Chiropractors In Franklin | The Purpose Of Joints

Several different types of joints that chiropractors in Franklin at healthworks chiropractic deal with from ball-in-socket joints to hinge joints. When we seen problems with these joints we want to help. A lot of time you’ll see people sitting on their wallets if it’s a man or a woman you know whereas they’ll have an evenness in their hip and it can actually jam that joint into that hip and that creates a lot of inflammation in that sacredly joint. So we want to make sure that that is an impinged hamstrings or was the glue or loose enough they’re supporting the abdomen. You don’t have a post to your anterior pelvic tilt and that’s where chiropractors and frankly Healthworks chiropractic can certainly help. We have saddle joints saddle their shapes like a bone fit into a socket that’s curved in the opposite direction some kind of movement as a you know a different joint or a simple kind of mess like it looks like a rider in a saddle on a horse you know like some joints between the first metacarpal and Karpel the little beyond the little bone in between there is a Saulteaux joint the wrist joints could avoid joints oval shaped kind of fits into the elliptical cavity into two planes at right angles to each other things such as the rish joint between the radius and the car. A lot of dysfunction Nacta MacNamara’s well carpal tunnel syndrome restricted m


There’s a lot of ligaments and tenets that kind of go through that area too so if they’re rich risk becomes overextended or over flexing and sometimes put those joints and create sprains or strains over a period of time over use of the wrist so we don’t just treat the the spine chiropractors and Franklin Healthworks chiropractic can actually treat you know different types of joints. And that’s where we want to come into play. It’s not just the spine. It’s all the surrounding structures in every single joint. Chiropractors and Franklin can adjust. We look at the Chromeo a killer portion to the AC joint it’s a joint base get the top portion of your shoulder and it’s usually between the junction of the A Kuromiya. It’s part of a scapula that forms the highest point of the shoulder. That little kind of ball that sticks out in the clavicle and the AC joint is going to allow ability to raise the arm above the head. And when that joint pulls apart it it usually is termed a shoulder separation. So if your shoulder separated you know the AC joint has come out of that that bone socket. You know and that could create a lot of dysfunction too as well like rotator cuff tears liberal tears several different things can affect the ability of that shoulder if dislocate or that something there’s a dysfunction in that bone socket or that AC joint. The person it becomes inflamed or you get bursitis tendonitis tendon to it’s on the rotator cuff muscles you know allow the flow of the dysfunctions we can treat chiropractors and Franklin at Healthworks chiropractic can help treat.
We have several different modalities that we use for soft tissue injuries like our class for K laser that’s a big one decreases inflammation speeds up the healing process correct and exercises. Now we offer here to soft tissue. We’re all of it is a combination with care practic care. We look at the the little humor all joining them ball and soccer enjoying kind of goes hand in hand with the AC joint. You know the ball and socket joint allows the arm to move in a circular motion as well as towards and away from the body with the motion of that little humorous joint provides flexion extension abduction abduction freedom them arm up or down or across the body away from the body internal rotations and other function external rotation in and out when the joint is pulled apart. It’s called that dislocation shoulder dislocation solar separation kind of very similar terms Costello internal articulations the articulations off of the rib cage and the cartilage between the ribs and the sternum a lot of different things. If you have a great business line he can inhibit your breathing. You know get shortness of breath that’s kind of where the ribs attach sternum pain in the front. This can be a dysfunction or misalignment in the ribs which chiropractors in Franklin can help with. We want to help with give us a call at a 6 1 5 7 9 1 9 9 1 7. Want to take a look at you and make sure that you don’t have any dysfunctions in your joints.
Earlier we talked about the sacredly act joint connects significant with load bearing and a act joint where they get their name from being between the sacred and the Illium secretly I joined helps to make up the pelvic girdle and when these joints get started cord jammed in some cases the pelvis can glide forward creating that tilt forward and put a lot of stress and inflammation and why it’s irritated that illegal lumbar ligament which can result in some inflammation is usually indicated by tenderness on an area around the bony lumps or the PSA ass or posterior superheavy x spine which you can actually feel with your thumbs kind of notch bony area on the lower portion of the lumbar spine and these these these joints it’s a common dysfunction to cause that load bearing like we said your lower back takes a lot of that. So if you’re walking on even there’s a dysfunction in your feet your hip joint where it’s similar and the structure of the shoulder joint and it’s a far more secure securing the socket for strong leg advance. For these reasons the movement of the hip are somewhat more restricted or. Those are the shoulder the knee joint is a big one to the knees it’s a sign for his protection. He is surrounded by a joint Capstone is flexible enough to allow movement but strong enough to hold the Detroit together. That Cathles line was synovial tissue which secretes that synovial fluid that helps lubricate its sliding the that joint and kneecap. There’s cartilage that’s covering the ends of the femur or the thigh bone that kind of supports that area on connects to the shin bone and that pads of cartilage sky. They’re going to act as a cushion between the two bones and help distribute the weight. Loves loves portion and e-tag laws was slightly connected by you know to Tenens patellar attendance from the quad and the lower portion kind of attached to the shin.
And we want to help with these functions all around the body. So you have a problem with any chiropractors in Franklin can’t help diagnose this or other portions or joints in the body. Chiropractors and Frank Healthworks chiropractic will help you feel better in these joints to do some natural therapy rather than surgical intervention. We are the chiropractors and Franklin Healthworks chiropractic and want to make sure that your body’s functioning optimally optimally through every facet of your life and make sure that you are living a healthy and productive life. Give us a call today at 6 1 5 7 9 1 9 9 1 7. We’ll get you in our 19 dollar offer includes a very thorough examination with x rays. You know if you meet them on a particular joint or we need to refer you out for an MRI we can certainly do that to see if there’s any soft tissue damage that we can help with and if we can’t help we can always refer you to somebody that can you know chiropractors and Franklin are here for the patient and we want to make sure you’re doing the best treatment possible. Give us a call a day 6 1 5 7 9 1 9 9 1 7. We’ll get you and or look at it at 2 for seaborne Lane Franklin Tennessee sweet 100. Give us a call at Healthworks chiropractic chiropractors and Franklin can help. And we want to help. 6 1 5 7 9 1 9 9 7.