Chiropractors In Franklin : Light Therapy For Pain Relief

Chiropractors in Franklin at Healthworks Chiropractic are doing wonders with light therapy with their k-laser Today Taimur Proctor’s in Franklin at Healthworks chiropractic use several different modalities to help a patient recover and recuperate from an injury. A little bit faster and one of those things that we use in our office and a lot of  chiropractors in Franklin are using our light therapy. We use ourK.A. laser here at Healthworks chiropractic chiropractor’s and Franklin can help and we use our laser in the basics of light therapy or laser therapy is that the term laser stands for light amplification of stimulated chiropractors in franklin emissions of radiation so essentially light energy it’s made up of particles called photons. And what these photons do is they’re going to create therapeutic benefits of the lasers. And there’s three main qualities that make laser therapy different from other forms of light. And you know these these quanta qualities that were seen at chiropractor’s in Franklin are Myrow chromatic monochromatic and coherence and cold Imation and basically they allow the laser to focus on a very precise uniform beam at a very specific target so mono chromatic C is when all the photons have a uniform wavelength and colour cohering C is when all the photons have exactly the same wavelength and they’re all about the the light waves that are in phase with one another. Colin Imation is when there is little divergence of these photons as the light travels through space. The lack of divergence creates a beam of light and there’s different types of lasers. We use a class for laser here atthe chiropractors in franklin   Healthworks chiropractic. There are several different chiropractors and Franklin that use laser light therapy but we use it in conjunction with several different other modalities.
But you know there’s many different variations of lasers that are used for many different purposes medical industrial military different things like that use lasers but the kinds of lasers that we use here in chiropractor’s in Franklin are considered to be low level lasers or cold lasers that do not produce heat but instead create photochemical effects in the body. Helium neon and gallium arsenide lasers are two main kinds of lasers used in low level laser therapy. This helium neon lasers a gas laser with a continuous wavelength and the effects of which are mainly superficial have between two to 10 millimeters into the body. The gallium arsenide lasers are a pulse wave and they’ve been known to reach about depths of 1 to 5 centimetres and there’s a lot of clinical applications that laser light therapy and different ways of using it many of which we use. Health Works chiropractic chiropractors and Franklin the benefit or the physiological effects of lasers are believed to occur at the cellular level and most of the benefits of lasers are thought to come from the celebration of collagen synthesis and increased industrialisation and entitlement antiinflammatory interactions low level lasers are most commonly used for wound healing pain reduction reducing the scar tissue and a Deema reduction or blood pooling reduction. Lasers. They’re common for wound healing because of their ability to destroy bacteria increase since the strength of the college and fibres and improve circulation at a particular wound site. So the effects to shorten healing time and reduce infection. When lasers are used for wound healing the amount of scar tissues decrease the scar tissue is the form of more tensile strength and more flexibility throughout the tissue.
Low level laser therapy it’s going to help with pain reduction by alternating the nerve impulses can be used for both things like chronic pain acute pain. Lasers can also be treat treating a good treatment for edema inflammation because they interrupt therapy suction of chemicals that produce inflammation in the body such as histamines.  chiropractors in franklin You know there are some there are some indicators and contra indications for light therapy you know indicators would be like a pain reduction inflammation bone healing scar tissue wound healing contra indications would be like cancer pregnancy applications over the eyes tend to use glasses when doing laser therapy because we don’t want to damage our eyes. You know another modality that we use here at Healthworks chiropractic and a lot of chiropractors in Franklin use is spinal decompression and we have a whole protocol on this at Healthworks chiropractor practic. So the cervical lumbar decompression or lower back and upper back or neck decompression. And basically attraction is the application of longitudinal force applied to the spine into adjacent structures to separate the vertebrae from each other and these tractable forces can be applied by mechanical manual or gravitational force as and when they’re combined with active exercise rehabilitation some laser therapy chiropractors and Franklin have seen that they provide great Leef relief for the patient a variety of conditions. And you know we want to talk about some mechanical distraction techniques and there’s some principles and effectiveness that’s directly related to a body part or the position of the patient the force the duration of the traction and the angle of the pool and to distract the vertebrae.

There has to be a force applied attraction that must be sufficient to overcome the summer resistance of the weight of the body that’s being pulled and the tension surrounding the soft tissue the forces of friction between the patient and the table. You know the forces of gravity all have to be in check before performing spinal decompression and toxin should be applied to hyper hyper mobile segments only when appropriate and the use of traction on hyper mobile or loose segments is contraindicated because of increased chance of tissue tearing dislocation or potential of dislocation charge and can be applied to certain core lumbar spine. So basically you know patients that are maybe hyper mobile they’re at a greater risk of not knowing the limitations of how far their body can stretch. So chiropractors and Franklin have to keep that in mind when setting up a protocol for spinal decompression. And you know when traction provides application of longitudinal force to the spine it’s going to separate between chiropractors in franklin  spinal segments and produce several physiological effects. Separation encourages overall spinal movement and movement between the individual segments of the spine. Chiropractor’s and Franklin one of the largest effects of spinal traction is its ability to help us disc injuries and disc pain and it’s often theorized that the space created between the spinal segments decreases the amount of pressure on the desking creates space for any bullying disc to return to a normal state and the distraction of the disc allows for healthy movement of fluid in and out of the joint space and spinal traction can actually help restore normal length and function in the ligaments along the spinal column.
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