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Hi today we’re going to talk about getting a grip on stress. You’re firing on chiropractors here to talk about all kinds of issues. But one of the issues that everyone deals with in some form or another is stress. So let’s define stress. Stress is the rate of wear and tear on the body as a result of anxiety worry or exhaustion from a difficult or challenging situation. Stress is not however a person a place or a thing. It is a physical emotional and chemical reaction to change stresses your reaction to stressors stress can be anything positive or negative that urges you to make a change. Stress is caused by uncertainty inconsistency instability insecurity. As I go through this something comes to mind something I read a long time ago by an author named William Blake and it says in order to escape from prison first thing he must realize you are in one. And so we have to first realize that we have stress on our body we have stress in our system and we want to talk about how to deal with that effectively. So it is not causing these changes that we just talked about previously. So let’s talk about the three types of stress. They are emotional stress chemicals stress and physical stress emotional stress is what we talk what we think about as being quote unquote stressed out and that is usually involves fear and or negative thoughts. And I think all of us can relate to having those situations in our lives. The next stress that we talk about is chemical stress and this is literally the crap and equals crap out scenario. The more soda refined foods that we eat the more medications that we take the more polluted air and or water that we breathe and drink is going to cause much more of a chemical stress in our system. On the other side of that the more water that we drink the more good natural foods that we eat the less medications that we take the better air quality and water quality that we drink that’s going to help take the chemical stress out of our system. The next type of stress that we talk about is physical stress. And this has to do with not getting any exercise. Bad posture repetitive motions. Think of the factory worker doing the same thing all day every day. Think of the front desk receptionist who’s staring at a computer for eight hours a day. This is a physical stress. And this usually manifests itself with tension somewhere in the body. So let’s talk about some other common manifestations of stress. The primary symptoms of stress are headaches fatigue pain and tension the neck shoulders or lower back and then trigger points a point are those spots when you’re rubbing your neck or your back that feel like balls of muscle. Others under the stress aren’t irritability sleep problems digestive problems allergies and sinus troubles.Grip On Stress Franklin Chiropractor . And I think most of us out there have stress and more than likely have one or more of these symptoms. And if you do you probably have a stress syndrome stress normally attacks your body in areas of greatest weakness. So for example a person with a weak stomach under stress may develop stomach symptoms. A person with a damaged neck under stress can sometimes get a headache. A person with a weak or damaged back under stress usually develops low back pain. Ultimately if you have an area that has been injured in the past maybe you’ve been in a car accident or maybe you’ve had a significant fall a broken bone. Those are going to be the areas that you tend to feel. For example one thing that I see all the time is people with arthritis. They those spots are usually the spots that bother them when they have stress. Grip On Stress. So again if you have more than one stress symptom or have symptoms more than once a week your body more than likely has what we call a stress disorder. So let’s talk about some ways to deal with this. Franklin Chiropractor we like to put together a six step plan to deal with your stress. First things first is identify the stress. So write down your major stressors take care of money. Grip On Stress Any unfinished business that’s out there is weighing on your mind focus on what you want do more of what you want to do. This will make a big difference just just knowing identifying knowing and doing something about it. So knowing literally is half the battle here. So number one again identify the stress. Number two get in proper exercise. Really we need to be exercising at least three to four days a week and we need to improve the commitment to some Sorum some form of exercise and relaxation. This is huge. And when we exercise it releases chemicals our brain releases chemicals in our body. There’s actually a natural stress reducer. So getting exercise is very important Franklin Chiropractor. Proper rest is absolutely vital as well. Grip On Stress Franklin Chiropractor . So when you do allow for adequate rest we need Dasso have a proper bed a proper pillow in sleeping position is very key to this so the worst decision you can sleep in is on your stomach. The best position you can sleep on is on your back on your side is not bad as well. Boy just got to make sure your head is supported properly. So a proper pillow is key to this. Proper nutrition again. Crap in crap out. So the more watery drink fruits and vegetables that we eat vitamins that we take the better our body is going to respond versus the more times you run through a fast food joint is going to be just the opposite effect a positive mental attitude. I believe that this is so huge. Two people can look at the same situation and interpret it totally differently. The two sides of our brain kind of determine what our reaction is the left side of the brain is really focusing on fear negative energy unhappiness envy and procrastination the right side of the brain however is courage.  Positive thoughts happiness faith and gratitude. Grip On Stress. So if we’re using our right side of the brain more certainly that’s going to be someone who has a better outlook and more positive mental attitude. It’s a whole glass half full vs glass half empty type of scenario and this is so big you know it’s funny toddlers laugh 400 times per day while adults only laugh 15 times a day. And that’s something just laughter certainly is the best medicine. Grip On Stress. When it comes to this laughter has the ability to lower your body’s blood pressure and increase your immune system by lowering your body’s level of stress. This is huge. So just have fun. Sometimes just doing stuff you enjoy doing is a de-stress or in itself and last not least a properly functioning spine and nervous system. A minor irritation to a spinal nerve can not only cause tension pain and numbness but also all the other symptoms associated with stress as well. So what are the causes of spinal nerve injury. Well  accidents falls repetitive stress repetitive stress is injuries poor posture and this can even happen at birth. So this leads to something which we call a subluxation which is at twisting of the spine which puts pressure on the nerves. And this is what chiropractors treat identify and fix. So how would you know if your son looks at it. Well the first thing to do is look at your posture.  You can go look in the mirror and look to see if you have a high shoulder one shoulder higher than the other for example or you have a head tilt and maybe you look and you see one ear is raised higher than the other. You can also look to see if you have one hip higher than the other. You can see if a shoulder has rolled forward all these things are identifying markers to your body being misaligned and or. So excited. So what do you do. Well if you have subluxation spine the only person who can fix this is your friend chiropractor the Franklin chiropractor specializes in treating misalign vertebra to take the pressure off the nerve in our Franklin chiropractic office. We have an offer to come in if you’re an established patient and you can bring your family in for $1. Will do a full once exam which is orthopedic testing a nerve scan chiropractic exam and X-rays to make a determination if this is something that we can help you with in the Franklin chiropractor office. We strive to help people every day deal with their stress whether it be chemical physical or mental stress. And you can count on your and chiropractor to help you get better stay better and do all you want to do without any limitations your Franklin chiropractor says. Have a great day. We will see you next time. Grip On Stress