I like to talk a lot about decompression today, as is Murfreesboro chiropractor one of the main parts of our clinic that we utilize to help people get better with disc issues. Murfreesboro Chiropractor People have disc issues that don’t even know it the more common things that people have, though they have a disc issues: sciatica pain, shooting down the arms or legs foot dry, foot pain, pain, going up into the back. These are all indicators of despair and so are decompression table really helps to treat these elements that are very common in our society. Today the decompression table at your Murfreesboro chiropractor office works by reducing intradiscal pressure by addressing the biomechanical aspect of the disc disease. The table’s computer is the key in the Murfreesboro chiropractor office, as it controls the variations in traction, pulling allowing for decompression and eliminated muscle garden, which allows for higher levels of spinal decompression and disc rehydration. The disc rehydration is a very key component and getting people better at a lot of post x-rays have shown that the disc actually get bigger after going to the decompression protocol. The key is is to get the disc to -100 millimeters of mercury. When doing the axial decompression, now there’s several studies out that go over some of the effects of decompression. The ghost study, which was done in Murfreesboro chiropractor april 1998 ghost spelled g o s. E was done for patients with a diagnosis of herniated, disc, degenerative, disc or facet syndrome, and they looked at 778 cases and the average onset time for from beginning of symptoms to treatment was approximately 40 months. The average number of treatments can people better for people with tourette syndrome was 17 for degenerative, disc was 19 and 4 herniated discs were 20. The treatment was considered a success when the pay level went down to a 0 to 1 on a 0 to 5 scale. They had a success, 70% success rate with this study using those factors. In addition, they had a 53% success rate for extra discal herniated discs, which are certainly the most difficult to treat a 73% success rate with a single desk 72% success rate with multiple nations in a 68% success rate for that patients, as well as a 68% success rate for people who had a failed back surgery. Murfreesboro chiropractor The show study showed great promise for the decompression tables, as as they really help people a lot in the study. Another study long study done in 2008, which is the camera of study and is looking for natalie, who got better when they did the compression, but also after decompression, was done. One of the patients stayed better or not. So all patients in the study had already tried to other two other treatments like physical therapy, chiropractic medical intervention excetera and had not gotten better results with their treatment. In other words, they were not getting better. Results of the study were also positive. As 79% of patients there low back pain symptoms were present greater than 6 months. The mean pain index before treatment was 7.3 out of 10. The pain index at discharge had an average of 5.03 days after treatment was 4.7 and 180 days. Post shipping, their pain level, was a 4.3 out of 10. On average, the Roland more scores pre-intervention was 12.6 at discharge was 7.0 30 days at the discharge was 6.0 and 180 days. Post discharge was 5.7, so the gist of the study says on the people. Now only got better doing decompression, but continue to improve after decompression, also what they found was. It takes 6 to 8 weeks for the disc to heal, but over time the body will rehydrate the area of the disc area in, and this will lead to less irritating chemicals being released in the body which decreases the paint over all the irritating chemicals in the body releases causes significant amounts of pain, I’m for the patient, Murfreesboro chiropractic clinic. The most important part that we do initially is the exam on the initial exam greater is in that particular patient I’m weather is from the facets, the disc or the si joint. Our protocols are all based Murfreesboro chiropractor on what the primary pain generator is. I wanted more important things as well as we got to get inflammation out of that area before the healing, which is one reason we do. Our preacher brings oxygenated blood to the area which, in the end, pulls out information and promote soft tissue healing in that area. The nerves are irritated and cause pain, direct trauma or joint restriction. It was this pens are released. They are lactic acid, potassium ions, prostaglandin d2 in this is where it was released with disc irritation in stenosis a lot of times during our initial evaluation. The patient is very sensitive hypersensitive as a matter of fact to our palpation Murfreesboro chiropractor technique. Spell patient is essentially when we go in there and feel for tight and tender spots around the spine and most the time. This is because they’re taking a lot of non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs, such as an ibuprofen to decrease the pain, but this makes the nociceptors very hyper sensitive to pressure. There’s several locations of nociceptors in the spinal tissues, such as the skin, the subcutaneous tissue and adipose tissue, also in the fibers castle, the papa seal joints and the si joints. The synovial folds and ligament such as a longitude, are spinous ligament ligament in si ligament. Also they are located in the periosteum, which covers the vertebral bodies and the arches that are attached, faccia tendons in the apple neurosis. The only parts that are not innervated by the nociceptors are the articular cartilage, the nucleus, pulposus of the disk and the inner 2/3 of the annulus pulses. So what this means there’s no nerve fibers in the inner 2/3 of the disc, so it takes a while for a diss patient to actually perceive so.




This is why a lot of times we will see patients who have had this problem for a long time, but they don’t have any pain until more recently ultimate fine, there’s four classifications of patients and what they respond to one is manipulation responders to is traction responders. 3 is stabilized stabilization exercise responders and for is directional preference responders and I’ll go over that in more detail going forward. If a patient responds well to be manipulated and or adjusted generally, these are the four they Murfreesboro chiropractor have four or five of these, and if they do have four out of five of these next things, that’s a 92, / 6% success rate. So if they’ve had symptoms for less than 16 days, they’re good, there will be a good manipulation responder if they have no pain past the knee if they have a low fabq score fabq as a as a piece of paper, we give to patients to see if they, if they have fear of voidance, at least one hypermobile or painful lombard, and if they have at least one hip decrease internal rotation. So if a patient has four out of five of those signs, then 2% of the time they’re going to get better by being adjusted. Another one is a patient who responds to stability exercises, so that would be like physical therapy, so some things that we see on that is if they have a prone instability test. Positive pronoun instability, test I should say basically that means of muscles fire in the back. It makes it feel better. So if they start to exercise or move around more and those muscles start to type to loosen up, they start to feel better. That’s Murfreesboro chiropractor someone who respond to physical therapy if there’s a promotion presence of bases of a catch in their giddy up. That would be good way to describe that place. Is there moving and they and they get to apollo just kind of catches. That would be a promotion there. If we do is call the straight leg raise test and we can get them to greater than the pain. That’s a good sign that stability exercises will be helpful for them in after ages, 40 years or younger. That’s also a good sign. Murfreesboro chiropractor and Murfreesboro chiropractic clinics are located and I’m 925 south church street. Our website is www.Healthworkschiropractic.net You can reach us at 615-867-1144 or you can reach our franklin office at 615-791-9917. We look forward to seeing you in the Murfreesboro chiropractic clinic. We can help so many different things for patients, including disc problems, including headaches, including neck pain, including back pain., of things so give us a call or you’ll be glad. You did will take good care of you