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Your Franklin chiropractor I love to teach in all of the things I’m passionate about is kids and sports. So today I’d like to talk about what you can do to keep young athletes healthy and fit in today’s age of health and fitness. More and more kids are involved in sporting activities and although being part of football soccer Little League team is an important rite of passage for many children. Keeping younger athletes healthy. Parents and their children could be overlooking the importance of proper nutrition and body conditioning needed for preventing injuries on and off the playing field. Keeping younger athletes healthy. Your franklin chiropractor you’re up playing sports his whole life and I believe sports provides kids with tools to deal with real life issues as they grow up. It teaches kids to work as a team to be accountable to their teammates and coaches. It teaches them training routines and in my opinion the majority if not all sports are good provided that the child prepares appropriately and without proper preparation. Playing any sport can turn into a bad experience but quite frankly I believe that is true for most things in life. You can prepare to fail. Keeping younger athletes healthy. Or you can prepare to succeed. It’s really your choice when it comes to your kids. Keeping younger athletes healthy. There are structural and physical developmental issues that need to be taken into consideration before undertaking certain sports. Highly competitive sports such as football gymnastics and wrestling follow rigorous training schedule that can be potentially dangerous to an adolescent or teenager. The best advice your Franklin chiropractor can give for parents who have young athletes in the family is to help them prepare their bodies and to learn to protect themselves from sports related injuries before they happen. Proper warm up stretching and strength training exercise are essential for kids involved in sports but many kids learn improper stretching their weight lifting techniques making them more susceptible to injury. Parents need to work with their kids to make sure they receive the proper sports training. Young athletes should begin with a slow jog or the gentle warm up followed by a sports specific warm up. They should then stretch all the major muscle groups. These would include their arms their legs their chest their neck and their back. And it’s important that kids be instructed in appropriate exercises for each sport to prevent injuries. I also believe that proper nutrition and hydration are extremely vital while an ordinary person may need to drink eight ten eight ounce glasses of water each day. Athletes need to drink even more than that for proper absorption. Breakfast be the most important meal of the day. Also eating a healthy meal two to four hours before a practice or a game and another within one or two hours after a practice or game allows for proper replenishment in refuels the body most young athletes today often think they’re invincible. I know I did and when I was a kid teenager and early adult so the Franklin chiropractor would like to go over the following tips that can help ensure your child does not miss a step when it comes to proper fitness stretching training and rest. The body needs to engage in sporting activities first we’d like to encourage your child to wear the proper equipment certain contact sports such as football and hockey can be dangerous if the equipment is not properly fitted. It is vitally important to make sure all equipment including helmets pads and shoes fit your child or adolescent. Talk to your child’s coach or trainer if the equipment is damaged. And don’t let them participate in practice or sporting activities until the equipment has been fixed and is operational. Next. It’s vitally important that your child is eating healthy meals. Keeping younger athletes healthy. ¬†Essentially the old computer adage crap in equals crap out is very much true for what our kids are eating and we all know our kids these days have many choices in food that aren’t exactly healthy. So it’s important that we’re making sure that your young athlete is eating a well balanced diet and does not skip meals avoid high fat foods such as candy bars and fast food and provide fruit at home rather than cookies and vegetables and vegetables rather than potato chips. This also starts to develop healthy eating habits for kids. So when they grow older and become adults these healthy habits translate I do believe that the obesity epidemic that is prominent in our country has much to do with poor habits learned as a child and as a parent I know I strive to try and teach my kids healthy habits and I think it’s important that we all do this for the next generation next. It’s important to maintain a healthy weight. Certain sports such as gymnastics wrestling and figure skating may require your child to follow strict dietary rules. It is important that we’re sure your child does not feel pressured into being too thin and that he or she understands that proper nutrition and caloric intake is needed for optimal performance and endurance. The food we eat is the fuel our body uses to perform and it cannot perform if it is under fuel to say a car when it runs out of gas. It’s not going to drive anymore. Our high performance cars requires high performance gasoline and the same thing for our children and sports. High performance requires high performance foods next it’s very important that we keep our kids hydrated by drinking lots of water. Hydration is a key element to optimal fitness. Franklin Chiropractor Teenage athletes should drink at least eight eight ounce glasses of water a day. Younger athletes should drink five to eight eight ounce glasses of water per day. Franklin chiropractor would also like to tell you to avoid sugar loaded caffeinated and carbonated drinks sport drinks are a good source of replenishment for those kids engage in long duration sports such as track and field. So things like Gatorade is probably better than a Dr. Pepper. But ultimately the best drink that your child can have is water. Next it’s Portland in Portland before the child performs. They follow a warm up routine. Be sure your child’s coach includes a warm up and stretching session before every game practice or meet a slow jog. Jumping rope and or lifting small weights reduces the risk of torn muscles and Flexibility is key when pushing to score that extra goal or make that critical play. If our muscles are tight and stiff we’re not going to perform at peak levels. If you watch any pro game there’s always an hour or more of warm ups that these athletes go through because they know how important it is for them to get their body ready for the game. You could also look to professional sports to see how much they have improved their nutrition programs for their athletes. The only goal in professional sports is to win and they’re going to give their athletes every advantage. So they’re going to give them proper nutrition and they’re going to make sure they exercise stretch and make sure their muscles are working at optimal peak performance. And this is what we’re looking for for your child as well. Franklin chiropractor his next step is to take vitamins daily a multi-vitamin vitamin C are good choices for the young athlete vitamin B and amino acids may help reduce the pain from contact sports. 5 minutes can help promote healing and also consider vitamin A to strengthen scar tissue supplement in our diet with vitamins is a good idea as the soil these days is not those nutrient rich which leads to foods that are not as nutrient rich. Keeping younger athletes healthy. So it is a very good idea to supplement with vitamins and minerals. Now with that being said I’d like to also point out that we need to avoid trendy supplements. There’s a whole bunch of stuff being flooded to the market every day that may or may not be helpful. And especially kids under the age 18 should avoid the use of performance enhancing supplements such as creating instead they should ask their coach or trainer to include weekly weight training and body conditioning sessions and their workout. A lot of the stuff being put on the market is not regulated by the FDA and does not have to be. So what the kids are put in their body. No one really knows. Last but certainly not least the Frankin chiropractor would like to talk about your kids getting plenty of rest. Eight hours of sleep is ideal for the young athlete. Lack of sleep and rest can decrease performance cause sluggishness irritability and loss of interest in this could indicate that your child is fatigued. So to review these tips. To keep your health your young athlete healthy and fit first. Wear proper equipment. Next eat healthy meals maintain a healthy weight drink lots of water avoid sugar loaded caffeinated and carburated drinks. Make sure we follow warmer protein. Take vitamins daily. Just avoid the trendy ones and get plenty of sleep. And the last thing I’d like to point out is that kids get adjusted are healthier happier and perform better. Your Franklin chiropractor sees multiple kids every day with phenomenal results. We are trained and licensed to treat the entire neuro muscular system and can provide advice on sports training nutrition and injury prevention to you and your young athlete. You can look us up on the web. Health Works chiropractic that net or on our Facebook page health orc’s chiropractic. I hope this information was helpful for you and your child aspiring professional sports dreams.¬†Keeping younger athletes healthy