Franklin Chiropractor | How yard work can effect you

Hi it’s your frequent chiropractor today I want to talk to you about doing yard work and how to not let your back get out of whack when attacking weeds. The State of the art equipment available today for lawn and leaf management can help turn the average homeowner into a lawn specialist overnight. But the use of weed trimmers leaf blowers and hedge clippers has also been seen in many aspiring landscapers to the office of their local doctor of chiropractic. The American carpenter Association warns that using this equipment can result in back in neck pain as well as more serious muscular strains and tears if not used properly. The repetitive motion that your body undergoes and using such equipment can bring a whole host of mechanical problems within the body says Dr Jerome McAndrews who is a nationalist spokesperson for the American chiropractor association. How Yard Work Can Effect you. It is essential to operate your husband properly if you do not. The Pound in your body endures may be multiplied. He reports so the Franklin chiropractor would like to go over some tips on safely using your outdoor equipment. Regardless of what piece of equipment you are using. Make sure it has a strap and that you use it. Place the strap over your head on the shoulder on the opposite side of the body. From what you use in the device this will help normalize your center of gravity. Be sure to switch to the side with your operated equipment as often as possible and to balance the muscles being in use. Alternate your stance in motion frequently. Take frequent breaks from the activity of the day. Muscle fatigue may be felt when using any of these devices for an extended period of time. Consider electric powered items especially if you experience back or neck pain as they tend to be much lighter than their engine powered counterparts. When picking up or putting down your equipment. Be sure to bend from the knees. I can’t tell you how important this is. Frankly the chiropractor has a story of this becoming a problem for him when he was outside and working in his yard and just got busy. Wasn’t thinking about proper positioning just like everyone else and all of a sudden I bent down and couldn’t come back up. It took me about six weeks to recover from that and I will never do that again. So this is really important. How Yard Work Can Effect you. I’ve also learned to keep the object close to my body. As I left it not at arm’s length. Having that weight in front of your center of gravity while bending forward is a recipe for disaster. While it is also critical that you operate your at home safely it is equally important that you prepare your body for the work you’re about to do. Be sure to include a warm up or cool down here that involves stretching to help avoid injury. After you’re done in the yard you may also want to get in the hot tub. Take a hot shower or utilize a hot pack on your neck or your back. The list would be very helpful if you feel like you have an injury. Ice would be more pertinent than heat. There’s also some simple stretches we can do before we work in the yard. So before stretching a few tips to keep in mind. Breathe in and out slowly throughout each stretchy exercise until the muscle is stretched to its furthest point. At that point hold your breath in when you relax. Breathe out stretch gently and smoothly. Do not bounce or jerk your body in any way and stretch as far as you can comfortably. You should not feel pain. The following are a few easy stretches. The Franklin chiropractor recommends for getting the most of the time you spend in the yard first. Stand up and properly heel on a back door step or stool with your knees slightly bent bend forward until you feel a slight pull at the back of the thigh. This is called the hamstring. You may need to stabilize yourself by holding onto a garage door handle or a sturdy tree branch hold the position for 20 seconds then relax. Do it once more. Then repeat with the other leg. Next I want you to stand up and put your right hand against a wall or other stable surface surface. Bend your left knee and grab your ankle with your left hand. Pull your heel toward your buttocks to stretch the quadriceps muscle which is at the front of your thigh. Hold that position for 20 seconds. Relax and do it again. Then repeat again with the other leg next. Wave your fingers together above your head with your palms up lean to one side for 10 seconds to stretch the side of your upper body. Then reverse. Repeat two or three times. Next the Franklin chiropractor always thinks it’s a good idea to hug your best friend. How Yard Work Can Effect you. You wrap your arms around yourself after letting your breath out and rotate the one as far as you can go. Hold it for 10 seconds then reverse. Repeat two or three times. If none of this helps and if you’re sore. Chiropractic care can certainly help if you experience pain or discomfort. Call your doctor chiropractic right away. We’re trained in license to treat the entire neuromuscular system and can help people lead healthier lives by focusing on wellness and prevention. The way we do this is with a chiropractic adjustment. But first we have to figure out if your condition is something we can help you with. The first item we would want to determine is if the spine has misaligned. We do this with what we call our once exam. When you come into the Franklin chiropractor office we will do an orthopedic exam. How Yard Work Can Effect you.Nurse system scan a chiropractor adjustment and a set of X-rays to make the determination. If I can help you or if I need to refer you out ultimately in the end we want to just get you better. Nine times out of ten call and the chiropractor is your best option. One thing we would definitely not recommend is not doing anything. Once thought to be a primary achievement for back pain. Bed rest. Is now taking a backseat to movement. It is true that short time periods of rest can provide a respite from sitting or standing and when these actions cause severe pain. But we now know that too much bed rest can actually increase back pain. So if your back goes out from the yard or anything else. Don’t not do anything the most. Some of the most dangerous words in our vocabulary is maybe it will go away. Usually will not. Or if it does it comes right back down the road. Research done by Harvard Medical School Nora that. Issues can be caused by prolonged bed rest such as loss of muscle tone digestive issues risk of blood clots in the pelvis and legs reduced sense of well-being increased risk of depression increased sense of physical weakness. How Yard Work Can Effect you. This is because the nerves get pinched when our spine misaligned. It puts pressure on the nerves that supply nerve supply everywhere to our body. When that happens all the things above can and usually do happen. So if you are experiencing severe back pain or temp just go to bed with it. The suggestions would be try this instead. Limit your time line down to a few hours at a time. Rest on your better sofa in a comfortable position. Use pillows to support your neck back and legs to reduce strain. Limit your time of bed rest to just a few days rather than waiting around to hurt. A better approach to dealing with back pain is to slow down but not stop physical activity temporarily. And of course come to your Franklin chiropractor will help you determine what activity is safe and beneficial for your recovery. I will also instruct you and exercises stretches to safely keep you moving in speed you progress up and help prevent the issue from recurring and sometimes will treat you with decompression. Sometimes will treat you with massage sometimes will treat you with adjustments sometimes will treat you. All of the above. Doesn’t that sound better than spending days in bed watching soap operas and game shows. Sounds better to me. Don’t miss out on the activities you love. Don’t miss out on doing the work that you love. Don’t miss out on spending time with your family. Don’t miss out on doing the hobbies that you love. See your chiropractor. See your Franklin chiropractor and keep moving. Pain free.¬†How Yard Work Can Effect you