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Hello this is your Franklin chiropractor today I’d like to talk about a program that we have in our clinic. For weight loss called lifetime metabolic. Lifetime Metabolics. This program is hands down. The best program I have found. To help people lose weight and keep their weight off. I have a lot of patients who come in with back pain low back pain that it’s caused by excessive belly fat weight overall. And no matter what I do to stabilize their spine. That weight is going to continue to pull off. Pull their spine out of alignment and continue to put pressure on the nerve and cause discomfort. I have looked for a long time to find a program as thorough. As this program is. And so today I’d like to talk about the details. Of it. This program is DNA based. So we test your DNA. To determine what foods. Are best for you to eat. And what exercise is best for you to do. However this is not the whole part of the program. Lifetime Metabolics. This is the part of the program that keeps the weight off. Our program is going to cut your calories just like any other weight loss program. But there are several differences in our program. Versus other programs out there. And the DNA is what’s going to help you keep the weight off over time. We’ll get back into that here in a minute. Let’s talk about however. In our Franklin chiropractor office. What we do how this program works. We encourage foods that are going to boost your metabolism. And in the end for a lot of people being overweight is not all the way their fault. I say that with several caveats because certainly if you’re eating fast food every day. Not eating good food. Junk food you’re going to gain weight. So that would be a choice. However. In a lot of instances. It’s our metabolism that is the problem. Many people who are overweight. Know people similar to them. With same job duties exercise habits stress loads etc. and they’re either with either a lot heavier than them or a lot lighter than them. Well what’s the difference. It is the metabolism of one is working and the other is not. Lifetime Metabolics. So the basis of the program other than being DNA based is we’re going to give you foods encourage you to eat foods that boost your metabolism. It’s it’s it’s our bodies furnace. We have this innate ability to burn fat it just over time our our bodies metabolism metabolic rate goes down as most of us remember we could have eaten whatever we wanted to as a as a kid and not gain a pound. And this is true for most people. But however as we age this process slows down so the beginning part of this program is to is to get that body burning your own fat. So there’s four phases to the program. Phase one is what we call a fat loading phase. And this is a one day. Day of gluttony. You can eat how many. However much fatty foods that your heart desires. And this is an important part of a get your body ready to go into phase 2. Which is the losing phase. In this phase it’s a 40 day. Lifetime Metabolics. Program where you’ll be doing intermittent fasting. So what that means is. You’ll be eating lunch and dinner. But no breakfast. So you get in your body at approximately a 12 hour break 16 hour break to cleanse. Lifetime Metabolics. ¬†And this is very important. Over the 40 days. We encourage. Several things to happen. One you’ll be texting with our. Fat Loss advocate our weight loss coordinator. Every day. You’ll be weighing yourself every day. We’re going to make this kind of a game. The scale usually is not your friend. In this instance. We’re going to start making it your friend because as you start working towards losing your weight you’re going to want to see those pounds drop off and everyone’s a little bit different. Males tend to lose faster than females. But. As we go through the program. You’ll want to see that weight shed off. Your Franklin chiropractor went through this program. And I loved it because I am very competitive. And I made it a game. As you go through the program we have what’s called a success Journal and the success Journal is what you. You journal every day what you’re eating. How you’re feeling. You’re taking the recommended drops which we’ll go over in a minute. And every 10 to 14 days you have a success. Visit the success visit with our fat loss coordinator. Who will go over your progress and the successes that we remeasure you. We take your body composition analysis. And it’s a check to see that you’re on pace to such to hit your goals. There’s three programs that we that we do a three month program for someone who wants to lose up to 20 pounds. A six month program for someone who wants to lose 20 to 40 pounds in a 12 month program for someone who wants to lose. 40 or more pounds. Through the 40 day process. Every again every 10 to 14 days you come in to see our fat loss advocate. After the losing phase. We take you into a maintenance phase. Maintenance phases where. You start to go back to eating to live a normal more normal. And this is for three weeks at the end of this phase we make the determination if you need to go back into another weight loss or another fat loss phase. Phase two. Or if we can take you into maintenance. Once you go into maintenance that’s where we go over the DNA results. Franklin Chiropractor The DNA results are going to be able to help you determine what foods your body metabolizes best and how to exercise. And test your muscle fibers. And we’re going to determine if you have slow twitch muscle fibers or fast twitch muscle fibers. Based on that we’re going to know what exercise works best for you. Now what else is different about this program. While there’s no prepackaged foods there’s no shakes there’s nothing like that you’re just eating real food. We’re going to give you what you can eat and when you can eat it. There’s also five free foods you can eat as much celery cabbage cucumbers spinach and lettuce as you want. They do not count. Otherwise we’ll give you a meal plan to show you what you can eat and how much of it you can eat of that particular food. We concentrate heavily on lean protein fruits and vegetables. What comes to this program is three sets of drops of vitamin B 12 booster. So these are sublingual drops you take three times a day. That’s going to help you keep a healthy energy. We give a detox or so we’re going to I want to detox your body. And we give away Majerus support as an appetite suppressant. Those three are all sublingual drops you take them three times a day on top of that. We give you a probiotic and we give you a whole food multi-vitamin to make sure you’re getting all the nutrients that you need. This program has shown phenomenal results for many people. We began this program in January of this year. And we’ve got over 100 people doing this this and the results have been nothing short of phenomenal. Go to our Facebook page lifetime metabolic or go to. Our Web site. Lifetime metabolic Franklin dotcom. And you can see more. Information about the program. You can also call to set up an appointment with Jared who is our fat loss advocate. You can call our office in Franklin at 6 1 5 7 9 1 9 9 1 7. Or you can call. Our office in Murfreesboro. At 6 1 5 8 6 7 11:44. If you have been looking for a program to not only lose weight. But keep the weight off. This program is for you. Your Franklin chiropractor thanks you. For listening in to my podcast. The Franklin chiropractor office is open. Five days a week as well as the Murphysboro of hieratic office. Call today to make an appointment.¬†Lifetime Metabolics