Chiropractors in Franklin : Cold And Hot Therapy

So the Chiropractor’s in Franklin Healthworks chiropractic. They typically tell you to ice or heat. So we’re going to go a little bit into the differences of crowd therapy and thermo therapy today. And you know chiropractors in Franklin health works chiropractic the basics of heat are that heat is a basic transfer between the movement of thermal energy across the temperature gradient. So what that means is that the transfer is applicable to both heat and cold morality’s whether you ice or use a heat pack or heating pad I guess I should say we do use both of these modalities. Healthworks Hower practic. And when you’re using a heat therapy it’s best that the heat from the modality is transferred to the body tissue. So making the tissue warmer when using cold therapy the heat from the body is going to be transferred to the modality making the body tissue colder. So increasing the blood flow or decreasing the blood flow to an area very depending if you’re using crowd therapy or thermo therapy and there’s three methods of heat transfer and we know this is from basic science classes conduction convection and radiation. So what radiation is is the transfer of heat from a warmer source to a cooler source with no physical contact transference is medium being used. So examples would be like something like a laser or an infrared lamp convection is another way we can transfer heat and it’s an air or water particles move across the body and create temperature changes such as a hot or cold Whirlpool conduction.

Another way of a heat transfer it’s going to occur when there is a direct contact between the body and the heat or cold source. You know cold packs ice massage paraffin wax baths are examples of conduction cryotherapy in the sense of a physiological injury and its response to crowd therapy. It’s a cold modality and it’s used to create a decrease in the tissue temperatures in the body. And we do use this calmly. There’s a lot of inflammation a lot of chiropractor’s in Franklin specifically at Healthworks chiropractic. We use this modality and basically it’s going to be the cooling that’s primarily superficial and it’s most commonly used in acute and subacute settings when there are many physical physiological responses of the body when cold therapies are applied. And you know one of the greatest benefits of cold therapy analgesic effect on the body as it’s going to be helping to reduce pain sensations by changing this sensation signal that the nerves are conducting. So that’s one way crowd therapy can help. You know when coal is initially applied to area the tissue responds with vasoconstriction which basically reduces further inflammation damage after an injury by slowing the blood flow to the area. So cold treatments they also can decrease cellular metabolism and accumulation of Dean. Clinical applications are what most chiropractors and Franklin use or at.¬† there is a sensation of cold which may be followed by uncomfortable which is going to be followed by burning or maybe a little bit of stinging sensation and numbness there will go completely numb. So we don’t want to hold out longer than 15 minutes and that’s what a chiropractor in Franklin we want to make sure that you get the best treatment possible. And we want¬† Chiropractors in Franklin you to feel these effects on the body of reduced information in some of the time will prescribe called therapy chiropractors in Franklin Healthworks chiropractor have known this for a long time so we can determine if crowd therapy or thermo therapy is the best bet for you depending on what you have going on. There’s a lot of different forms of cold therapy though and they involve the use of a form of an ice or some type of frozen gel pack that’s going to be applied to the particular area and therapies should be applied until numbness is achieved in order to create the best therapeutic result with each of these treatments though the patient should be in a comfortable relaxed position. And if it’s possible the treatment area should be elevated. That’s going to help to further reduce the swelling of that area and the applications include you know like something like an ice Messiah’s frozen gel pack in ice bags with a towel over on them and if you’re applying these ice treatments it’s important that the patient never has direct contact with the cold pack. You know some of the most intense and effective uses of cryo therapy involve immersing in the treatment area in cold water water which some chiropractors in Franklin do that. But health first chiropractic.
We don’t use any of the cold bath or anything like that even though it’s effect it is effective. The cold water. It’s going to be used either in a cold Whirlpool or ice bucket typically ice is added to water until the temperature is around 50 to 60 degrees Fahrenheit cold water Whirlpool’s. They have added benefits of water flow which has a massage and vibrating effect on the body. And then in contrast Bassat alternate Hong Kong Whirlpool’s are also beneficial for treatment and some things like subacute injuries. So if you’re going to give yourself an ice massage it’s best to avoid water running everywhere and pieces of plastic wrap over the ice cup to catch the water and a little lotion on the skin. It’s going to add a little bit of lubrication to scan. It’s going reduce the friction. And if a patient can create an ice cup at home by freezing water and a paper cup and then when it’s frozen they’re rip off the top half of the paper and use the bottom half to hold the ice. It’s a very effective tip for an ice massage at home to reduce maybe some inflammation if you have a subacute injury or acute injury. There are a few methods of Kro therapy that are often used in therapeutic rehabilitation settings the Kryuchkov combines cold and compression.
It’s beneficial after surgery or very acute injuries cold sprays are ofte Healthworks Chiropractic in Franklin Tennessee is the ability of crowd therapy to reduce edema or swelling and make it one of the most frequently used modalities for acute injuries. The cold modality methods they’re typically used for at least 72 hours after an injury and most treatments are at least 15 minutes long and ordered should leave or achieve allergenic effects within the body. And quote therapies in the body go through a progressive sensations.


And we believe that we can help it chiropractors and Franklin Healthworks higher practic are here to help. And we want to make sure you’re get the best treatment possible. The Chiropractors in Franklin health works chiropractic can certainly help give us a call today 6 1 5 7 9 1 9 9 1 7. Bringing and do a thorough examination determine whether cryo therapy thermo therapy or both of these modalities in conjunction with some other things that we offer in our office chiropractors in Franklin health works chiropractic can help give us a call the day be more than happy Guichon or 9000 dollar special. Take a look at you and find out what the best course of treatment for you is and keep you getting better for the long term.