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Today you’re Franklin chiropractor is going to be talking about your health your ability to heal and the body’s way to fight infections and sickness. How to live Healthy. You know health isn’t about gazing into a crystal ball. You are born to be healthy. It’s not a mystery of how to do that. If you know where to look. Have you ever wondered why some people stay healthy and other people lose their health question. Why do you go to a doctor. Well we go to the doctor because we don’t feel well and everything we have tried ourselves has not worked to make us feel better. How to live Healthy. What is your medical experience. What what happens when you go to your primary care physician or your medical doctor. Well usually they either put something into your body like a pill or a shot or they take things out of your body with surgery. So what’s wrong with thinking What’s wrong is how you feel is not the same as how you are putting things in and taking things out doesn’t give your body the credit it deserves our body. So have the intelligence it takes to heal itself. It’s called innate intelligence. You don’t have to think about healing. Cut the body just does it. You don’t have to think about digesting your food. The body just does it. You don’t have to think about scene hearing breathing or keeping your heart beating as well. How to live Healthy. These are all things our body innately knows how to do. So why would it not make sense that it doesn’t innately know how to heal itself. So what controls are self-healing ability. The key to our ability to heal ourselves is our inborn intelligence. Again this is our innate intelligence this inborn intelligence flows through your entire body by way of the nervous system the nervous system is made of the brain and the spinal cord the brain sends signals down the spine out of the nerve endings to everywhere to the body the body then communicates back to the brain in the opposite direction. That’s how our communication works in our body. But sometimes this communication can be blocked so what blocks our ability to communicate and heal ourselves while chiropractors call this block to the nervous system. A subluxation this affects many things such as the muscles which attached the bones of the spine. Franklin Chiropractor This causes spinal misalignment which cause more nerve interference. So then the question would be what causes subluxations. How to live Healthy.  Well let’s talk about some scenarios here. Not enough food is called starvation Franklin Chiropractor. Not enough water is called dehydration. Not enough air is called suffocation. Not enough nerve function is called subluxation there’s many way that some fixations can happen. It can be slips and falls. It can be injuries. It can be a car accident. It can be repetitive motion it can be poor posture over time. Also the nerve irritation is caused by the three T’s. Tension toxins and trauma tension is emotional stress from social pressures or financial and family problems. This could be what we deem as being stressed out. So emotional stress toxins include chemical stress from legal and illegal drugs. Poor diet smoking and alcohol. This comes in to the scenario of crap in equals crap out. So the more bad stuff we put into our body the worse our body is going to function. The more good stuff we put into our body the better our body is going to function. This will be known as a chemical stress. The three the third to be in trauma is caused by physical stress from falls accidents poor posture and not enough rest. This is one of the things that we see a lot in our in our practice due to people working at a factory or being at a computer all day. And these are things that tend to develop over time. And this would be physical stress. So let’s dive into the physical stress just a little bit more. Subject patients are often the result of a physical stress that is more than the body can easily adapt to the body will handle stress physical stress for as long as it can. It will compensate for as long as it can and then it cannot. And so this physical stress usually manifests itself in pain muscle spasm headaches among many other things a little more information on chemical stress. Poor diet and junk foods are are two really big issues with this. We have an ability to walk into any fast food joint at any time of the day at this point. Drugs and pollution also have long range negative effects on our health as well. The old moniker an apple a day keeps the doctor away is so very true. We’re talking about chemical stress put more good foods into your body put more clean water breathe more clean air. Your body’s going to function better. Emotional stress. Again let’s just talk. Think about this as being stressed out and sometimes emotional stress like uncontrolled anger can be enough to short circuit the nervous system. In the end we need to figure out a way in each of our own way to deal with our daily stress. There’s no way to get rid of daily stress. How to live Healthy.  It’s going to come at you. It’s how you deal with it which is the important part of it. But again all this leads to subluxation and civilization is a process that civilization processes like dominoes. Once the nervous system is disturbed the rest of the body stops working properly. So let’s talk about how this all fits together. Our total health is affected by the three teas that we just talked about which leads to subluxation which is a twist no the spine which puts pressure on the nerve which leaves leads to nerve irritation nerve irritation would be decreased nerve flow to the body which would lead to body dysfunction which over time would lead to things like symptoms and many other things potentially like death and disease. Basically what it comes down to is our body is not functioning at 100 percent then neither are we. So everything we can do to get our body functioning at 100 percent is going to be beneficial for us in the long run. Franklin Chiropractor so ultimately what it comes down to is a healthy nervous system equals health and the whole world is discovering the healthy benefits of a properly functioning nervous system. And really there is no finish line when it comes to being healthy healthy habits and healthy lifestyles. So then we just don’t do it for a short period of time and stop it take steps every day to ensure a healthier future Things that we do now will ensure a healthier future version of you. So wouldn’t it be great if everyone you know knew as much about life and health as you do now the world would be a happier and healthier place. So what’s the next step. Well the first step to a better you and a healthier family while healthy habits tend to develop over time. If you go work out for a day and then stop you’re going to be sore for a day or two and nothing else. If you work out for a month you’ll see some benefits but if you stop it’ll go away as well. If you work out for six months you’ll see much more benefit if you work out for 12 months you’ll see much more benefit. And if you make working out and exercise a part of your healthy habit then you’ll see certainly an added benefit to your health. And this goes the same with getting adjusted if you’re adjusted for a day you may feel better or you may not. If you get adjusted for a month you will feel better. But if you stop it’s going to come right back. So we talk about chiropractic in the sense of a healthy lifestyle habit like working out brushing your teeth and eating healthy. And the old moniker once you go to chiropractor You always have to go to a chiropractor that is laid in a negative light. But I see it as a healthy option for people to input into their healthy lifestyle habits. Because if you go to any doctor which one of them ever tells you to never come back again if you get your eyes checked in third grade. Do they tell you we only have and I checked again the devil. Do they ever tell you not to come back. Your medical providers do they ever tell you not to come back. How to live Healthy. The answer to all of those is no. Because being healthy is a active process. And again the more you do to be healthy now the more your future self will benefit. Your friend can chiropractor is open five days a week. We take new patients all day from Monday through Thursday and Saturday from 8 to 9. The Franklin chiropractor is here for you to get healthy and stay healthy for your family for yourself for your neighbors for your churchgoers. Anyone who has a spine. The Franklin chiropractor can help. It is no it is there’s nothing wrong with getting your spine checked. If the Franklin chiropractor sees that your spine needs to be worked with will tell you. If not we’ll tell you that as well. If you listen to the friggin chiropractor today. Have a great day. How to live Healthy