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You know we had Healthworks chiropractic take lower back pain after a car accident extremely seriously and we want to help with these things because we know that certain aspects that play into injuries of the lower back and lower spine mean welcome to the Future Man Machine the Fusion. And when you’re fusing all these things together with fusions and other surgeries of that nature you’re going to limit your mobility and if there’s a problem within the desk and you know after having a car accident somehow you have a herniation in the disk or some of that space has seeped out. It’s pressing on nerves that kind of innervate all over the lower body. You know some of the time people will say that you know fusions are a last resort and while sometimes that may be the case if think problems are just too far gone. We at Healthworks chiropractic help to prevent those things and getting you to the point where you don’t have to rely on surgeries or invasive procedures to get you to the point where you you can’t function properly. He gets you pain free faster. And you know or without the invasive procedures. So when we look at these things especially with people who have lower back pain after a car accident we see a correlation between the causation of the accident and the injury and what doctor they go to to depending on what treatment they’re going to receive. And you know when there is a medication aspect to reduce pain. No not at all. Anti-inflammatory are bad but our body does have an inflammatory response where we’re not necessarily wanting inflammation to be a bad thing.

We just want to optimize the level of inflammation and get it to an optimal level so we can promote that healing process. So we think about inflammation we need to think about different things especially after an injury or if you’re having lower back pain after a car accident. We need to think of getting that inflammation off level to heal and you know there are musculature surrounding the spine if those muscles have been strained especially in the lower back in the hip area you know they could they could create a lot of discomfort and pain you know like in the surrounding muscles of the glutes and when we have dysfunction in these it’s going to affect the way that we walk. We said we stand you know because there’s going to be some compensation that’s going to be happening during these things so when we look at the different factors that play into this. You know if you’re dealing with somebody who has lower back pain after a car accident we need to look at how the accident happened you know was it was it a side act stand for an accident. How fast was the person going or not going. How fast were you going or not going where it took place.

If there were other external factors involved with it such as landscape and those things and figure out where you’re having lower back pain after a car accident it’s another factor to whether it’s you know kind of lower thoracic area of the spine or basically the lower mid back or the lower portion of the spine the you know the hipster or something to that nature such as the safe role iliac joints those those are a couple of joints that commonly have some problems within them because if are are safe from kind of gets rotated or you know Ilium the old crest the front kind of portion of your hip where if it gets rotated any specific way it’s going to throw off thatS.I. joint hence the name say Croad say from Ilium iliac. The way that it gets thrown off if the hips are jarred from one angle and the opposite. So there’s a bit of a rotational aspect in them. It’ll cause a lot of pain which can pull up the glute muscles on one side or the other and short at the opposite side. So we want to create this kind of synergistic effect where where we’re strengthening or making the muscles tight on the opposite side and then lengthening the muscles on the opposing side on tight. So when will we get that balance out. There’s a lot of ways to do that you know the first step in bringing the inflammation to an optimal level which there’s several different things that we can do at Healthworks chiropractic. We have red light laser therapy here called Dangerous therapy. That’s our K laser therapy and basically that’s going to reduce the inflammation around surrounding that area bringing oxygenated blood to that area and help bring that inflammation to an optimal level and to promote healing for our body. And so it just speeds up the process of healing that soft tissue a little bit faster or getting inflammation out of that specific joint area. You know depending on where it’s at and how severe that it is.

So we want to help you know create an environment for healing. And that’s what we hope to do at Healthworks chiropractic. We have two middle Tennessee locations. The first middle Tennessee location is located in Franklin Tennessee had to eat for Seaborg blame sweet 100 in Franklin Tennessee. And the phone number for that Franklinton of the office is 6 1 5 7 9 1 9 9 1 7. And the other locations in Murfreesboro Tennessee is located at nine to five South Church Street in Murfreesboro Tennessee. It’s sweet two 200 and the phone number for that Murfreesboro Tennessee office is 6 1 5 8 6 7 1 1 4 4. We want to help at Healthworks chiropractic and finally the cause of lower back pain after having a Clorox and figure out the solution to your lower back pain after a car accident and there’s numerous factors that go into these and we want to figure out those factors. And start taking away at each one of. That’s why we do a very thorough evaluation of your having lower back pain after a car accident. We look at the structure of the body with x rays. If we can refer you out you know we’ll be more than happy to do that. Health scare practice. We need some assistance or some some guidance on how to treat you or if we can treat you. We want to do the things that are right for your body and specifically for you to promote change within the musculature and the nerves in the body and get you to function optimally move properly and feel better. We can help if you are experiencing lower back pain after a car accident today! Come see us at Healthworks Chiropractic.