Chiropractor Murfreesboro, Posture is vital for your back

Here at Chiropractor Murfreesboro, we strive to provide exceptional customer service as well provide exceptional service to your spine.
With chiropractic care focusing on the spinal region and anytype of missalignment issues it is imperative to focus on ones posture.
Posture is the position an individual has when they are standing, sleeping, as well sitting. As a society we dont focus on our posture as we should.
No wonder why are backs hurt all of the time, because a large factor of your spinal alignment is how your posture is throughout the day. As we age our
posture starts to gradually slope and become misalignmed. Here at Chiropractor Murfreesboro clinic we can help you get back to what your posture might
have been before you came into our clinic, as well if there is a postural issue we can help imrpove your situation.

With the society we live in we are focused on our electronical devices, rather that stems from our iphones, tablets to computers and other technological
advances, we posture our bodys in a way that we fell are comfortable for viewing such technologies. You can look around at any public facility or area
and notice that people are always looking down at their phones, sometimes for hours at hand, or even slouching over while watching televison or browisng
the web. It is small acts of posture like this that we dnot take into affect until it becomes to late and we are having neck back problems. We are contantly
having our head centered at a lower angle for hours a day not allowing the spine to come to its natural state and the head is held high. Here at Chiropractor Murfreesboro clinic we have noticed patients even throughout our clinic do this precise movement which can calculate into bad posture. Other postural imbalances
that can occur cna be from poor choice of foot wear. Ladie and Gentleman im talking about you who wear flip flops all year around. Now it might be comfortable
for you to wear flip flops or sandals in the summer time when the temperature is right and you want to expose your feet and toes. However do not forget
that a lot of sandals and flip flops have no type of installation or support for your feet. Individuals do all sorts of activities in which shoes are to be worn
for support but however sandlas are worn. Not having the right amount of support for your feet can in turn be a reason for lower back pain, and tightness in the
lower leg area. As previouslly stated throughout other articles here at Murfreesboro Chiropractic office for our first and new patient exams we provide a foot
scanner that is scanned upon both feet to see if there is any type of imbalances throuhgout the body and if the use of orthapedic soles can be used for beneficial
and medical reasons. Here at Chiropractor Murfreesboro clinic we know that right type of shoe support or insoles will help alleviate a lot of postural issues
that one might gain through lack of support.

Another aspect at Chiropractor Murfreesboro clinic we have noticed is your line of work can be a large factor into your type of posture you might have.
In this decade there are a larege multitude of patients that work at a office type setting. Office type setting have their employees sitting for long periods of
time, the range of time can be anywhere from eight hours a day to tweleve hours a day. We at Chiropractor Murfreesboro clinic know that this is not a natural
state or position in which a patient should be seating for. Increased back pain can be optained by sitting for long periods of time, as well as standing.
Restaurant employees are oh to common with having to stand on their feet for hours at times, better yet working double shifts while on your feet can be
extremely stressful on the back if the wrong type of shoes or shoe support is worn. Standing for all day for work makes your joints become stiffer
and blood flow can be restricted primarily for sitting down careers. At Chiropractor Murfreesboro office we know that tight joints can turn into tighter muscles
which can become difficult to adjust primarly in the cervical, thoracic region. As previously mentioned we do have a spinal decompression machine that
can help stretch the thoracic and cervical neck and allievate pressure caused upon joints and disc located throughout the spine.

Your weight can be a indicator of off posture through out your body. At Chiropractor Murfreesboro clinic It is more difficult for an indvidiual who is
heavier set or obese to complete certain
movements and exercises without more pressure being added to the joints and disc area. Standing or reaching for an object puts pressure on your spine
and can complicate your posture if any type of spinal bones are moving from the continusous strain and pressure of additional weight. Your bedding and mattress can
be a factor for bad posture, how are you sleeping side ways, on your stomach etc. Which these positions put strain on your back which you are holding these positions
for six to eight hours a night. At Chiropractor Murfreesboro clinic we have our own cervical pillow that will help if a patient has any cervical curvature issues
the pillow has a divot in the center that allows your head to comfortablly rest and allows your cervical to be placed in a anatomical position that can correct
pore posture or misalignment issues over time. The pillows can be purchased at our Franklin and Murfreesboro Chiropractic Clinic for aroun fifty to sixty dollars.

At Chiropractor Murfreesboro clinic we know that exercises and having the educational basis to better yourself is vital for prolong postural correction.
Continually adjusting your stances or being more aware of your posture is the first step to helping your imbalances. As well continual stretching of the body
is a large factor for tight joints and muscles. The older we become the more we need to stretch definetly if our posture positions are held for multiple hours a day
the spine needs to be stretched the opposite way to decrease muscle strain as well associated pressure throughout those areas. At Chiropractor Murfreesboro clinic
we understand that everyone is not a controtionist or professional ballet dancer, however just five to ten minutes of stretching a day can help alleviate pain
discomfort and help correct postural positions. Call us today at 615-867-1144