Chiropractors in Murfreesboro :  Evaluating And Managing Different Injuries

There’s lots of chiropractor’s in Murfreesboro and we believe are chiropractor’s at Healthworks KiOR Pratik located at 925 South Church Street are the best in town. Today I want to go over some more injuries and mechanism of injuries of different parts of the body in some of the things that your chiropractor’s and Murphysboro may not be looking for but you are chiropractors and health chiropractic are. So a lot of people come in with different injuries and different complaints and so we go through a very thorough evaluation process to see exactly what’s going on with these patients and we want to make sure we get these patients to the right place if we’re the right doctor form great if not we want to make sure we get a referral out to the right doctor. So the next. Over some issues that can happen to the lower Stormie like the hip. So if a patient falls on a hip there’s lots of things to consider here including¬†chiropractors in murfreesboro the fracture of the hip especially if it’s an elderly patient said a Vitus inflammation in the hip hip pointer or Atro can Terrick bursitis. All that has to do is inflammation in that area. It could also be a subluxation in that area. If the patient had a blow to the hip when they were flexed into abducted some kind of pointing into the inside we’re looking for potential posting or dislocation of the hip and that’s those are hard.

We like get those right out to medical provider to get those looked at some knee injuries which are certainly common especially as we come into football season hyper extension injury of the knee which means the knee is going backwards. We’re looking for an ACL which is an anterior cruciate ligament tear or just a sudden stop a sudden deceleration. We’re also looking for that ACL anterior cruciate ligament tear and we do certain test on that to see and certainly MRI would be the way to really confirm that if we have a blow to a flex knee. We’re looking for a PCL a poster Kushat ligament tear or the blow to the knee cap we’re looking for different things like a patellar fracture maybe some inflammation in there some air station a lot of times those are easy to deal with because you can get those calm down with medications ice etc but there’s a Vagas for so a knee force coming from the outside the knee. We’re looking for Meteo collateral ligament tears the with that that is on the inside of your knee is the main one there. We have a rotational injury especially with a foot fixed to the ground. A lot of results in a meniscus tear and that’s what we’re going to testing on and again an MRI Emeraude be the way to really confirm that or are we ever rotational injury with a valorous force. We’re looking for the terrible triad the ACL the anterior cruciate ligament the meniscus and the medial collateral ligament and that’s a very serious injury require lots of lots of rehab and lots of time off the foot off the knee unnecessary I want to go over the foot and the ankle. So a lot of things like sprained ankles happen with athletes and just people in general.

So if we have an inversion sprain or inversion of the ankle that means the ankle is kind of going out with plantar flexion. We’re looking for ankle sprains with possible ligament damage. Also things like fracture or tendon issues could could be a chiropractors in Murfreesboro problem too if we have an inversion injury which are are lot more severe. We’re looking for a deltoid ligament sprain or rupture and or fracture that Delta Lehmann’s very strong blood times it will do a Volgin fracture of that of that ankle joint. And there also things like a dislocation can happen with that if we have a hyperextension of the great toe has to be like a turf toe injury to be a ligament problem that needs to be iced and to get that information out of there landing on the hills is also an injury that can irritate the fat pad on the bottom of the heel or it can also fracture the ankle or tibia as well. Chiropractors in Murfreesboro are well versed and health at a chiropractic evaluated and treating these injuries and refer now especially to the right area. Our laser helps the lot of the year Taishan brings blood to the area with a lot of action and that helps heal the soft tissue injuries and there. So a lot of chiropractors and Murphysboro don’t have the tools that are doctors at Healthworks chiropractic have to treat injuries like this. So part of figuring out what’s going on is just asking a lot of questions and figure out the mechanisms and injury what they’re doing on a daily basis it’s an overused injury so we go through things like there’s a fall onto a specific region or structure.

