Chiropractor Murfreesboro Tennessee Maintaining scheduled appointments

Today we’ll be talking about Healthworks chiropractic and the importance of maintaining your appointments and maintaining healthy visits. Chiropractor Murfreesboro Tennessee  So the main thing when it comes to chiropractic care similar to what Jim the individual comes in for a brief consultation actually the consultation Chiropractor Murfreesboro Tennessee does not brief the consultation as long as we do a full patient evaluation to see how the patient is doing. We go over medical history we take x rays as well to the doctor does come in for a long period of time and do the actual consultation for the new patient. Chiropractor Murfreesboro Tennessee


Well after that moments we go through Raue different plans on their second visit. We go over there x rays doctors findings and anything and anything prevalent that they might need to know for their chiropractic care. With that being said after they start an initial plan with health works chiropractic they will help them to a certain accountability for that plan. The main thing when it comes to chiropractor care. for example, let’s say someone has a back pain and the lumbar region is that they’re continually coming to they’re actually appointments just like similar similarity going to the gym the first couple of appointments you might feel a little bit sore. Chiropractor Murfreesboro Tennessee

Just like working out if you’re going to the gym Chiropractor Murfreesboro Tennessee and you’re feeling sore in a certain type of way. that’s just because your body’s not used to having those certain types of exercises or activities done throughout your body. Same over the chiropractic care with chiropractic care. It definitely makes sure that you will be sore possibly the first day hopefully not too much after that but you want to maintain coming to your appointments. Chiropractor Murfreesboro Tennessee

So for the most part for the first plan as we usually have you come in three times a week for four weeks and then when you can finish that small portion we do. Normally a revaluation re-examine or even a consultation after the consultation we will go for the additional plan. which is two times a week for four weeks and then after that, we will go one time a week for four weeks and when it comes to chiropractic care. The Chiropractor Murfreesboro Tennessee reason why there’s so many visits if you add those all together the Roxi 24 visits.

 And with that your body needs to be able to manipulate the spine and have the doctors parliament unable to do so.So that’s the reason why we have individuals come in so often the first couple of weeks so three times a week for four weeks two times a week for four weeks.. So it was definitely Pearla and important that they are continually going throughout this. Chiropractor Murfreesboro Tennessee and if they’re not they’re not sticking to their original plan.

and not sticking to their original plan can end up actually being costly because let’s say you were required to come three times a week for four weeks for a very chronic or even. acute back injury if you were only coming one times a week for four weeks you’re not properly getting the attention needed to help fix or even regulate the type of treatment that is done for you.

So you definitely want to make sure that you are coming consistently three times a week for four weeks two times a week for four weeks and one time a week for Chiropractor Murfreesboro Tennessee four weeks so that your body will gain the full importance and gain as much of your body’s Filmon will as well to which you’re not doing that Chiropractor Murfreesboro Tennessee .

Just like go into the gym you have to go consistently Chiropractor Murfreesboro Tennessee and if you’re not going consistently you’re not going to see your results. And the main thing for car park to care if you want to see results are everything. So sticking by those plans you will inherently do so.

The other thing I’ve noticed too when it comes to chiropractic care and our individual patients is abiding to the actual things that need to be done. For instance, let’s say somebody is on a suppling sation plan well that’s subluxation plan might start off they come in after they check in they will do Stemm and traction. So the stem and traction basically as mentioned before and are there additional articles is that we hook them up to our letter to the stem pads and the Stemp has our electric magnetic pads that are placed throughout the body.

Once there are placed throughout the body we use a certain conduct to help the pads stick on the individual body parts which that can be done from this cervical thoracic Chiropractor Murfreesboro Tennessee  or even lumbar area. And once those pads are stuck on there we lie them down and the actual massage tables. And then once they are on the table we slowly up the actual voltage and the voltage will send a small current throughout the actual cords that hit the stem pads.

And when that does I ask them if the type of the if the sensation is comfortable with them. Whenever it is comfortable that’s when I will stop. And after that’s done the electrical electrical currents will help contract the muscles and helping them track the muscles will be I will help the muscles relax. and they’ll be easier for the actual manipulation of the spine when they do see the individual chiropractor in the room after that treatment and therapy is done.

So once that therapy Chiropractor Murfreesboro Tennessee is done then we would take them to the actual adjustment room and in the adjustment room, they will have the manipulations Chiropractor Murfreesboro Tennessee by specific doctors that they’re assigned to. So with that being said the importance of that is some individuals want to skip certain types of treatments or pre-therapy treatments in order to reduce time or to have a quicker experience.

But with that is really relevant that they come in and do exactly the treatment that’s prescribed by the doctors. Because if you aren’t Chiropractor Murfreesboro Tennessee fully utilizing every single aspect of what needs to be done you are skipping a certain process. It is the same factor as if you are basically almost giving a whole treatment are only coming for example like I was mentioning before one times a week or even you know three times 20 times for you only Chiropractor Murfreesboro Tennessee come a one time a week times four.