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Today at Healthworks practic talked about having a crick in the neck and what kind of complications. We’ve seen a Healthworks chiropractic you know crick in the neck is you know it can it can be alleviated sometimes with hot compression of the muscles or type. Now if there’s inflammation associated with the crack in the neck you know there can be more things like cold to help ease that inflammation and get some inflammation down in the body. And when we get sick crick in the neck we get a lot of different complications with. Some of them being limited motion in the neck you know things that can can really hinder your performance through daily life. And you know if you have a kick in the neck that won’t go away. You know it’s widespread. And you know it’s uncommon thing and it makes the neck feel stiff and a lot less mobile than usual and some people report that a crick in the neck also feels like something in the neck that needs to pop into place and a crick in the neck can be a temporary or chronic problem and some of that some of the time we see more serious problems with this with this crick in the neck.

And that’s why we do a very thorough evaluation of all of our patients here at Healthworks chiropractic and Franklin in Murfreesboro Tennessee because we want to know the underlying causes of why you’re getting this pain and you know it can be associated with things like shoulder pain or just chronic neck pain and you know looking at the symptoms of having that many people who develop that crick in the neck also have neck pain and this can be because a crick in the neck is often due to you know minor muscle injuries the smaller muscles that kind of help your head rotate. You know let’s say like some occipital muscles you know that are kind of at the base of your your skull. You know there can be many different causes for this most neck pain because by a sprain and strains of neck muscles and you know most of the disorders that can cause low back pain can also cause some neck pain too. And you know people need to have serious warning signs in mind if they’re having just a crack in the neck you know such as numbness or tingling down the arm leg weakness. These can be signs of more serious problems from a misalignment standpoint what we want to look at though is how these structures kind of effects your body. You know it can be as simple as having a crack in the neck with with symptoms like stiffness in the neck a popping sensation or sound when a person moves their neck in a specific direction whether it be all the motions of the neck. Usually it’s with rotation either left or right. Like looking over your shoulder while you’re driving sometimes it can happen and if you’re looking up you know extending neck or flexing the neck. Most people don’t really have a whole lot of problem with flexing their head because you know as we’ve talked about previously we’re always in this posture where we’re looking forward so we’re looking down at her phone.

We’re looking down at the computer we’re riding type and we’re reading you know whatever it may be we’re always in this constant flex for flexed position with our neck. So the more we can train our body to be extended that neckers and the better the balance between that is going to be the better your posture is going to be over a long period of time. So you know you may have a sensation your neck like a feeling like the neck needs to pop or stiffness and muscles near the neck such as the shoulders or the proportion of the chest and that can be a lot of time because your shoulders are being rolled forward and a feeling that rotating the neck will be very very painful and it kind of stops you know lateral flexion or side to side like you’re trying to touch your touch your ear to your shoulder or on the left or right side. It can be very very painful as well. So finding out where these problems live you know it could be a common thing that can cause that crick in the neck could include you know muscle injury or tension due to sitting or sleeping or a very awkward position and then you get up and you know dry your hair off or something you know just an everyday task and something gives. You know it doesn’t take very very much to strain those supporting structures of your head and your neck sitting on a computer all day.

And another thing that correlates with that too is its poor posture strains sprains and other minor injuries poor muscle flexibility that can be another huge shoes cause muscle weakness muscle spasms whiplash from a car accident or sports related injury that can also be a big factor into why you’re having some pain in your neck. You know Healthworks higher practical we’re really here to look at those underlying causes of what’s giving your body pain you know not necessarily focusing on pain but focusing on the other things to get you out of it and get you maintenance thing gets you living a healthy and productive life is what our whole goal of health works Chiropractic is and when we take in all these other factors you know we look at the body as a whole we just don’t look at one area we we want to make sure the structures are sound. The body is sound. Everything is just coming together as a whole your body is not just one single you it’s it’s a whole machine some time what we find is a herniated disc. If you’re having a little crick in the neck you know and it’s from a prior injury or a disc can happen when one of the disc in the spine. In this case the cervical spine bulges or swells fracture. If you’ve been in an automobile accident sometimes we’ll see this in the upper spine which may be caused by an accident or a fall spinal stenosis is another huge thing which is a narrowing of the spinal canal often due to osteoarthritis can sometimes lead to that little crick in the neck or grinding or popping sound that some may hear Spagnolo thesis a condition that causes the bone of the spine to move over another bone. So osteoarthritis which is a type of our US like the other conditions prior. Well we’ve mentioned can definitely be a cause of of all that.

So in very rare cases life threatening neurological or blood vessel issues can cause a crack in the neck. And these problems cause additional symptoms and require emergency medical conditions or emergency medical help shaving chest pain shortness of breath anything like that. You know it can sometimes be as simple as that crick in the neck in your poor posture. Tightening all the muscles in your chest. So sometimes this can happen sometimes it’s not always as life threatening but if you’re having that constant creak in the neck. Come see us at Healthworks chiropractor. We want to get you feeling better functioning better than ever before. And when you start having restricted movement it starts affecting your everyday life. So if it’s affecting your everyday life. Come see us today. Two Middle Tennessee locations at Healthworks per practic. We have one in Franklin Tennessee which is located at 2 8 4 Seaboard Lane and Suite 100 in Franklin Tennessee and then we have another location which is located in Murfreesboro Tennessee which is located at nine to five South Church Street and suite 8200 in Murfreesboro Tennessee and the phone number for that office is 6 1 5 8 6 7 1 1 4 4. Come see us at Healthworks chiropractic day and we can help with that kick in the neck and get you feeling and functioning better than ever before.