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You know say you wake up with a crick in the neck and you’re looking for the top chiropractor in the middle Tennessee area. Look no further than Healthworks chiropractic. You know you may have maybe having some some pain along your shoulder blade making it painful to rotate your head look over your shoulders. Why you’re driving. It can affect one side or both sides you know. In fact if you’re looking up or down or whatever you may be doing because your head is you know it’s a key player and looking. So you’re always looking throughout the day. So we want to make sure that that neck is in a proper alignment and functioning properly. So if you have some of that pain making it painful to turn your head or even use the affected arm if you’re having some arm pain associated with that. You know you may be thinking now what you know you must have slept longer. You know done something prior in the day that is causing limited mobility in the neck. So you know you want an explanation and doing a lot of heavy work you know yard work shoveling digging whatever it may be more playing sports. You know oftentimes with golf or tennis or any type of Maldive plane where you’re moving you know side to side front to back twisting and turning it can cause that crick in the neck. And you know this can also be called a stiff neck.


So Condesa work with your head in a strange position and worrying and stressing which to make you actually tense up you know in the trapezius muscles or the muscles kind of get a response from moving your shoulders around elevating the shoulders and traps you know and the likelihood of that crick in the neck increasing it does increase with all these different factors. You know you don’t have a real good definition of a crick a catch all term for many next alignments holding your head in an abnormal abnormal position for an extended amount of time. For example if you sleep on a pillow that’s bigger or smaller than the one you use you can actually strain your neck muscles which go into spasm and that’s going to cause that stiffness in your neck and restrict the movement. You know another portion of this is too small for such joints in each pair of your cervical vertebrae or neck allow movement and if you strain those ligaments around these joints they can become very painful and throwing these joints they can throwing the muscles into a protective spasm and this is sometimes known as Faucette syndrome a term used for other types of neck pain such as whiplash injuries Holdom in the neck in an awkward position and stretched ligaments too which is going to cause that inflammation so so can rotating or bending the neck very suddenly a crick in the neck. It may go away by itself in a few days. But a crick in the neck can be temporarily disabling and it can be very distressing.

So that’s why we use chiropractic care we have things that can loosen up the tension of that muscle strain and we can also determine what the root cause of it is if it’s a strain in the neck or shoulder area you can try to apply some heat you know to relax that tension if it’s tightness that you’re feeling. If it’s inflammation then maybe you want to go another route like an ice pack if you’ve had whiplash or something like that and you know you can get a massage self massage a crick in the neck does not get better with home treatment you should see a qualified professional we believe we can help get Healthworks chiropractic. And how do we keep the Krigsman or neck away. You know we’re prone to having a crack in the neck you know you can directly stretch the muscles and all different planes left to right you know going side to side front and back rotating twisting your neck has several different planes in motion that it can kind of move in and generally with common sense you can tell. You know the thing about the everyday movements that you do when you’re driving. You look over your shoulder while you’re driving. So you look up you look down on your head side to side and touch your ear to your shoulder making sure all these movements are pain free. And if you have pain in an area or you feel that crick in the neck you know that’s a good signal that there may be something you know misaligned in that area are not functioning properly like it should. So if you work at a computer you know holding your hand in a forward position or flex position this can greatly affect that as well. So if you’re looking down for long periods of time that can affect it.

You know usually if you’re looking forward a lot you’ll get a lot of pain when you extend or push the head back like you’re looking up at the sky. So a good way to correct that is just to stay in that position a little bit more. You know looking up a little bit more keeping your head in a more neutral position to get some natural extension rather than flex flexing the neck forward. You know if you sit on a computer make sure you take frequent breaks hold your head comfortably and not too far forward or back you know taking frequent breaks and rotating your head very gently can definitely help as well. And to be sure that when you’re sleeping in your bed and your pillow helps keep your neck in proper alignment and avoid awkward sleeping positions if at all possible like sleeping on your stomach can be a big one because it actually flexes the head. So think about if you’re rotating your head suddenly or if you keep your if you were to keep your head for six hours looking to the left what that may do. And of course you move in your sleep and different factors can you know kind of be involved with that as well. But if you’re mainly sleeping position opposition you wake and you’re like oh I can’t move my head to the right. So you sleep with your head facing towards the left. That can definitely cause a crack in the neck. Off to the right side what some people may refer to as a crick in the neck. But you’re actually going to strain those muscles and tendons and ligaments in that general area that are very responsible for rotating your head and all the different movements that come along with it you know.

So we want to try to make sure that we’re in a proper position while we sleep and that if we’re doing an activity that requires a lot of focus that we take frequent breaks and kind of gently stretch the neck and move the head around if you’re feeling a little bit of soreness or tension while you’re doing that activity and come see us today at Healthworks practice to learn these different things that can definitely help you throughout your day. And you know even if we do all these things if there’s some type of misalignment from misalignments standpoint it can affect us greatly. And when these things affect us you know it inhibits our performance and our function. So to get away from those things it’s best that we do these these take these steps to help alleviate those problems and get you feeling and functioning better than ever before. So come see us today at Healthworks chiropractic we have two middle Tennessee locations one in Murfreesboro Tennessee and one in Franklin Tennessee. And we can definitely help with that crick in the neck that you’re feeling and get you feeling better than ever before. Healthworks chiropractic.