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The Chiropractors In Franklin at  Healthworks chiropractic help alleviate some of this tension in these muscles and dysfunction in the skeletal system . They’re basically located at the base of the skull and they control the movement of the head especially in the extension of the neck tension in these muscles as a cause of migraines and headaches chronic chronic problems that come from the occipital muscles that we see at chiropractor’s and Franklin or Healthworks chiropractic though that is latissimus dorsi muscles they’re large they’re actually some of the largest muscles of the back and they’re large they’re fan shaped. They’re able to provide a force in a wide range of the body. Leaning back vertical side to side and all points in between So there’s two different sections they attach the Concorde process of the scapula and originate on the middle portion of the ribs and the function of the pectoral muscle is to bring the humerus across the chest and the pectoral minus is to move the shoulder area forward. This can be seen by shrugging your shoulder forward the pectoral major and minor have different sections of them so they have a bit of a different muscle action. Another common muscle is the abdominals when you hear people work the abs they’re actually working several different muscles that are composed the Rectus abdominals that’s the six pack it’s the top kind of superficial layer of the abdomen. We get the transverse abdominal a little deeper the external and internal bleeds the abdominal muscles they’re going to sit on the front side of the lower half of the torso and they’re going to originate along the rib Kabe and they’re going to attach to the pelvis chiropractors in Franklin I’ve seen that the Rectus abdominal early erectus abdominal. This becomes tightened their habited it’s going to definitely play a factor into lower back pain and tightness. Healthworks chiropractic can help that chiropractors in Franklin Healthworks chiropractic see that the Rectus abdominal muscles commonly known as a six pack muscle or the ABS thin bands of connective tissue that give that appearance the transverse abdominals is the deepest muscle that Raf’s laterally around the abdominal area so it stabilizes a lot of the fibres of the extra an internal obliques run diagonally on the body and they’re going to allow for angled movement.
You know when we see upper extremity muscles we look at the musculature of upper extremities and many actions in a man’s place on the Deltoids a three headed muscle has the anterior front portion lateral side portion post eerier back portion the cap of the shoulder. All three deltoid heads are going to attach the humerus and the anterior and lateral they’re going to read their on the collarbone while the Post your head originates actually on the scapula. And the function of the deltoid is essentially to move the arm away from the body. Abduction the entire head raises it away to the front in the latter wowhead raises it up in a way to the side and the posted head raises a way into the rear or pointing back chiropractors in Franklin Healthworks chiropractic see a lot of dysfunctions in the rotator cuff muscle and it’s a group of muscles that work in the shoulder drawn to keep the humerus intact which makes the rotator cuff critical for shoulder stability. And as we said earlier we see that chiropractors and Franklin know that there are 4 muscles and they’re known as the muscles and the rotator cuff the Super 8 is the effort to remain as the Teri’s minoring a sub scapulars the rotator cuff it’s one of the primary areas of shoulder trauma or tears when someone has a shoulder injury. Chances are that it’s related to the rotator cuff and the main function of the rotator cuff or to stabilize the shoulder joint and external rotation of the humerus rotating arm to the rear and internal rotation the opposite going away from the rear. You know we see that the sub scapulars kind of sits on the front portion of the scapula the super nadus in between or kind of runs below the runs below the clavicle bone and then

Illiac crest originates on the pelvic crest and attach just on the femur so as major the longer of the two muscles it’s going to originate on the lumbar vertebrae and chiropractors in Franklin Healthworks chiropractic have seen great dysfunction with these muscles and the serious muscles can get very tense and chiropractors in franklin tight and create a lot of dysfunction in that lower lumbar area tightness in the hamstrings can pull them one way or another chiropractor’s and Franklin I’ve seen the rectums from Morrises one of the four quadriceps muscles and it’s the only one that crosses the hip joint. So if it becomes impinge you know we get a lot of dysfunction with this that we’ve seen there with chiropractors and Franklin and it helps the hip joint and enables it to operate as a hip flexor as well as a extensor or straightening the knee out overdeveloped and tight hip flexors they can contribute to lower back pain by causing the pelvis to tilt forward and the function of elite so ass’s as a hip flexor which means is bringing the thigh up to the abdomen. A lot of time people think that they’re chiropractors in franklin working when they’re doing straight leg raises thinking that they’re working the Rectus abdominal or one of the abdominal muscles when in fact they’re working that specific muscle by doing the exact same action of the.
So as they’re doing the hip flexion the gluteus maximus where the largest and strongest in the body the gluteus medius andM.S. they directly are underneath the gluteus maximus and the gluteus maximus and all originates along the pelvic bone and the crest and attaches to the rear of the femur the gluteus medius and minimus originate in the same spot as the MacSmith but attached to the side of the femur the Taliban or the tibial band is made of connective tissue and the band serves to transfer the force by abduction and moving the chiropractors in franklin leg away from the center of the body to the leg. The primary function of the gluteus maximus is hip chiropractors in franklin extension moving the thigh to the rear of the gluteus medius and Middlemiss serve to abduct or go away from the center of the body. The quarterstaff their group perform muscles that sit on the anterior or front side of the thigh. They’re the vastest medialis the vastus intermediate is the best slaughterhouse and reckless for Morris the ad doctor Dr Magnus said. chiropractors in franklin the grey cells and the parin yes they’re all muscles and there that can cause a lot of dysfunction the hamstrings the biceps foresty and Todi as sediment. Brett Brunious their muscles underneath the glue and the pelvic area of the bone they attach to the tibia. The primary function of the hamstrings or knee flexion and hip extension the gastro anemia or the calf muscle they’re attached to the heel by the Achilles tendon and they originate on behind the knee and the femur across two joints. Gastric anemia has two heads medial and lateral when fully developed. These two heads appear as a diamond shape in the silliest not visible because it lies under the gastronomy is so any of these functions. Basic overview of the musculoskeletal system and anatomy and physiology health works chiropractic chiropractors and Franklin can help. Health Works chiropractic give us a call today 6 1 5 7 9 1 9 9 1 7 and we’ll get you and we’ll check you out and see if you have any dysfunction the musculoskeletal system you. They are attached to the upper end of a humorist with fibers running a fan shape along the vertebral column to the pelvic girdle. The function of the leftist Miss Dorsey is to pull the arm down and towards the pelvis. If you’re experiencing pain in these areas give us a call today at the chiropractors in franklin at HealthWorks Chiropractic can get you the relief you deserve 615-791-9917 284 seaboard lane suite 100 Franklin, tn.