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LogoChiropractor Murfreesboro today, we will talk about chiropractic care in the importance once you start having chiropractic adjustments. How often you should come so we will begin by saying when it comes to chiropractic care, that’s similar to going to the gym. You have a plan in mind, or you might have a certain issue that you’re looking to resolve to the first thing you do if you search out a gym or chiropractic office. So when you can search for a gym for the first time you look at their hours, you’re saying: is there availability, something that I will be able to attend for going to that facility? What is the distance that location? How far to take me to get there? Is it during traffic hours, which is a lot to take in at times, but it’s better beneficial for you to find a specific spot that will work for you and your personal schedule here at Healthworks chiropractic. We do have two Chiropractor Murfreesboro main offices. One located in Murfreesboro Tennessee am I located on franklin, but these two locations they are both easily accessible from the interstate. So when it comes certain areas deadly depending, if there’s traffic is a little bit easier to get to us as well to when it comes to chiropractic care similar to the gym, I was spoken before. Once you go to the gym to see results, you want working out one time a day for a month working out once you might see someone of a physical change, really not that possible. You know a couple of times. You might start seeing the little bit results. Then we are actually continually doing that service. You are finding the best results and which you are searching for same thing, the chiropractic care when it comes to chiropractic care. Everything cannot be done in one visit. It takes multiple sessions, sometimes two to three times a week for a series of four weeks, or it could be once or twice. Every two weeks really depends on the physical on the person and their physical state and how they are doing with their spine of course. We do intakes and new patient exams for our patient’s specific plans for them, depending on the certain circumstances they might be in Chiropractor Murfreesboro for a first-time patient’s group typical new patient encounter for our clinic would take about an hour. That really depends if the client are patient falls out, paperwork beforehand. If they do will arrive, takes about 15 minutes about that paperwork. We will then send them back and do an orthopedic exam I’m, a foot, leveler exam, chiropractic exam and then the doctor will come in chat with him for a little bit will do x-rays and then, depending on the specific person, they might do a specific pre adjustment treatment area which can range from the spinal decompression machine to the k laser or even the stem and traction area on. And then after that is done. There are sent to the adjustment error for the chiropractor’s and they are just it flexible time. It normally takes about I would say on average an hour hour and 15 minutes, but a lot of us with our schedules. We think we can’t fit an hour into our schedule, but when it comes to your health that should be key, you can fit an hour and your day any Chiropractor Murfreesboro time of the week. Something you’d be prioritized better. So with timing, how long does it take normally, once you Chiropractor Murfreesboro start coming for adjustments? That really depends if you are doing one of the pre-assessment areas, usually those take up to 30 minutes I’m, for example, or spinal decompression. Machine is normally done from about 8 to 12 minutes. This tim and traction area can be done from 10 to 15 minutes late, a laser depending on the specific body parts, if there’s multiple body parts and might be a 10 or 12 Chiropractor Murfreesboro me to process if it’s one specific area, no more than about 5 to 6 minutes.

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So that really depends if you are doing the pretreatment here with the adjustments now, if you were just coming in for an actual adjustment, you check in with our check-in screens sit down you’ll, be out of the ark clinic in about 10 to 15 minutes for adjustment was tom wise compared to going to see rise of a regular physician cuts down that time by an hour cuz. We all know. When you see a physician, do you might have an appointment at 3 p.m. However they don’t end up taking you back to see the doctor until 3:45, and Chiropractor Murfreesboro then the doctor says if an actual room until 4:30, so I could easily turn into a two-hour to our process. So we could definitely see how patients are very weary of their specific time and how long it will take for that. The actual adjustments to self for a doctor’s, they are only i, would say no more than 2 minutes I’m. Definitely, specifically, we have your records on file and a specific areas that we are treating so when it comes to the server cold or even the hips or the lumbar thoracic. Any part of that spine, normally an adjustment only takes a few seconds for Chiropractor Murfreesboro them to actually adjust and manipulate that specific area. So I will have to say when, if you are worried about timing with chiropractic care, do research and see the specific location, Chiropractor Murfreesboro maybe one that is open closer to your job or you could possibly come after work or before work or even during your Chiropractor Murfreesboro lunch break or if that doesn’t work depending on your specific career, I would choose a location that is closer to your home. So that way, when you come in, it’s less stressful because, you definitely don’t want to have to deal with an hour of traffic just to get an adjustment, and then they go sit back and sell it for another 45 minutes.