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Today at Healthworks Chiropractor Murfreesboro, TN I want to talk about how we can help at Healthworks chiropractic with herniated discs. You know if you have some type of lower back pain or upper neck pain back pain you thinking you may have something pressing on a nerve from potential old injury or a car accident or anything like that. We’re here to help you out. Health Works Chiropractic in Franklin Tennessee and we also have an office in Murfreesboro Tennessee to treat a herniated disc. We develop a bit of a treatment plan for you depending on what you’re kind of dealing with and spinal manipulations are known as adjustments that can maybe ease some of those herniated disc symptoms. So essentially what a herniated disc is is a piece of the disc that has floated off and it’s pressing on a nerve or you know you’re losing some of that you know padding or cushion in between your discs you know at Chiropractor Murfreesboro, TN . So we use a lot of different modalities here at health works have a practice such as spinal decompression with a herniated disc you know you get that bulge out of the disc there’s pressure in the disc and it’s so great that a tear occurs in the wall of the disc which in some past frets on a nerve you know often the psychotic nerve the largest nerve in your body. And with that spinal decompression that we have healed makes a great product. It reduces the pressure inside the disc where you know decompression hence the name AIDS in the pulling of nutrients and oxygen and moisture back into the disk.

We also do a cold laser technique that kind of helps that tissue prep reducing inflammation and helping speed the healing of that tissue kind of bringing oxygen and water and nutrients to that tissue to kind of help it regenerate and get rid of maybe some scar tissue that’s formed or inflammation surrounding that area of the annulus of the disc and the nucleus of the disc. And when that does Hurney it’s you know it’ll rupture that disk and force it to press on a nerve and the back off to the side of the spinal cord. You know there’s several different variations of how the disk can you know herniated as well. There are different ways that we can help treat different herniated disc as well. So you know if you think you have a slipped disc and you’re seeking treatment you know come to Healthworks Chiropractic in Franklin Tennessee or other office in Murfreesboro Tennessee. And we can show you these different modalities for the herniated or otherwise known as a slip disc at our office here and it can include you know override variety of exercises. You know stretching the spine with that decompression table physically manipulating the spine possibly the patient under sedation. There’s also different techniques with that as well that we don’t do here but we’ll be more than happy to refer you out to somebody that can you know change the angle of the spine using a technique called pelvic blocking. There’s a lot of different techniques that we can use here at Healthworks Herak and all these approaches. Poaches modalities are intended to alleviate the pressure that a slipped disc can have on a spinal nerve root or the spinal cord and it’s pressure that contributes to the symptoms associated with slipped disc.

You know you know we do a consultation before we do anything or even put our hands on you take x rays if we have to refer you for an MRI we will do so. There’s a lot of different treatments that are non-invasive that do work that we do here at Healthworks. Practic and we want to get the pressure off of that nerve as best as possible. And you know it’s it’s a non-surgical treatment option for herniated disc. You know that we use here at Healthworks¬†Chiropractor Murfreesboro, TN hair practic and is a hernia does the same thing is like a slip disc. With the exception of the two first vertebrae in the neck. Alison access there’s an introvert both disk between each vertebrae of the spine and those disc. They’re going to act as a shock absorber and a shock distributor and they’re going for that flex he helps you move. You know if you’re jumping up and down. You wouldn’t want to stack a bone on top one on top of each other. So without that cushion there’s no support for the disc and he moved back side to side. And you visualize that. You know you give and take the disk between the vertebrae and without him you couldn’t function properly you couldn’t do a lot of the movements that you do in your everyday life if you didn’t have this you know padding or shock absorber between the disc. So the disc they don’t really slip out although slip disk. It’s a popular you know usage to refer to a bulging or ruptured or herniated disc and you decide they’re made up of an annulus.

It’s the tough fibre on the outer side the outer layer of it and the the nucleus which is essentially a gelatin like centre. When that crack in the outer layer of the disk that occurs the material inside that does can begin to push out. There’s a lot of factors that can cause that whether it be injury or an accident fall anything really and if there’s too much stress on the disc due to poor posture or if you’re overweight it can be caused by a physical injury you know numerous different factors. You know some people say that you can even herniated disc sneezing. And if the problem starts off and it gradually builds till you can feel the symptoms you know there is a potential risk of that is few sneeze and feel a sudden sharp pain your back when that pain can progressed into numbness tingling down the leg you know you may have an underlying herniated disc in a sneeze is what triggered the progress. So any type of strenuous movements sneeze cough could potentially herniated disc and a Healthworks chiropractic Chiropractor Murfreesboro, TN. We can help address the back pain and the other herniated disc symptoms and the initial visit with us would do a very thorough examination go through your medical history take some x rays perform orthopedic and neurological tests and we’ll look at several things you know are the reflexes intact is everything working like it should is a properly functioning. Is there a loss of some type of muscular strength or signs of muscular atrophy or wasting in the muscle.

Is there a loss of sensation along the pathway or the Derman tones of the the body also you know order an MRI if necessary if we think that there’s something maybe underlying that we can’t do here or for yet somebody else and then we’ll have some a little bit of guidance if we have the MRI to know specifically what we’re treating for. And if you have a lower back pain or neck pain you want to see how well your function overall. And what happens in one part of your body it’s a change it can go to another different portion of your body. And all of this information come together and see what the best course of action and¬†Chiropractor Murfreesboro, TN treatment for you is. You know there are some contra indications if you know we feel like we can’t help you we’ll definitely refer you out to somebody that can we use a flexion distraction technique to diagnose herniated disc flexion distraction technique which can be used to help address the hernia symptoms flexion and the distraction. It’s going to involve the use of a specialized table that gently distracts or it’s going to elongate the spine and this allows us to isolate the affected area was slightly flexing the spine using a pumping rhythm. There’s no pain associated with this at all and he said the FLACs flex distraction technique general pumping to the painful area allows the centre of the inner vertebral disc to assume a centralised position. Inflexions distraction may also improve the disc height or lengthen that out. The technique can actually improve disc away from the nerve reducing that inflammation.

Taking that pressure off the nerve that’s associated with an initial pain and inflammation¬†Chiropractor Murfreesboro, TN in the leg or another portion of your body and you’ll see flexion distraction and generally needed in a series of treatments combined with you know muscle stimulation supplementation spinal decompression Mugula that are all with you. Scratchley including specific exercises and nutritional recommendations to being core cooperated with your plan is something we can definitely do here at Healthworks chiropractic Chiropractor Murfreesboro, TN. So give us a call at or Franklin office 6 1 5 7 9 1 9 and 1 7 or Murphysboro location 6 1 5 8 6 7 1 1 4 4 and won’t be more than happy to get you in for a very thorough examination and see what the best course of treatment for you is.