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Today at Healthworks chiropractic I would like to talk to you about lower back pain after a car accident and how lower back pain after a car accident can can truly affect the surrounding tissue around your your spine particularly with lower back pain after a car accident or an automobile accident where you have jarring of the hips and the muscles surrounding your lower spine and your neck and your mid back. A lot of Torshin can can be applied to the hips and the legs even depending on where the impact of the accident took place at. And when these muscles become strained and twisted and all sorts of contorted ways they’re going to put pressure directly onto the spine and the disc of the spine. So when we look at these things with a closer closer eye with x ray and imaging technologies like MRI eyes we can we can see the damage to the tissues and the different surround and the lower back muscular sherds is very sensitive the director spine muscles that kind of a lot are along the spine and especially in the lower back. We have other muscles underlying those things and vital organs. You know when these muscles become strained they can affect how the position of our shoulder or shoulders can be in one side may droop or the other side or what have you. And it throws off the musculature and the lower back especially if we have something like an automobile accident and you’re having lower back pain after a car accident and these these compensations will have them.

And then maybe some people are exacerbating them because you know maybe they don’t get their initial injuries after a car accident. At and they’re going to exercising are working now. And there’s there’s this compensatory strength kind of problem happening within the muscles where maybe one side is strained they’re compensating on the opposite side and they’re pulling in revealing Tarion making a little micro tears in these muscles. And when they get too far gone that’s when the severe injuries happen. We put too much pressure on one particular area of the spine if we have an underlying injury. So pain is oftentimes a good signal that that something may be going wrong with the body but it’s not always a good signal to go by. It kind of like if we have a lower back injury you know specifically from a lower back pain after a car accident. Our muscles will guard that area they’ll be a locking mechanism. So if you’ve oftentimes hurt your lower back or a portion of your body and you go to make a particular movement that’s within the range of those muscles you know your body will lock or kind of seize out and that’s to protect further injury and sometimes you have to push past those areas to rehabilitate them the musculature or you know whatever wherever it may be and other times you have to keep a safe and watchful eye and restrict the range of motion. So it’s all depending on the injury and where it’s position that in the body and you know how how you want to go about treating this problem and that’s why at Healthworks chiropractic if you’re dealing with lower back pain after a car accident we want to find the specific things that are causing this pain and alleviate it for you.

Figure out which range of emotions are restricted by doing a very thorough evaluation of your body and figuring out you know how we can help these tissues rehabilitate and if it’s a spinal injury or a neurological component to it we also check for that initial evaluation. You know lower back pain after a car accident. It can be it can be a signal of something potentially more serious or something that can can further facilitate injuries to the surrounding areas. So we would like to make sure we do our due diligence when we’re looking at an injury and figuring out how to solve the particular injury. We know that two different things within the body and he’s locking mechanisms. They they can restructure the range of motion which can change your structure function throughout the day. So if you’ve been involved in a automobile accident maybe you’ve been hit from the side or rear ended and you do have a whiplash component and it may affect your lower back you know everything is a chain. And if you’re just getting lower back pain after a car accident you know it could be coming from a top down or the shoulders you know if you have if your posture is not the best you have one shoulder to the side you want to get those level help you feel better. And you know we have this kind of cross pattern within our lower body and within the musculature of our lower body like a sling and a oblique sling is what they call it. And when these muscles become strained you know would be hard to rotate or turn in a particular manner.

And we want to help you with these things and that’s why we do take our time and Healthworks chiropractor to figure out what what can be the problem to the solution. Or what. What so what’s the solution to the problem. And we want to take our time especially if you’re having lower back pain after a car accident and figure out what is the trigger for these these particular things. What are the particular movements that we can do to facilitate change within the body and get you functioning properly. And when you function properly you lift properly and you’ll be able to do the things that you would love to do. And knowing these things is so crucial. Because when you know where it’s injured and maybe what movements to do and what not to do. It can take you so much further than anything else you know facilitating that change within the body and doing the things that that need to happen to to get you to the point where you’re feeling better and functioning better is our home will at Healthworks chiropractic. So if you’re looking for a chiropractor and you’ve had lower back pain after a car accident maybe it’s been reasoners been a little while and you’re still feeling the pain and the effects of that car accident you’re having lower back pain after a car accident still still come see us at Healthworks chiropractic. We have two middle Tennessee locations. The first middle Tennessee location is located in Franklin Tennessee at 2 8 4 Seaboard Lane in Franklin Tennessee. And the phone number for Franklin Tennessee office is 6 1 5 7 9 1 9 9 1 7.