually impossible to specify any drug that will not result in an increase frequency of congenital malformations when administered in a certain dosto sufficiency, large pan of different laboratory animals. This is a study foundfound. This information, no drugs should be prescribed during pregnancy. In my opinion, without way in the maternal need against the risk of fetal damage. Antibiotics, including tetracycline and alcohol, cigarettes, marijuana and cocaine, cough syrup and cold flu and susan these, while pregnant in early in general lot of stuff just overall, so no proper studies, I’ll go have have been done to determine if ultrasound has a reverse effect on the growth and development children exposed in utero ultrasound has also been associate with a symptom of possible neurological damage. Edition the value of electronic fetal monitoring has been seriously question as a safety and efficacy. Robert mendelsohn stated that pregnant women should stay away from x-rays. Diagnostic doctor prescribe medication, every other form of dangerous obstetrical. An intervention so can chiropractic help. Wolf corsican chiropractor can help maintain the patient during pregnancy, help control, vomiting, deliver full term infants with ease and produce healthier infants. Chiropractic has demonstrated success of back pain, premature contractions in back labor one case of a woman experiencing premature contractions at 32 weeks with severe endometriosis was told she would never carry a baby to term at the hospital she receive chiropractic care in the contraction stopped after leaving the hospital she continued care and had a normal labor delivery at 40 weeks gestation. Pretty life-changing pretty cool for this lady in no. Doubt I’m in murfreesboro capita can also help you with low back pain during pregnancy, but no one ever go totally fix it and because you know the the body’s body mechanics are so altered. So it’s a matter of getting getting you comfortable in into making sure that palace, the line for when you do deliver the baby, but it has been reserved that almost 70% of pregnant women suffer from low back pain and in some studies, 17 pregnant women under chiropractic care for the original paintings for 5.9 after chiropractic, are there porter paints care of 1.5, which is a really big dropped? One thing we talked about with patient if we, if it all possible, try to avoid c-section cesarean sections a 29 year old pregnant, with lower back pain if I had to pry or c-section delivery is begin, chiropractic care in the hope that she would have a natural childbirth for low back pains ameliorated and she was able to have abnormal vaginal birth. So if you can avoid it, I be the best way to do it more benefits for chiropractic care. You ask well all pretty. Women certainly need chiropractic care, but many practitioners have observed that manipulation can be a great value in normalizing. The body functions of women with problems of pregnancy, such as toxemia, manipulative therapy shortens labor by 50 to 60% and lessons medication requirement by at least 50% postpartum. Depression is a rarity in patients receiving chiropractic care as well. The webster technique is something that is really specific. Chiropractic and murfreesboro chiropractic has used it many times have the correct breech presentations through the wii, the webster technique, in which the baby is in position properly for birth, developed by dr. Larry webster. The webster technique has been very successful and correcting bridge presentations up to 94% nurse midwives recommend patients to alternative health care providers among those 57% referral in the chiropractor’s, and this is happened to your murfreesboro chiropractor summer frozen meat wise as well in one case of 28 year old female, who is 34 weeks pregnant with a brief presentation.

Evaluation of the patient of the subsequent visit showed normal head presentation. The patient’s nurse-midwife confirm the conversion for a breech position to a position after getting adjusted and using the webster technique. The pretty cool for this lady here so frequently asked questions regarding chiropractic in pregnancy. First and most important is chiropractic care safe in pregnancy. Will, yes, of course, is chiropractors in your murfreesboro. Chiropractors are training adjusting pregnant women. We have to decide jester technique a little bit. We were table in the different positions to get the place for the belly, but there’s lots of ways to to adjust in a special as the as the mother gets, bigger and bigger and goes further and further into care pregnancy. We definitely adjust our technique. So another question is:how late in pregnancy is it possible to get an adjustment? Patients honestly have received a dustman leaving during labor, so there’s really no time to stop getting adjusted. Just it’s a matter of. Can you get here and to the office? Or what have you so there’s again? There’s no there’s no I’m time that you can’t go just with your pregnant another question again or do I have to have a problem:pregnancy to see a chiropractor of course. Not at all., chiropractic checkups during pregnancy should be as common as., equate check-ups or your ob-gyn can spinal care help postpartum depression. Yes, that’s! Definitely a yes for years. Chiropractics, beneficial effects on emotional stress and personality have been noted and then can my baby receive chiropractic care. Of course, I can’t newborns are really encourage. We encourage all our patients to bring the babies in after their born to get a check-up and potentially i, just because they’re in the process of the birth by sleep, it’s a hard, labor, very delicate and spinal bones in the neck, especially in the palace at to a certain extent as well can get misaligned, and this can cause things for the baby that has colic ear aches, all kinds of things that can happen, and so we really encourage their mothers to bring the newborns in, for a chiropractic check up matter. Fact we’re seeing a patient losing a patient here recently, who was very colicky newborn baby and that baby has responded so well again in addressing her mother basilea told us that she is a new. The new baby and I we’ve been through this process as well as we went to the process of adjusting the baby, and it’s just it’s really cool to save so as chiropractors we are trained. He remembers:where can I purchase our training and jesse women who are pregnant and there’s many different tables, special modifications that we can use for expectant mothers, and it’s really neat process to see. You know the mother comes in and they tell us their pregnant and, in a matter of fact, story on that we had a patient come in a while ago, who was trying to get pregnant and as soon as we started dressing her and and getting a nerve flow to the to the uterus and the reproductive are in rock and roll again. She actually got pregnant and I’m still working on it. Now she still about to deliver the baby in this really cool, to see as as she’s gone through her process. How well she’s done with getting a job, since we look forward to meeting that baby when that baby comes into the world in and check on that baby for subluxation than making sure they’re going to go forth with a healthy, happy child head. So if you have any questions, certainly feel free to reach out to him. Is there a chiropractor, health, first, chiropractic, dotnet, www., helpers, chiropractic. Net? Is our website on facebook as well or 615-867-1144? Is the best way to reach us via phone or franklin? Location is also 615-791-9917 about kids and babies in in women who are pregnant does, as we can really does, make a such a huge difference in in the length of the pregnancy to the length of the pregnancy as well as the baby when it comes out, so we look forward to seeing you in the office. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out