We want to see how they fell we’re going to consider things like fracture and dislocation even things like contusion which is a bruise. We also want to turn when there’s an excessive Vagas or Veras for an inside or outside force caused internal external rotation or flexion or extension. In that case we’re going to consider a capsule or ligament issue here if there is a sudden traction that’s going to be a sprain or some fixation. So these are some of the things that we go through with the process of figuring out what’s what’s going on. We also want to know where the patient works what they do or one of their you know if they have a repetitive motion job or do they do sports activities in that case Lattanzi we’re going to consider muscle strain tendon trigger points or even like a peripheral nerve entrapment. Also we chiropractors in murfreesboro also want to know if the patient has a history or a diagnosis of other related disorders and there are other associated spinal complaints or radiation from the spine as it is their nerve being irritated causing radiated pain down the arm of the leg in less time that’ll help us determine if it’s a publication pattern or disc pattern.

Any diagnosis any arthritis and their diabetes systemic disorders and visceral complaints such as abdominal or chest pain fear weight loss or other complaints when someone comes in with us they have an acute traumatic injury we’re going to palpate for areas of tenderness and we’re going to test for areas of neuro vascular status distal to the side of the injury and will definitely take x rays to rule out the possibility of fracture and look for areas of subluxation and misalignment will also palpate and challenge ligaments and capsule the joint to kind of see how the how the body responds that it causes discomfort if there’s excess movement. Wasil challenge the muscular tendon attachments with a stretch contraction and a combination of those to test how those muscles are doing the will measure the functional capacity the region involved will determine any associated biomechanical faults that may be contributing to the problem. There’s a lot not a lot of chiropractors that go through all this but your chiropractors health is correctly are well-trained in all this to make sure we know what to do. You better if we do find a fracture or dislocation. You know like infections and tumors. We’re going to refer those out for orthopedic management Rossin or refer things like instability ACL tears tendon tears those are all going to be referred out as well. The problem is weakness. A lot of them will go through Peetie or we’ll just start working on the nerve function to that area and we’ll also work through functional retraining the individual for a return to daily activities and we’ll use a lot of things like laser exercises sometimes decompression as a disc issue involved as well. Next I want to go over some things that we’re fine on on an exam and some of these that chiropractors in Murfreesboro we go through that so if we find a patient has a weakness maybe due to inhibition muscle strain or neurological interruption the mild neural Junction peripheral nerve nerve root or spinal cord and ABAB witness maybe a misinterpretation by the patient when instability or loose joint is present or the patient has difference that must be overcome by increased muscular activity.

If a patient comes with instability later on this is either traumatic damage to the ligaments or muscular support or do the inherent looseness found in some individual joints. This inherently looseness usually global can be identified and their joints are acquired as a result of repetitive overstretch positioning instability is most apparent when the joint positions that the muscles have less mechanical advantage for example things like overhead shoulder position would be a problem with that or a quick movement. Demand is faster than the reaction time for the corresponding muscles which like for cutting or rotating new knee movements such as in football someone has restricted movement. Let’s say I want to go over some restricted movement and this may be due to pain muscle espousing stretching of soft tissue contraction or mechanical blockage by Aasiya fights joint mice fracture or fusion or the area of the spine Suluk said. So if you have a subway station in the area it’s going to cause restricted movement in the spine. It’s also going to pinch the nerves it’s going to cause musculoskeletal complaints as well. If someone has superficial complaints which could be like skin lesions cuts or abrasions swelling in and maybe a patient’s subjective sense of numbness or pair Steese a pair of as that would be something we want to evaluate further as well to see if there’s a joint problem. There’s a nurse getting Panj cetera. We get a lot of chiropractors and rivers or don’t go through the process that we do at health care Pratik we are chiropractors I want to make sure we know exactly what’s going on where needs to be treated.

What it needs to be treated and whether it’s in our office or another office is not our first goal or as our first goal to figure out what is the best course of care for each patient that walks into our office our office. We have two offices one on 925 South Church Street in Murfreesboro and a second location in Franklin. You can be reached at 6 1 5 7 9 1 9 9 1 7. You can find us on Facebook like us on Facebook if you don’t mind. We have lots of things updated every day each week on on patient progress and tips and stuff like that. You can also go to our website Healthworks chiropractic dot net there you’ll find all kinds of information about chiropractic our office pictures our staff and things that we can help you with. So if you’re looking for someone to come to you if you’re looking at different chiropractors in Murfreesboro that are coming to us it will take great care of you. We’re going to find out what is going on. What’s causing your discomfort and what to do with you at that point in time. We look forward to seeing you in the office. Have a great