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Hi this is your Franklin chiropractor. Today I want to talk about. What we do in our clinic. To determine if we can help you. And if we can help you what is going to take to reach your specific goals. We pride ourselves on being a little different. In our office we do a very thorough evaluation and take X-rays. We then. Look. At the x rays. And we have three doctors. That all look at the x rays. Fanklin chiropractor. To make that determination if we can help or not. We correlate exam findings and we correlate X-ray findings to make the best recommendation for you. Your Franklin chiropractor. Utilizes a very thorough exam that we call our once exam. Or once exam stands for orthopedic testing. Nerve testing. A chiropractor exam and x rays. During the evaluation we utilize our evaluation or exam. To try and find evidence of misalignment in the spine. If you look at the spine from front to back you want it to be as straight as possible. If you look at it from the side you want to have a nice C shaped curve in your neck. And an opposite facing curve and the mid-back. With another C shaped curve. And the lower back. What happens over time. To most people. And this can be due to several different things like poor postural habits. Slips and falls. Injuries. Car accidents. Or a myriad of other things. The spine starts to misaligned and we start to see. The shoulders on level so you’ll have one shoulder higher than the other. We’ll start to see. Fanklin chiropractor. The hips on level. So you’ll have one hip hop and the other. Will check people’s leg length and we’ll start to see one leg shorter than the other. And then we’ll look at it from the side and we’ll start to see their head jutting way out in front of them. Generally. That particular problem is due to technology today. Most people are either at a computer or on their phone. And so where does our head go. Down. Over time. That retrains the spine to stay in this improper position. Which by the way causes several things like. Chronic headaches chronic tension in the neck and in the upper back. And these are all things that we look for initially. The first thing we do. When a patient comes in. Is we get our hands on their back to look for. Muscle spasm. And the back of. Which would be tight muscles. We evaluate for any tender spots we evaluate for edema which is any type of swelling in the joints. And then we do orthopedic tests on them. We check their Nacchio we check their back. For appropriate. Areas of discomfort. We then do a very thorough nerve system scan. We not only check the nerves that cause pain but we check the nerves that actually. Help our body function. When a nerve gets pinched. It’s not just the pain part that gets pinched it’s every part. And. Those nerves that come out of our spine while they go everywhere to the body and they control every function from. Digesting our lunch. To keeping our eyes upright. To keeping our heartbeat in. Our lungs breathing. Literally everything is controlled by the nerves in the spine. So when you get an adjustment where we identify the areas that have been misaligned. And we adjust you. The Franklin chiropractor. Unleashes nerve flow to the body that makes the body not only feel better. But function better. Wants to go through the orthopedic testing and the nerve testing and the chiropractor exam. We then take a full set of x rays. The X-rays help us determine what specific bones have misaligned and specifically in what direction your Franklin chiropractor is very specific when he adjusts the spine. I know exactly. Which bone has misaligned and exactly which direction. So he can give you a very specific force or an adjustment force aka adjustment to give you the best results and the least amount of time. Generally on day one. Once you do the once exam we may give you some slight adjustment to see how you do with that it will help us determine how your body responds to the adjustments in the future. Once we go through the initial evaluation. We then. Review the exam and X-ray findings thoroughly. The thorough evaluation of the Franklin chiropractic office. Is what sets us apart. We will know exactly what bone has moved. Exactly which direction. How to adjust to. How often you’re going to need to be adjusted. How long are you going to need to be adjusted. We also go over your goals. We want to know exactly what your condition is keeping you from doing because ultimately as is it is about getting you feeling better. But we want to figure out. How this is impacting your daily life. We want to know if there’s something you’re not able to do because of this condition are you do you love to golf and you can’t golf anymore because of this. Fanklin chiropractor. Do you love to garden. Do you love to work in your yard. What is it that you’re unable to do because of this and that is one of the most important things that we’re going to find out. Because ultimately this is about getting you better and getting you. To be able to do the things that you want to do. When you want to do them. Day one we will dismiss you and we’ll schedule you for a time to come in and review the X-rays with us. On this day. We go over exactly what we found. In detail. You’ll see if there’s any arthritic changes what areas of the spine have misaligned. And what we’re going to need to do. To fix it for you. Generally we can do. Three things. We can get a feel feeling better. We can get you to the point. Lasting relief or we can fix it. How this usually works. Fanklin chiropractor. And of course this is different for everyone. It usually takes us 10 to 15 visits for you to feel better and that can be anywhere between three to six weeks. Past that. It takes us about 90 days to get your spine to a point where it’s a little more trained to stay off the nerve. And for your body to start functioning better. Beyond that it takes us about 12 months to actually restore the spine. Think about that like this. If you everyone you have known in the past has ever had braces. You can’t just put a brace on braces on your teeth and straighten those teeth. It takes time. And that’s exactly what happens with the spine that spine has been misaligned for several years. More than likely. And so it is. Used to be in this improper position. So we have to retrain those bones to stay in a more proper position. If Franklin chiropractor also reviews on your second visit. Which nerves are being spent specifically and what areas of the body. Those nerves go to. There’s many things that. Fanklin chiropractor. Could be caused. By these substations that people are very unaware of. Such as. Indigestion heartburn blood pressure issues. Among many many other things. And we’ll go over that in detail. We’ll also review what phase of degeneration your spine is in. It goes from normal to phase for the. The longer your spine has been misaligned the subject said the further along you are. Phase 1 is a 1 to 20 year process. Phase 2 is a 20 to 40 year process. Phase 3 is a. 40 or more year process. Phase. Four is sixty five or more years of being located at which. Each one of those are more serious as it goes along. We have many different options. We do accept insurance. Ultimately in the end. We’re here to help you. Feel better function better. And live the life. That you want to live your Franklin chiropractor is open five days a week. We’re here Monday through Thursday and Saturday. We have very flexible time to get you an. To come see us. To make that determination if chiropractic is right for you. Call your franklin chiropractor at 6 1 5 7 9 1 9 9 1 7 to schedule your appointment today.¬†Fanklin chiropractor