Professional Dancing and the benefit of chiropractic care at your Chiropractor Murfreesboro Chiropractic Clinic.
At a Chiropractor Murfreesboro office With the long hours of physical activity as a career your body is constantly being worked and performing certain maneuvers which can take a toll over your body in the long run. Being a professional dancer can be extremely stressful on the body, from ballet to muscial theater being a professional dancer takes enery, stamina, and good health overall. Before even becoming a professional dancer, there are numerous years of hard work to build up to the point of appointed being a professional dancer. Multiple classes in different techniques and rigours workout plans can add to the stress of the body.
Chiropractic care at the Chiropractor Murfreesboro clinic can help in a myriad of situations from the perspective of being a professional dancer. Of Course chiropractic care is the manipulation and correction of spinal issues, as well as neuromuscular issues and orthopedic issues. At Chiropractor Murfreesboro we can address certain issues you might be having in order to fully complete and treat diagnosis that might have been given or just the typical pain you might be having. So we will focus on being a professional dancer and the over all the muscular and spinal issues that can occur. Chiropractor Murfreesboro can help if for example you have been doing pointe for years or even a short period of time. Pointe is the use of shoes in which are meant for you to arch your foot and appear to be floating. The pointed shoe is used in a vertical anatomical position with the feet completely arched and the sensation of standing on your actual toes. At Chiropractor Murfreesboro we can help with support issues and if there is any type of foot pressure imbalances you might have. How do we do that you might ask? Well at our Chiropractor Murfreesboro chiropractic clinic we use during our new patient intakes we use a program which is called a foot leveler or foot scanner. The foot scanner takes a scan of each foot left and right accordingly and takes a copy of your foot print. After the foot print scan is complete the scan is then colorized to show where pressure is present in the actual sole of the left and right foot. From there at Chiropractor Murfreesboro we send the foot scan into a summarized report showing if there is any type of off pressure spots and imbalances in the body. At Chiropractor Murfreesboro we send the foot scan to the docotrs for review then place them in your specific chiropractic file. We are able at Chiropractor Murfreesboro to order any special orthapedic insoles if it is neccesary and approved by the doctors here at Chiropractor Murfreesboro Clinic.
Besides pointe shoes, ballet dancers are constantly stretching daily to keep the muscles warm and ready to perform whenever participating in a ballet class. The use of the back is a large part of their bodies that are constantly being in use. Example would be the Ballet technique and movement of a arabesque. A arabesque is when a ballet dancer stands on a supporting leg and keeping that leg still, while the moving leg is held in a straight line and raised from behind until the leg and foot are at a balacnce level of the hips, while keeping the back completely arched and upper spine high lifted to the air and head placement is looked ahead. While doing this the spine is in a pinched position, after years of doing this position it can affect the spinal region and create pain and tension throughout the lumbar and thoracic spine. The chiropractic doctors at Chiropractor Murfreesboro can help adjust the spinal area if there is any type of curvature or mis-alignment from these type of back pressure movements. As previously mentioned the chiropractic care is best efficient when done in multiple sessions throughout a certain period of time. At Chiropractor Murfreesboro clinic we will set up plans depending on the individual need basis of care that needs to be provided to help prolong health and return the spine to a semi normal condition. Once that is corrected it will help with specific movements that might use the spine and might encountrer additional pressure without certain areas.
With ballet being so demanding on the spine and the body chiropractors should be an essential doctor to have in ones routine. And if working in a ballet company you are dancing for at least 30 hours a week and it is vital to care of your body in whatever way possible. By taking care of your body you will be thankfull later when you surpass and miss back disorders and ballet related injuries. Luckily we have multiple locations throughout the nashville area, one location which is actually close to Murfreesboro Chiropractic office and the Franklin Chiropractic office is the Nashville ballet location that is close to our clinic, about on average fifteen minutes away from our location.
Another great aspect of our Franklin and Chiropractor Murfreesboro location is the convience it is to go to appointments with our Chiropractor Murfreesboro clinic. Most adjustment sessions are no more than five minutes long. If there is a day in which you are booked schedule wise have no fear, we can get you in and out in fifteen minutes guarenteed. As well if our schedule does not work for your company dancing hours we have openings on saturday morning from nine am to eleven am. So we can definetly help if there is any scheduling issues that might arrise at our Franklin Chiropactic clinc, or our Chiropractor Murfreesboro clinic. Why you just stop with yourself, make it a group or team activity for you and your dance colleagues to all come in when you have breaks inbetween company classes and instructional performance classes. As we say at our Chiropractor Murfreesboro office the best compliment you can give is the referral of a friend or family member. Invite your dance colleagues, your professors, if you have any kids bring them in as well we help kids from all ages even infants. Welcome to Chiropractor Murfreesboro clinic call us at 615-867-1144.