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Chiropractors and Franklin some use therapeutic ultrasound. Basically what this is is acoustic physics and components of ultrasound and the machines that are used chiropractors in Franklin used this technique. You know ultrasound. It’s basically the use of acoustic energy at a very high frequency and it’s going to produce some thermal nons thermal physiological effects ultrasound. It’s a very commonly used modality specially chiropractors and Franklin you know in our chiropractics setting ultrasound it’s primarily used for therapeutic effects and can be used both diagnostic and. And as a therapy or modality and a treatment plan. So basically the sound of an ultrasound unit is a crystal that converts energy into acoustic energy and the whole theory behind ultrasound is beneficial due to the manipulation of some of the sound waves that create vibration and the molecules of the tissue that are being treated. That’s basically ultrasound technology and a lot of these waves in an ultrasound or longitudinal because of this you know it’s able to travel through liquids and solids and that basically means that energy by the molecular vibrations from the tissue they’re going to travel in the same direction as the sound wave and chiropractor’s in Franklin. I’ve seen that this allows the ultrasound waves to travel deeper into soft tissue and the depth of the Soundwave will penetrate and it’s going to be determined by the frequency of the wave and that frequency is measured in mega hertz or you may see this commonly abbreviated as an H

And in the body higher frequency waves they’re going to be absorbed a lot more quickly than lower frequency ones and chiropractor’s in Franklin specifically at Healthworks chiropractic can help you understand this technology and there’s several different factors that are determined before performing the therapeutic ultrasound in order to achieve you know the physiological effects that we’re after. And that chiropractors in Franklin will be after the parameters they must be set to achieve the desired depth of penetration intensity of treatment. And you know whether it’s a continuous or POLST wave as you said earlier the frequency of an ultrasound applications can be determined by the depth of the treatment how much it will penetrate and you know a lot of ultrasound machines they give the option of using a 1 mega hertz or 3 megahertz time high frequency and basically the difference between the two the one megahertz setting is considered to be a deeper heat and the three megahertz setting is kind of a little bit more of a top layer or a superficial he and the type of sound wave needed that chiropractors and Franklin have seen is that it should be determined by by the doctor before starting the ultrasound treatment and the wave can either be continuous or it could be Polster continuous. Basic ultrasound treatment means that the ultrasound. It’s constantly generating energy and it produces thermal effects throughout the soft tissue pulsed ultrasound sending it basically means that the ultrasounds only producing sound waves per cent for a certain percentage of the time sometimes the set and treatment creates mainly non thermal effects and the tissue that are more commonly used to help heal that soft tissue. The intensity in an ultrasound is a big factor too.
You know ultrasound it’s the volume of energy that’s being delivered into the area and it’s often SPRIX as watts per square centimeter and it’s a term about how much he is producing the higher the intensity the more heat the patient should feel the intensity should always be at a level where a warming sensation is felt but there’s no burning or pain sensation with the patient and there’s a lot of physiological effects of the ultrasound too. And the treatments are largely depend on whether the goal of the treatment is thermal or not thermal thermal effects of the ultrasound are typically produced by he is waving the benefits at a chiropractor’s in Franklin are mainly therapeutic and many see as a result of heeding the tissue. And there are some common effects just as any mortality like our Cayley’s are here at Healthworks chiropractic chiropractors and Franklin you know we see that there is a bit of increased blood flow to the general area with more blood more healing reduction of stiffness and spasms. treatments that make sure there’s enough Gelada. Allow a lot of good contact and lubrication between the sound head and the patient. So it’s a smooth surface. Chiropractors and Franklin have been using this modality for a while and it’s best to be careful not to use too much gel because there’s little air pockets could be potentially created an ultrasound hedged because of a constant motion or to prevent hot spots or burning the patient overlapping circular motion is most commonly used to a uniform treatment of the area the treatment area should be around two to three times larger and the Salahadin diameter for a full effectiveness.
Another kind of general is the sound Hej should remain in contact with skin at all times if there is a little bit of air gap. While the ultrasound is being turned on it could result in damage of the crystal located in the sound head and basically when performing underwater ultrasound there should be a gap between the sound had PĂ©tionville water should always fill in the gap a little bit of exercise. No there should always be a little bit of pressure on the sound head while you’re using a gel and chiropractor’s and Franklin I’ve seen this. Not only does that ensure good contact with the skin but it’s going to allow the one to act as a bit of a massage for the patient to provide in the heat and the healing techniques of your sound. You’re going to want to avoid using ultrasound There is a bit of increased flexibility of the Joint capsule and attendance and ligaments could be a potential decrease of pain the general area right off the bat. The nonformal effects of ultrasound are produced by a pulsed wave and there is a little heating with the pulse ultrasound waves but the physiological effects created by the mechanical movement but the pulse waves creates the tissue and these effects can include increased cell permit ability to the ions and that’s of course beneficial and healing that we’ve seen at a chiropractor’s in Franklin tissue regeneration or that healing in synthesis the production of colleges is very important in supporting the ligaments and in those joints blood flow increasing reduce and MDMA. There’s a lot of ultrasound tech needs to there’s some general guidelines that apply when performing an ultrasound.
Chiropractors in Franklin and the type of injury and the treatment goals will determine the specific parameters of each treatment but also some applications have several things in common some forms of ultrasound include a couple an agent that must be used in order to ensure the ultrasonic energy is transmitted to the patient and is not impeded when passing the sound head to the patient. The most common forms of coupling agents are all water and there’s a bit of water soluble gels and you’ll see this different things in the hospital with pregnancies. Water is used when the area being treated hasn’t any bony prominences or areas that stick out or even surfaces like kind of like the hands of the feet. The body part in the ultrasound head should be immersed in a bucket or a tub of water and there should be a slight gap between the sound head and the patient. You know the other technique that we do see is a water soluble gel that is most commonly in use for ultrasound er any particular bony areas like the the processes of the spine s or like soft tissue coverage where the soft tissue coverage is limited and we don’t want to. We don’t want to create any burns or the patient or harm the patient while doing this mortality and there’s a lot a clinical applications for ultrasound and light therapy and heat therapy. And it’s commonly used as a modality that can be very effective in treating a lot of different conditions and dysfunctions throughout the body in applications and the ultrasound is used for it’s thermal thermal benefits and chiropractors in Franklin Healthworks chiropractic can help you understand these modalities. Give us a call at a 6 1 5 7 9 1 9 9 1 7. Happy to go through some of these therapeutic modalities with you and you know continuous and pulse.