Franklin Chiropractor | Health is a process

As you’re Franklin chiropractor I’m here to educate just as many families as possible towards optimal health through exceptional chiropractic care and lifestyle habit changes. There’s so many people out there who lead unhealthy lifestyles. Who are sick and who got this way due to thinking health is something that it is not. So let’s play the game of WOULD YOU RATHER. Would you rather be healthy or just not sick. Would you rather be happy or just not sad. Would you rather be wealthy or just not poor. Would you rather be intelligent or just not dumb. Would you rather pursue the positive or just avoid the negative. Health Is a Process. All of us of course would answer that we’d rather be the former versus the latter. But our decision making. Processes actually tell us that the latter is actually what we would rather do our words and actions are not can grow and in our health care in our society today people say they want to be healthy but they don’t do what it takes to be healthy. People say they want to be happy but then allow things in life that contradicts that. Life is full of decisions and where we get to in life is ultimately an end. Of the decision making process that we choose. And this is the same for the sickness process. We start out with the potential for total health we are born into this world with all the tools we need to be healthy. As we grow up and get older. We encounter physical chemical or emotional stress beyond our ability to adapt. And what this does this causes a distortion to take place in the nervous system which this then causes malfunction in one or more body systems which then ultimately leads to symptom less diseases. And ultimately if left unhandeld untimely death your Franklin chiropractor looks at health as a process versus health as an event. When you look at health as an event it’s very much a reactive model to healthcare what should be. Unfortunately the medical model that we have in our country this deals with the symptoms and not the causes of a person’s loss of health by not addressing the malfunction of the nervous system. Medicine has little choice but to use chemicals and surgery to attempt to deal with the effects or aka the symptoms of a malfunction in body. And while this may be bring comfort short term it does not bring health health as a process addresses the fundamental causes of the downward spiral of a person’s health and well-being. And by focusing on the process which cause the loss of health in the first place begins a process of correction. Thus affording the individual the greatest possible opportunity to experience perhaps for the first time an upward spiral in their health and well-being your Franklin chiropractor. And quite frankly most other chiropractors out there focus on a proactive approach to health a process. We understand that the body is a machine that has the ability to heal itself. It has what we call innate intelligence. We were born with this. If you cut your finger you do not have to tell your finger to heal it knows exactly what process it takes to heal. It’s an incredible incredible thing. And if you tap into the body’s ability to heal you will be a healthier happier person. But it’s a process not an event. So if you get this big idea that the body can heal itself you don’t have to worry about taking pills or potions. Just think about it like this again. You don’t have to think about scene hearing or breathing. You don’t have to make your heartbeat or influence your own digestion. And you know cuts don’t heal faster. In college graduates according to the latest studies by Franklin chiropractor. So if college graduates don’t heal faster what controls are self-healing ability. The key to our ability to heal ourselves is our inborn intelligence. Again it’s called innate intelligence. This inborn intelligence flows throughout your entire body by way of the nervous system the nervous system is of course the brain in the spinal cord. This communication however can sometimes be blocked. So what blocks our ability to heal ourselves. Will chiropractor’s call this block to the nervous system function. Health Is a Process. A subluxation subluxation is a misalignment or twists you know the spine in any which direction that can be caused by several things. Usually over time including falls injuries accidents poor postural habits stress processes over time essentially affects the muscles which attach to the bones of the spine. These spinal misalignment cause more nurses some disturbance resulted in a downward spiral in a person’s health and vitality. But of course this process can be slowed down and or stopped through a chiropractor adjustment. An adjustment is the beginning of a process to remove any interference with proper nervous system function thus improving muscle function and and restoring structural integrity. Health Is a Process. The result is an upward spiral of that person’s health and vitality and is therefore the single greatest gift in your humble Franklin chiropractor opinion that one human being can give to another. Quite frankly it is our gift to you. But of course like all processes restoring health takes time. What we find in our office in the Franklin Chiropractor office is it takes us about four to six weeks to get people feeling better. It takes us about 90 days for people to start seeing a lasting change. And it can take a year or more for the body to completely heal. This of course depends on many factors such as age how severe the misalignment are. Is there’s any surgical interventions if there’s arthritis degeneration disk decay among many many other things. Health Is a Process. But by adding chiropractic care as part of your healthy lifestyle you’ll literally be adding years to your life and life to your years. The most important thing for people is that we want people to be able to do not only feel better but function better. We want people to be able to do what. They want to do whenever they want to do so whether it’s a hobby whether it’s spending more time with family whether it’s traveling. It doesn’t matter ultimately in the end. You only have one life and you want to live it to its fullest. But if you have several fixation and misalignment it causes an inability to be able to do what we want to do when we want to do it as a Franklin chiropractor. My goal is to get everyone out there living life to their fullest potential. But unfortunately today as the drug industry spends billions and billions of dollars on marketing and advertising our sense of health and well-being has been warped. And as your chiropractor Franklin chiropractor one of my jobs is to get you to understand the true meaning of health and wellness as a process and not an event the process of healthy lifestyle habits the process of getting adjusted. Health Is a Process. The process of exercising the process of life. Is more difficult than just an event of treating a headache treating the back pain with a pill treating whatever symptom we have. But unfortunately that’s what we have been told is health your frequent chiropractor cringes every time he sees a commercial come on from whatever X Y Z drug company promoting whatever X Y Z drug and they have people running in fields just as happy as they can be because they just took this pill or potion or wonder drug. But then of course the little man comes on the low fat voice telling you about the twenty five side effects of this pill also have has and these events lead to more events and the downward spiral of people’s health. And it really is sad to see but again this is where our country has been told is healthy and I’m here to tell you as your Franklin chiropractor that this is not the case. So tell someone you love about this. The truth that you’ve learned the truth about life health care practic. Why not bring your friends and family members fellow churchgoers in for a free consultation of the Franklin Chiropractors office. During that consultation we could go over people’s health concerns and let them know ultimately if we can help them with their health concerns because we are here to help as many people as possible. Sometimes we cannot though that is the case. We’re here to tell you we cannot as well. Ultimately in life there is no finish line for healthy processes. It’s something that we continually must do to be healthy healthy processes. So if you’re reading this please do not treat this as an event in your life but rather as the beginning of a process that will assist you in the greatest expression of your inborn potential for health.Health Is a Process