Chiropractor Murfreesboro Care and the use of the K-laser

At theChiropractor Murfreesboro office we have three main pre-treatment areas that are used to work through the muscles
and help elevate pain before being adjusted by our chiropractic doctors. The main three treatments we provide are
our K-laser, Stim and Traction tables, and the use of our Spinal Decompression Machine. The area of treatment
we will focus on today and throughout this article will be Murfreesboro Chiropractic and their use of the K-Laser.
The medical laser was founded in Europe in the Nineteen Seventies and was not approved by the FDA which stands for the
Food Drug and Administration group until the year two thousand and five. We as a country have missed out over years
the benefits of being able to use infrared light as a medical alternative to certain procedures. So that brings
me to my next point. What is K-laser ? K-laser is the use of small refracted infrared beams of light that produce to
heat, the heat is used to help reduce pain, improve muscular range of motion, as well the k-laser used in Chiropractor Murfreesboro is used to increase blood flow and additionally speed the process of healing for certain target areas throughout
the body. The k-laser uses a beam that is provides a small layer of heat, the heat setting is changed depending on the
area being treated. For example in the extremities of the toes and fingertips the heat sensitivity is set to a low flow
compared if the k-laser was used for the shoulder or trapezoid area which provides a larger amount of heat to penetrate
deeper into the artifcial muscles. A fun fact about the k-laser brand is that k-laser is focused out of the Chiropractor Murfreesboro area. So it is a local company that we do business with to help and provide benneficial use to our patients.

How is the machine used on patients ? Well at Chiropractor Murfreesboro clinic the k-laser can be used for different areas
as previously mentioned. For example the k-laser can be used for the head, temple area on the side of the head. The cervical
thoracic, lumbar, and scaral region. THe k-laser can be used on the quadriceps or the tiba and fibular down to the foot
and the sole. The machine is set by a particular setting based upon the region of the body. After the region has been
selected at Chiropractor Murfreesboro the k-laser sets a appropriate time, for example shoulder area four minutes and thirty
seconds. Based upon the area the chiropractic assistant at Chiropractor Murfreesboro will manuever the k-laser around the
muscles rather it be horitonztally vertically, as well the stroking positions can be used proximal or distal from the spine
or a certain focus point which is used at Chiropractor Murfreesboro Clinic. Using the k-laser it is vital that you apply
a small or deep amount of pressure while manuerving throughout the muscles so that the k-laser can reach the superficial

What type of individuals use the k-laser you might ask ? Well at Chiropractor Murfreesboro our patients come in with a
multitude of personal injuries or chronic injuries. Luckily the k-laser is known for working a varitety of injuries.
Acute injuries are a large amount of patients who use this modality. A acute injuried is refered to a type of injury
that has occured over a short span of time, such as a sprained ankle, or a pulled ligament. At Chiropractor Murfreesboro
clinic another type of injury that we see a lot of our patients use is for chronic injuries, a patient might have
arthritis throughout the hip region or even through the shoulder region. Edema is another factor which patients might
have that can be used at our Murfreesboro Chiropractic clinic. Edema is the fluid build through the tissues of the body.
The k-laser can heko remove lactic acid buildup and in turn help move some of the built up fluid throughout the tissues
and muscles. As previously mention the k-laser is a great modality and device that can increase blood circulation,
which increases blood flow and helps remove lactic acid build up to promote faster healing rates and times at Chiropractor Murfreesboro clinic. The use of k-laser has no specific age recommendations, at Chiropractor Murfreesboro clinic our patients from a variety of ages use this modality. From smaller kids in the seven to ten year range, teenagers, addolecents, and older
adults use and can benefit from this modality.

What is the recommended amount of use that the k-laser should be done to Chiropractor Murfreesboro clinic office?
Well this depends on the recommendation through our doctors at Chiropractor Murfreesboro clinic. The majority of
our Chiropractor Murfreesboro clinic are treated with k-laser through a certain series of treatments.
Usually around ten to twelve sessions, each session is done about one to three times a week to the problematic area.
As previously metioned the k-laser can be used for acute injuries which require less amount of actual times using
this modaltiy compared to a long lasting chronic injury in which it takes more sessions to get to the afflected area
and to provide results. Patients at Chiropractor Murfreesboro clinic must be aware before doing the k-laser therapy
is that it is not a one use modaltiy. In comparison to Chiropractic care at our Chiropractor Murfreesboro clinic
this treatment has to be done over a series of sessions to benefit the most from its use and effectiveness.

Why should you use k-laser modaltiy at our Chiropractor Murfreesboro clinic, if you have read this article I have provided
a myriad of benefits that this modality can help you with. Helping your muscles relaxing and provide blood circulation
is one of the main benefits, it will help your overall recovery with chiropractic care at our Chiropractor Murfreesboro
clinic. Why do the minimal when it comes to your health, give your body what it really needs and try our k-laser.
The k-laser is done at our Chiropractor Murfreesboro clinic as well at our Franklin Tennessee location. Give us a call
at 615-867-1144 and our lovely receptionist will direct you on how to make an appointment and see if the k-laser is best for you.