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Sleep position can greatly affect your your neck. And it can leave you waking up with a crack in the neck. What people some some people refer to waking up with the grit in the neck or they can’t move their head. So if you wake up with a cricket in the neck beginning very very slowly. This means moving within your pain free limits is what we always encourage health Healthworks chiropractic lying on your bed and gently turning your head side to side in a very careful manner can keep active unless the pain is really really cute and it’s keeping your neck warm and semi supported by a scarf or a towel or some type of rolled up shirt or anything is a good idea and when you gently rub your fingers you gently gentle gentle rubbing with your fingers is also ok if you have a kick in the neck but you don’t want to be too hard or too forceful with anything. You know deciding whether to apply heat or cold to that crick in the neck is a personal choice as well. So he works to reduce muscle spasms whereas ice actually is going to help to reduce that inflammation. So use use what you actually know works best for yourself. If you’re using a frozen bag of you know ice placed that on your neck for I’d say about 10 minutes or so a hot water bottle can be left on for a little bit longer. If it’s having.

If you’re having a spasm with about 10 10 to 15 minutes if you’d like in the neck they’re generally fairly normal and happen quite often and they can relieve themselves within about 3 days if it’s nothing underlying or severe but we definitely recommend coming in SEIUs health works chiropractic if you feel like you’re right. Your neck is just it’s not going away and get a very thorough evaluation get some x rays done to make sure there’s no underlying dysfunction in the body and if there is a dysfunction in the body we can hope to correct it at Healthworks chiropractic because our patients always come first and their health always comes first that help works and knowing these things can definitely help you know alleviate that injury and if you’re having these these problems gentle stretching will help that kick in the neck. You can also do different exercises to help you say you slept in a bad position and you know no matter the cause you’re going to notice your neck is stiff sore and it can sometimes be extremely painful when this happens and most people do not. They’re not going to realize how much you turn your head and use your neck throughout the day until you can’t at all. So helping to relieve that soreness in your neck can get you back to your full range of motion as quickly as possible. Our job here at Healthworks care practice. We have two locations conveniently located in middle Tennessee one in Franklin Tennessee located at 2 8 4 Seaboard Lane and Suite 100 in Franklin Tennessee. And then we have another location which is located in Murfreesboro Tennessee and the address to that location is 9 to 5 South Church Street and suite a 200 in Murfreesboro Tennessee and the phone number for that office is 6 1 5 8 6 7 1 1 4 4.

And you come see us today if you’re having a crick in the neck and it won’t go away. You know a Crich it’s a very sudden pain in your neck that’s caused by twitching stiffness tight or just kind of spasm muscles that are spasm and the pain can come out of nowhere sometimes if you make a sudden rotational movement with your or look up too fast and it can last for a few minutes or a few hours or even a few days. But if it’s more severe than that and less acute and it’s more of a chronic thing. Come see us at Healthworks chiropractic and it can be triggered by the smallest movement of the neck and although there’s ways to lessen the pain there’s no sure way to prevent that crick in the neck other than you know doing the pre pre he had things like making sure you have a lot of range of motion in your neck doing all the motions you know bending to the side side to side looking up or down. You know rotating very very lightly. Side to Side gently massaging and stretching back. You can you can use your own hands or you can get a massage therapist to help you with this politely rub your neck and upper shoulders and back where the muscles feel you know tighten tonic. Sometimes you know stretching will help. But a good therapist can definitely you know break up some of that you know tighten tissue and it may be sore why they’re doing it but over a period of time it can definitely help.

And if you want to stretch your neck gently you know you can lay down a flat or soft surface surface and slowly turn your head from side to side. And you don’t want to turn your head until it’s painful just enough to slowly work out the you know kind of areas that are restricted just doing this very very lightly can greatly help your chances of healing faster. And you know we look at hot and cold packs and some of the easiest way to diminish the pain after an injury and he packed helped to reduce that the muscle spasms and ice axes going to help to reduce that inflammation. So in the regular adjustments can help that not restore that natural range of motion by very slowly gain getting more motion in that neck and helping to restore normal function and actually making that function a little bit better in that range of motion a little bit better. So if you have a crick in the neck you know it’s important to keep hydrated as well. Dehydration can actually cause muscle and joint issues especially within the next. You know you should be drinking about two liters of water a day and that’s about eight to 10 glasses of water daily. And it may seem like a lot but it’s necessary to stay hydrated and hydration can not only help with Heal the creeks in the neck but it can actually prevent them from happening if you’re properly hydrated.

You know schedule an appointment with us here at Healthworks chiropractor indef for help you know if you believe in natural and safe treatments that we offer with chiropractic care at Healthworks and it’s the best choice for if you have a crick in the neck you know a chiropractor specialized in treating soft tissue injuries to the neck and back and are trained to realign the spine which release relieves that tension that you’re feeling and can actually reduce that pain in symptoms properly. And here at Healthworks our chiropractors can also prevent future issues so if you have to wake up in the morning with a stiff neck again you know a combination of preventative treatments and tips to make make sure that this doesn’t happen so you can take things home with you like corrective exercises and different devices that can definitely help. So if you’re feeling that kicking the neck. Come see us at Healthworks chiropractic today to Mendelssohn’s Tennessee locations one in Franklin Tennessee and the phone number for that office is 6 1 5 7 9 1 9 9 1 7 and another office located in Murfreesboro Tennessee located at 9 to 5 South Church Street and suite a two hundred and Murfreesboro Tennessee and then another location that will be phone number for that location is 6 1 5 8 6 7 1 1 4 4. Come see us at Healthworks chiropractor today if you have a crack in the neck it won’t seem to go away. We can definitely help you at Healthworks chiropractic.