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Today at Healthworks for our practic I want to talk to you about smartphones and tablets and how all these devices can really cause a problem and it can cause a crick in your neck. You know we’re seeing this a lot more and more at Healthworks chiropractic people coming in and saying that they have a crick in the neck because you know they’ve been on their phones and they don’t associate these patterns with you know neck pain. But if you think about it if your head is constantly flexed forward and you’re looking down and in the vice you’re looking more with your neck than you are your eyes. There’s going to be some large problems with that anatomically and structurally in your muscles because you know all of that stress and all that added pressure is up on through the neck. So when you get that pressure on your neck it’s going to cause a lot of pain that can certainly cause things like cracks in the neck having to correct them and that can be a pretty severe problem if if left untreated. And that’s what we look for we look for dysfunction here. Health Works have refracted and correct in the dysfunction in making sure that everything is properly aligned and in position to help you get pain free and stay pain free. That’s our goal here at Healthworks chiropractic and we look at things from a broader spectrum. You know you can then see how being this flex position. Looking at your smartphone tablet. What have you.

Computer you know we’re seeing this a lot younger the younger population kids you know we’re not completely certain what it will do to our future generations. They’re going to grow up and have a lot of neck pain because they’re in this constant flex position and creating headaches at a younger age. A lot of tension headaches from those muscles and the base of your skull and back your neck compressing and kind of spasm. Their length and they’re weak. So it’s a it’s a best tip in the world especially if you can ingrain it into kids to you know look with their their eyes opposed to their neck make sure they have proper support. They want to be on these devices or play video games. You know you have to be in a proper mission with your head and neck to function. And these kids are coming in and they have the cricks Craig in the neck. They initially come for that. And then you know something happens to where you know they they can’t function optimally you know something’s here attending them and they’re getting a little bit of neck pain or headaches tension headaches and it just becomes a real real big problem because these things like the Crips of the neck they can they can become you know more degenerative changes in the future. If left untreated and if these patterns are being reinforced year after year after year it’s not a it’s not a one stop shop quick fix. If you’re having neck pain it’s a long process you’ve got to take in terms of how long that you have. You’ve been doing that certain motion.

So if you’ve been spending years and years from the time some of these kids are you know 3 year old 4 year old they’re first learning how to use these smart devices smartphones and i pads and things like that and they’re constantly looking down they’re going to get some neck pain shoulder headaches. You know all these things are going to be factored into them looking down and you know being non symmetrical they kind of they go through life and try to function. So Healthworks chiropractic it’s always our goal to get people pain free but to make sure that they have good patterns and forced them to their bodies and can really function optimally to hope for their future years. You know we don’t want to make do we don’t want to have degenerative changes degeneration can happen you know with these discs in the neck of these younger kids becoming severely compressed and strained muscles they become weak. Their head postures just real terrible you know because they’re spending hours and hours on phones and smart devices and different things you know. And it’s really causing our younger generation a lot of pain and headaches and things that you know we didn’t used to see before these devices. You know kids they spend hours hours on these things and Apple’s done something really kind of created. I don’t know if it really helps. But they’ve they have a tie and you know how much time you spent on your device on your smartphone. So though they give you kind of a weekly report if you’ve been on it throughout the week for six hours seven hours whatever they’ll tell you the report of how long you’ve been on your phone.

So it kind of gives you a good reminder of how much time we actually waste on these smart devices and you know how much time we’re actually looking down and if you’re spending 10 eight to 10 hours a week looking down at your cell phone and you factor in the other town that she’s been on computer for work or whatever it may be and your head is always flex forward. You are reinforcing terrible patterns and you could potentially get that crick in the neck and that crick in the neck can lead to a lot of other problems like degenerative changes as I said. And at Healthworks chiropractic we have two locations in Franklin Tennessee and in Murfreesboro Tennessee and our Franklin Tennessee office is located at 2 8 4 Seaboard Lane and Suite 100 in Franklin Tennessee and the phone number for the Franklin Tennessee office is 6 1 5 7 9 1 9 9 1 7. Our Murfreesboro Tennessee location is another Middle Tennessee location it’s located at 9 to 5 South Church Street in sweet 8200 and Murfreesboro Tennessee and the phone number for in Murfreesboro Tennessee office is 6 1 5 8 6 7 1 1 4 4. And if you’re experiencing that crack in the nuck and you can correlate it to you know being on your smartphone or tablet or computer constantly for work or whatever it may be and you’re reinforcing these bad patterns and don’t know how to get out of it and retrain the body.

That’s why we’re here at Healthworks chiropractic to reinforce proper position of the head and neck and shoulders to make sure that you function and live properly in a proper position and not misaligned misalignment can happen for several reasons but we’re seeing a lot more and more of this over the years and it’s going to progress more and more that we have more technology. Technology is not a bad thing that’s for certain. But what it does anatomically to us may not be the best thing for us. So at Healthworks chiropractic we try our best to reinforce these patterns and to help people get pain free and stay pain free. Keep on maintenance and if you have this crick in the neck and you can’t seem to find a solution to it even after you correct your posture you know it may not necessarily be too far gone but it’s going to take time to correct these things. We offer things like Cayley’s or therapy that can help with soft tissue and kind of bone regeneration and it takes time for that to work along with therapeutic exercise corrective exercises to help that posture realign and reinforce these good patterns in your body spinal decompression if you’re having some compression because you’ve been in that flex position and you kind of flex too far forward and you get a little irritation on a nerve or have a bulging disc from prior injury we can certainly help you out Healthworks Hara practic. Like I said we have two locations located conveniently in middle Tennessee one in Franklin Tennessee which is located out to a 4 seaboards Lane Suite 100 in Franklin Tennessee and the Franklin phone number the Franklin Tennessee phone number for the office is 6 1 5 7 9 1 9 9 1 7 and there are Murfreesboro Tennessee location is located at 9 to 5 South Church Street Suite 8200 in Murfreesboro Tennessee. The phone number for our Murfreesboro Tennessee office is 6 1 5 8 6 7 1 1 4 4. Come see us today.

Healthworks care product. Can we can help you if you have a crick in the neck or just general stiffness in the neck from looking at a smartphone or tablet or whatever technology or device that you use. We can certainly help you out. Health Works chiropractic.