Chiropractors in Franklin : Cryotherapy Vs Thermotherapy

The Chiropractor in Franklin at HealthWorks Chiropractic use heat and cold in very to different ways and we want to be as specific as possible to achieve a successful treatment for each individual patient.  We want you to feel these effects on the body of reduced inflammation in the body prescribe called therapy chiropractors in Franklin Healthworks chiropractor have known this for a long time so we can determine if crowd therapy or thermo therapy is the best bet for you depending on what you have going on. There’s a lot of different forms of cold therapy though and they involve the use of a form of an ice or some type of frozen gel pack that’s going to be applied to the particular area and therapies should be applied until numbness is achieved in order to create the best therapeutic result with each of these treatments though the patient should be in a comfortable relaxed position. And if it’s possible the treatment area should be elevated. That’s going to help to further reduce the swelling of that area and the applications include you know like something like an ice Messiah’s frozen gel pack in ice bags with a towel over on them and if you’re applying these ice treatments it’s important that the patient never has direct contact with the cold pack. You know some of the most intense and effective uses of cryotherapy involve immersing in the treatment area in cold water which some chiropractors in Franklin do that. But health first chiropractic.
We don’t use any of the cold bath or anything like that even though it’s effect it is effective. The cold water. It’s going to be used either in a cold Whirlpool or ice bucket typically ice is added to water until the temperature is around 50 to 60 degrees Fahrenheit cold water Whirlpool’s. They have added benefits of water flow which has a massage and vibrating effect on the body. And then in contrast Bassat alternate Hong Kong Whirlpool’s are also beneficial for treatment and some things like subacute injuries. So if you’re going to give yourself an ice massage it’s best to avoid water running everywhere and pieces of plastic wrap over the ice cup to catch the water and a little lotion on the skin. It’s going to add a little bit of lubrication to scan. It’s going reduce the friction. And if a patient can create an ice cup at home by freezing water and a paper cup and then when it’s frozen they’re rip off the top half of the paper and use the bottom half to hold the ice. It’s a very effective tip for an ice massage at home to reduce maybe some inflammation if you have a subacute injury or acute injury. There are a few methods of Kro therapy that are often used in therapeutic rehabilitation settings the combines cold and compression.
It’s beneficial after surgery or very acute injuries cold sprays are often used to help muscle spasms like what we use here a lot of chiropractors and Franklin use like bio freezer icy hot and the application of cold with electrical muscle stimulation is going to actually increase the benefits of both the applications and a sample form that can be given as a crowd therapy at home or an ice pack. So if we want like something for a subacute condition for patients that are sensitive to extreme cold the very positive effect can be attained by using a gel pack that’s been chilled and refrigerator and the freezer and we want to instruct the patient or most chiropractors and Franklin are going to instruct the patients to use repeated applications of 10 minutes on the effector followed by 30 minutes off without the pack or gel pack to this can be very helpful for pain control muscle spasms and the pro crawl is tolerated better by patients that is more effective in a single application of a frozen gel pack.

So some things to be mindful of though are proper use of ice. I should always be used for all injuries at least you know about 24 to 72 hours and that’s going to be helping in reducing the swelling with reduction of the causes of pain. The ice pack should be kept in a freezer and available for sprains strains anything like a  and the pack will last a long time if you do not bend or put creases in it. You’re going to lay on the pack directly for about 20 minutes no longer than 20 minutes icepack and remove it for one to two hours and is going to allow the skin to remove to come back to normal temperature. That sensation is going to come back in that particular area. And you’re going to repeat this treatment on and off. Wet paper towel is going to conduct the ice a little bit better. And if ICE sensitivity is an element.
Use a thin dry towel. Contraindications or things that may not be suitable for ice treatment can be bleeding in the joints. You’re going to notice by discoloration or swollen joints colds allergy or hypersensitivity to cold therapy you know suspected fractures uncovered open wounds if you have something like impaired circulation you know thermo therapy on the flip side of that. Some chiropractors and Franklin they’ll use this and we use this Healthworks higher practic if the case deems it necessary. So thermo therapy it’s basically the use of superficial heat that is commonly used in subacute chronic conditions to reduce pain and relax muscle tissue and basically heat is going to increase the dilation of blood vessels which improve circulation and encourages the removal of waste at the injury site. So care must be used with heat therapies to not increase the swelling or the edema in the particular area that the injury has occurred. Thermo therapy it’s usually not used until the subacute or chronic stages are done with as cryo therapy there’s many forms of thermo therapy involved with some effective heat packs that are about 170 degrees Fahrenheit. They’re wrapped in protective pads play a moist heat is going to help stimulate that circulatory response paraffin Baths where the patient dips the treatment area and noted paraffin wax. They’re often used for problems of the hands and feet applications along with muscle stimulation that’s going to increase the benefits of both applications never allowed the direct contact though with the patients skin in a hydro Claytor pack. So doing that it can result in burns and we never want to turn up the heat so high that it’s burning the skin superficially.
So chiropractors and Franklin have to be aware of these things and we have to note these things as treatment goes along there in the acute or subacute or chronic stage. You know there’s warm whirlpools that will be around 100 to 110 degrees infrared lamps and fluid therapy units used to dry heat increase tissue temperature and they’re going to reduce some of that pain or tenderness in that general area where you have an injury. You know there’s a lot of physiological facts you know increasing the blood flow of some common indications for heat therapy or acute conditions impaired circulation of a particular area peripheral vascular disease poor thermo regulation neuropathy. And we want to use caution with elderly or frail patients or things like diabetes. We want to make sure that patients properly using this modality so they can get the most effective treatment and Healthworks chiropractic chiropractors and Franklin at health works will show you how to use these different modalities so give us a call at a 6 1 5 7 9 1 9 9 1 7 and we’ll be more than happy to get you in and see if some of these modalities are the best thing for you. Going back to crowd therapy thermotherapy they’re both effective in different cases and sometimes can be alternated to work in conjunction with other modalities like the electrical stimulation. You know different variations of these that you can do at home are very effective. And we want to make sure you’re getting the best treatment possible that’s why we do a very thorough examination to determine what the cause of your injury specifically is and how we can help it.