Injuries from automobile accidents and the use of social media marketing


                                                         Personal injuries and the use of social media marketing to advertise for personal injury cases.When an individual gets into a car related accident that person will receive a myriad of calls from attorney offices, or personal injury firms for Injuries from automobile accidents. The personal injury firms are wanting to be chosen by the individual to be represented, of course being paid through the car insurance company the victim has. At Healthworks Chiropractic we personally make sure that the individual that was in the car accident is with a reliable personal injury form and we make sure to take care of any insurance questions and needs the individual might have. Going between their car insurance and the other individuals’ car insurance as well as any type of personal injury firms the person goes through. At Healthworks Chiropractic we have a good amount of patients that come in from a car accident. Nine times out of ten the insurance company will cover completely any type of treatment that is needed. From adjustments to pre-therapy treatments such as spinal decompression, laser, and stim and traction. From there we bill the insurance companies what is owed from their services provided at Healthworks chiropractic. However, marketing still comes into effect when dealing with individuals in car accidents. Once the person goes through their personal injury firm, they might recommend the person see a chiropractor or a related doctor for any type of medical bodily injuries that have occurred from the accident. Injuries from automobile accidents.

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That’s where marketing once again comes into play. Where will the individual go for chiropractic care, of course, the best place they can find. Prime example Healthworks Chiropractic where we have hundreds of five-star reviews on our Google page over the past years, that screams we are a trusted business throughout the Franklin, Murfreesboro and even Nashville area. There are different forms of marketing that can be used, the previous article focused on a couple of the basic forms of advertising such as billboards and the use of radio and tv commercials. Now we will get into the realm of social media advertising and marketing for Injuries from automobile accidents.


Social media marketing in the past five years has become an instant success and avenue to build a marketing platform from for Injuries from automobile accidents. From the notorious facebook, instagram, email campaigns, snapchat, and even Twitter. Millions of users use these social media platforms, either for business, or just everyday entertainment. Which makes it a great spot to market your business on Facebook is the number one advertising, marketing social media tool to use for Injuries from automobile accidents. Facebook has a wide spectrum of users from middle schoolers, middle age soccer moms, to elderly people. Everyone uses it, and a vast amount of the united states population has a facebook account.

From a business standpoint with the use of personal injury firms, once that individual starts doing research on google, google analytics steps in and creates post or ad’s regarding the information researched through your google account for Injuries from automobile accidents. So having ad’s that pop up to a person’s facebook can entice them to give us a call and schedule an appointment, rather it is from a personal injury car accident or even just having any type of neck pain for Injuries from automobile accidents.


Going to google, the process is similar. They are all keywords, keywords are used when an individual is looking up a certain topic, product, or service. The business can use keywords to dictate what people are searching for. An example given  Such as personal injury, I’m having back pain, constant headaches, etc. So when they are typing up these symptoms google will have your website associated with those keywords while popping up during their search. Which one again gives them the opportunity to click on your page. Google rankings are another huge marketing hit that is used to attract new patients, even those from personal injury firms for Injuries from automobile accidents.


Google rankings are when you type in a certain keyword, such as chiropractic care and your website appears on the first page of the google page. Your average individual will not go past the first page of a google search, mainly for the convenience of one’s interest and research.  So if an individual is from a personal injury auto accident and they type in best chiropractor in the Nashville/ Franklin area. Healthworks Chiropractic would be on the first page. To maintain on the first page you have to work with an individual that is good at doing search engine optimization. Which is search engine optimization. In which they create content while going through google’s analytics and guidelines. Googles guidelines for keeping these websites on the first page, rules and regulations for Injuries from automobile accidents.  


Other forms of advertising and social media platforms are Instagram and twitter. While Facebook has about ten plus billion users worldwide, Instagram (which was acquired by Facebook), and twitter still have over a billion active users. Twitter use for business promotion and marketing definitely relating to personal injury cases might not be the best use for Injuries from automobile accidents. Having daily post information even three to four times a day might not be the best marketing strategy, plus the average age of the people using twitter would not be ideal. Instagram, on the other hand, can be a great platform, like Facebook with a wide range of users for Injuries from automobile accidents.  Instagram uses post of pictures and videos to promote or advertise whatever you are wanting to use. With facebook and Instagram business owners can choose certain demographics of individuals to advertise and market to. For example, if it were a plastic surgery company, they would primarily make their content visible to just female customers, or female customers who make a certain amount of money. To get the most return on investment through their marketing for Injuries from automobile accidents.