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Chiropractor Murfreesboro Yet so the first year certainly were learning experience for me as far as not only hot tub to learn how to be a doctor. But learn how to run a business because that’s the other side of it is your alternator on a business in learn how Spanish people in in manage patients in young. So you know people don’t take you as seriously as an older, experienced position Chiropractor Murfreesboro  so I’m, making the decision, I would wear ties, shirt and tie, can i, wear a shirt and tie for the first 5 years of my practice is because I wanted to appear to be more. If you also and I was just some of the things a lot, a lot of doctors go through as they has a begin their practice. At this point I’m we have a phenomenal practice.  Chiropractor MurfreesboroWe have to get into clinics. We have 3 doc’s total, including myself, and we do. We do great things for patients we heal patients with all kinds of different molly is an element’s. You know from your typical back pain and neck pain and headaches to things like asthma. Chiropractor Murfreesboro Harper in the jetta means there’s so many things that we help people. If it’s also because we’re nurses and doctors and when we adjust you, we just any patient. We owe for the nerf flow to the body when that happens, to buy I just starts to work better. So that’s what we do. Some interesting experiences I’ve had at as I’ve gone through practice of the year I’ll. Never remember, never forget the story of the name is tom and I met tom, having an event that we were doing it in his complaint was low back pain. So we brought him in for an evaluation and I’ll. Tell you if your school you’re going to you know you’re going fine. We are cases out there that are going to present to you and she got to watch for those, and so tom came in and very nice older gentleman and went through into the evaluation process and end up not adjusting him on the first visit, because I just I want to read the x-rays and make sure I knew I was dealing with + mobile home. We found a domino aneurysm about the size of a cantaloupe in his stomach, and this thing was Chiropractor Murfreesboro just so big that if we would have not taken the time to do the evaluation, the x-rays on him. Certainly has experience could have been much difference, i, remember looking at those x-rays and pretty sure my eyes got as wide as  Chiropractor Murfreesboro baseballs and seeing what I saw it and I had to confirm it Chiropractor Murfreesboro.

I just can’t believe what I’m seeing so long story short I caught up with him to the hospital, and he had emergency surgery that night and we also have saved his life and tommy. Chiropractor Murfreesboro Can a great patient through the years and I ended up getting a letter from the heart surgeon. Basically thanking me for being diligent and recognizing that and I’m also, I did save his life, so that was that was an interesting experience for Chiropractor Murfreesboro me as a young partition that Chiropractor Murfreesboro I think that happened probably 6 months into practice. So again, I certainly was still pretty green and that that’s really opened my eyes to the to the importance of doing the evaluation, the x-rays on all of our patients before Easter working with them, cuz I’ll, throw in the end. You know it’s a very small percentage, but something like that is a big deal where you can also affect the patient in a negative way. If you don’t go through the process of doing what you need to do to make sure they are a candidate for chiropractic care cuz, it’s only nine ten people, probably actually not 900 people-are all candidates for care of something so matter because when that spine misalignment it puts pressure on the nerves going everywhere to the body Chiropractor Murfreesboro. So as a chiropractor, that’s what we do, we find where the misalignments are in the spine. We take those misalignment out with an adjustment which takes the pressure off. The nerve in the body starts to function better, so as you’re as a chiropractor that that you trust-and you go to developed, just a great patient base over the years to come to us when they need us, and most of our patients are understanding the need for remaining scares. A lot of our patients are monthly Chiropractor Murfreesboro maintenance patients and that’s something we highly recommend. That’s why we’re so diligent with our new patient exam, so we like to take a whole over approach and we look at everything from the blood pressure to how you’re standing to the pressure on your feet and then, of course, we take x-rays, which is extremely important for the doctors to look at 2, so they can identify little tiny things that the patient may not even know about. So my first experience with chiropractic I believe I was in I was 11 years old and my parents have been admitted patients to chiropractors over the years from the time. I was a baby till now, even so, we actually used to go to a chiropractor dr. Bob Anderson. He was in Modesto California and I as well as my paper. My parents got adjusted there and my first adjustment I remember: I was about 11 years old and I was having terrible sciatica. It was shooting down. My leg is very active child play. Basketball baseball did martial arts at in jiu-jitsu for a few years, just little things like that really can take a toll on your body and tighten muscles. Even when you’re a little kid you know, you’re jumping around you, don’t really think of how you’re going to land or whatever, just a little bit careless and I’m over this pain. Chiropractor Murfreesboro 615-867-1144