Chiropractors in Murfreesboro | Acute And Chronic Pain & How We Treat These

There are a ton of carpenters interpreters choose from at CARE CARE. We believe we are one of the best if not the best of the group of Chiropractors in Murfreesboro. And today I want to go over some different case types that we see coming to our office in kind of how we work through the ways to treat them or what to do with the referral mix that are most patients when they come into our office and help those chiropractic have some sort of pain or discomfort that they’re trying to get rid of. Unfortunately this is how it works. We always tell our patients to come for their hurty or referred to family before the honeymoon. A lot of this is not how it works but if we’re going to see an uncomplicated case someone who’s in pain and want to run through how that works to start with. So generally we’re going to see an acute recurrent or exacerbation of some sort of chronic case. Initially we’re going to do a trial we’re going to adjust them for three times a week for the first three to four weeks to see how they respond to that. If the patient shows significant improvement or lack of new complications or contraindications then we’re just aren’t taking them more into an active care program. So we’re going to instruct them on activity of daily living and an active health care programs for flexibility and stretch touching. As you know they’re able to do this will also promote things like rest elevation center to get the information out of there.

If they’re not doing as well we’re going to price you know another four weeks maybe twice a week we will take their their frequency down a little bit. We’ll continue to adjust them use things like muscle stem traction or laser and even decompression if needed. If they are seeing improvement at that point time will then take them back to the ADL instruction in stretches and getting them back to functioning normally. If they’re not feeling better after eight weeks I will send them out for further arranging or further evaluation. This doesn’t happen very often but certainly something that we do do in case just to make sure we’re not we didn’t miss anything. Some complicating factors of this if someone has pain more than eight days superior severe pain and are more than four previous episodes or there’s preexisting or structural pathological conditions. LA Times this is going to increase the recovery time by one and a half to two times and nine to 16 weeks of frequency of getting treatment is generally warranted to that point in time with the first six weeks. We’re doing a lot of active care and stretching and in whatever they’re able to do. But we’re trying to get them better just take longer with those patients for the non complicated patients someone who is just you know something more recent. We don’t generally anticipate a delay in recovery and are active treatment times usually around six to eight weeks you know up to three times a week and we generally see those patients recover very well after those first eight weeks you start taking that patient down frequency wise will recommend a maintenance plan as well at that point in time to keep that body moving in the right direction.

You know everybody just needs maintenance. It’s just like the thing else you know we exercise to maintain our body. We brush our teeth to maintain our body and health is Chiropractic in one of the chiropractors in Murfreesboro. We believe that just being proactive in your health care is really important and getting adjusted is a big part of that. That proactive lifestyle. Next have a patient we see would be someone who’s got a subacute or chronic and complicated case. And these patients are generally having symptoms for more than six weeks and they sometimes have conditions that are exacerbated or occur for no reason. So one of things we look for is how long it’s been going on for. So we look for centers between six to 16 weeks to have this patient fall in this area. And this protocol what we do is generally start with passive care including adjustments and we’ll do things like muscle stem traction and we’ll talk about doing things that patient education wise to keep them from getting injured so active care Dissuasion of pain behavior exercise and rehabilitation and supportive care if the patient is noncompliant with care. Then Lattanzi will discharge that patient. But if they are really want to get better continue to treat them you know essentially six to 16 weeks would be generally pretty normal. So that’s 90 days or more. But if this chronic episodes has been greater than 16 weeks at times it will take a little bit longer. Sometimes you can’t get them all the way back to pre injury status.

These patients sometimes we work with them for six months at six months will generally find them well they will have reached maximum medical improvement and we’ll release some of that point time to some sort of maintenance care plan. Next I want to go are kind of the active care management program that we use for musculoskeletal condition which is most of what we see coming in our office. If we’ve found evidence of of Heibel ability in the spine we’re going to start treating them and we’re going to manage with assisted rage emotion PNL stretchers active ranger emotion and we’re going to do passive stuff like muscle stamina the traction that the body started getting more traction zone to get mobility in the spine. If we’re seeing evidence of improving mobility we’ll go to our active exercise program. If not we’ll evaluate for potential joint cartilage joint changes and adjust and maybe long term goals. If there was no evidence of hypermobility and said there’s evidence of hypermobility we may refer that patient out we may refer out for bracing and stuff that we may not do in our office. We do find evidence of a deconditioned soft tissue. We’ll go to the active exercise programs. If not we may talk about Durants or other people are going to be referred out because we’re not set up to do that. We are really set up to deal with joint misalignment hypermobility issues disc issues. If you have those going on health care doctors can really help you with that. Next I want to go over some supplements that we recommend for nutritional support that really help facilitate the healing. Especially in an inflammatory phase. So one thing that we talk about will cost me and sulfate which stimulates the rebuilding of damaged cartilage.

We recommend 500 million or three times a day and we take what we want people to take that with meals for the first six to eight weeks of care. There’s really no contraindication to this may cause some gastrointestinalG.I. stuff in the beginning does not interfere with the antiinflammatory drugs and some products process with sodium chloride and we would caution our patients who are hypertensive do not use this. Boswell is also a good one that we use decreases inflammation and we recommend 150 milligrams three times a day and we want people to take this for eight to 12 weeks and there’s no contraindications or side effects to this horsetail is also antiinflammatory decreases inflammation and it’s taken as a one to four grams per day. So we’re taking three times per day. There’s no especial section on the fact that avoiding question Palestrina which is another species of Horsehide that contains an exotic alkaline Vitamin D is also something we like to people to be on as an antioxidant 100 to 300. I use a day and there’s no contraindications are into directions that need to be delivered to that vitamin B is also another when we do B3 it may Maberly found finally really does increase mobility. Vitamin C is another one and then your herbs such as Boswells ginger turmeric can Cayenne are things that we recommend bile flavonoids are good and probiotic enzymes such as chips and Kombucha Ipsen and Brumley and were used in meals and high and recommended for an acute inflammatory phase only Koncz indicated in patients with bleeding tendencies of all the chiropractors in Murfreesboro or others chiropractic finds that it gives patients better better than anyone else out there.

Please feel free to look us up at health care Pratik that we have many articles lots of information about us about who we are what we treat. We have a ton of patient testimonials we have over 300 testimonials and reviews where you can take not only our word for it but take what patients experiences with us. We feel like we give people better better than anyone else. So one thing we want you to do is definitely do your research on us and if you like were the right place for you. There’s so many things that we can treat neck pain back pain headaches disc issues. We have the most up to date technology the most current and most researched products out there to help you get better and stay better. You can also find us on Facebook. We do have two locations one in Franklin and one in Murfreesboro are frankly just 284 Seaboard Lane in Franklin Tennessee. And the article springs Murfreesboro down by the square on the south side of town. We will beat the best of the best of the Chiropractors in Murfreesboro and Healthworks Chiropractic is a place to be 6 1 5 8 6 7 1 1 4 4. If you’re looking for the Franklin location you can reach 6 1 5 7 9 1 9 9 1 7. We look forward to seeing you if you need to come in and see us. We have a 90 dollar new patient special coverage thing we do on the first visit Kooser once examine what she we do and we’d be glad to see what’s going on and use our extensive knowledge of how to treat people to get you better. Thanks.