Chiropractors In Franklin | Types Of Joints

They with chiropractors in Franklin I want to talk about some of the key joints in the body some of the spinal joints occipital land to us occipital joint and Lato occipital joint. The mandibular joint so essentially the spinal joints due to the irregular bone shape of the vertebrae spinal joints have numerous functions and positions that allow for coupled motion so essentially a couple motion is the combination of motion along the spinal column in which the spinal allows itself to be the access from numerous positions and structures for the body to be pulled in different directions. So you have different types of joints that allow attachment of the ribs that allow the vertebrae and articulate with the with the same joints on the adjacent vertebrae to allow forward backward rotational and lateral bending. So this is really the foundation of everything on our body that we’re seeing with chiropractors in Franklin at Healthworks chiropractic. You know we see things like the TMJ. You know it’s a small joint located on the front side of the ear where the skull and the lower jaw kind of intersect and it permits the lower jaw the mandible to move and function properly and Team Team J disorders are very very common if this joint gets inflamed from things such as kind of grinding your teeth while you’re sleeping at night or having your jaw clench for extended periods of time. Let’s allow the time where you see people wear mouthpieces while they sleep or you know something to prevent that granny or clenching from really putting pressure on that joint and extending that out.

So you can get things such as you know your aches headaches and limited ability to open the mouth if you have this team Jay inflammation or there’s dysfunction or misalignment in this area. That’s where chiropractors in Franklin health works chiropractic come in to play because we can diagnose these dysfunctions not only in the vertebrae but in the joint. We want to make sure that every segment of the body is functioning properly and chiropractors in Franklin at Healthworks chiropractic can help do that. You know we want to spend time with the patient and do due diligence so we can fully be aware of what’s going on with your body and how these joints are moving. You know we have we have some different types of joints too like the ball and socket joint like your shoulder is a prime example of that or a hip joint. They’re kind of a ball and head that fits into a concave socket and it’s going to allow for the widest range of motion you think about all the motion in your head and your shoulder joint and how some dysfunction can arise from all these different motions if you have some catching or clicking in the hip or the ball and socket joint. We want to help align these things with chiropractors and Franklin Healthworks chiropractic. We have a hands to have a joint it’s a spoon shaped surface that fits into a concave surface you know and it allows motion and one plane about a single access like a hinge on a door move like the elbow the knee the ankle you know the internal glandular joints of the hands allows with one type of movement.

Look at that elbow the knee we can extend and flex out but there’s not a whole lot of like rotation we can do with these joints. A lot of the time you know you can get things like tendonitis golfers elbow dysfunctions with the hand and the wrist you know the wrist is not a type of Herring’s joint you know it’s you can if you have dysfunction your fingers or an inter flange all kind of space there that can create a lot of dysfunction upward into the elbow shoulder neck and vice versa if you’re looking at some different areas. So we want to make sure that chiropractors in Franklin health works chiropractic that we know where your dysfunction is coming from and we want to do all the proper cast to make sure that it’s not something underlying or you know a place that’s that’s causing pain somewhere else for further pain a pivot joint is another one. It’s an arch shaped surface basically rotates about around it or a peg like root. You know one of its movements is in particular its rotation. You know things like between the access and outlets that top kind of vertebrae of your neck or your cervical spine where you can kind of rotate around and go side to side a gliding joint usually has an articulated surface. Typically flat gliding on an actual movement between the Karpel bones between the sacred and Ilium secretly act joints.

We have a bit of you have a bit of movement or there’s just gliding or sliding along those areas and the S.I. joint is a very important joint to kind of that sacredly at joint right below in your hip area and if there’s some inflammation in here it’s going to cause a lot of pain and a lot of dysfunction along particular areas of the spine. And it’s also going to do these some referred pain you know if if your glutes hamstrings are tight as well. So that’s where chiropractors and Franklin health works chiropractic can come into play because we want to help alleviate some of that inflammation bring that inflammation down if S.I. joint gets jammed. A lot of time you’ll see people sitting on their wallets if it’s a man or a woman you know whereas they’ll have an evenness in their hip and it can actually jam that joint into that hip and that creates a lot of inflammation in that sacredly joint. So we want to make sure that that is an impinged hamstrings or was the glue or loose enough they’re supporting the abdomen. You don’t have a post to your anterior pelvic tilt and that’s where chiropractors and frankly Healthworks chiropractic can certainly help. We have saddle joints saddle their shapes like a bone fit into a socket that’s curved in the opposite direction some kind of movement as a you know a different joint or a simple kind of mess like it looks like a rider in a saddle on a horse you know like some joints between the first metacarpal and Karpel the little beyond the little bone in between there is a Saulteaux joint the wrist joints could avoid joints oval shaped kind of fits into the elliptical cavity into two planes at right angles to each other things such as the rish joint between the radius and the car. A lot of dysfunction