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Healthworks  chiropractic, formerly known as Schroder chiropractic, is a top chiropractic office in Murfreesboro Tennessee. We also have a location in franklin Tennessee, Chiropractor Murfreesboro just right off of Murfreesboro road. We do several different techniques here we have 3 chiropractors, dr. Todd, Mcgilvria from dr. Jay, Schroder, dr winter cullen, and a great team of associates that assist with new-patient exams going over things like range of motion and the lumbar cervical and thoracic areas of the spine. We also like to do a foot leveler scan because the direct pressure on your feet to be a good indicator of where you’re, having maybe some trouble in the ankles, so the knee trouble and also hip pain and lower back pain, can all be derivatives Chiropractor Murfreesboro of or coming from your feet. I should say so. Our feet is our foundation. So when we were putting direct pressure on her feet and properly, this can throw off in misalign a lot of different things up words like the ankles than the hips. The glute glute weaknesses thing that we like to see a lot I’m, specifically with the glute medius,  Chiropractor Murfreesboro that motion doesn’t, really happen a whole lot in everyday life, because the way that people pick up things that I’ve been down incorrectly have an object too far away from their body. The clothes she of an object to your body, the less strain and stress is going to put on your lower back and mid back.  Chiropractor Murfreesboro So when your lifting always make sure that you keep, the object is close to your body as possible and not away from your center of gravity. That, of course, will take the pressure off of your lower back and mid-back and just the spine nice and healthy living with your legs, as opposed to your back. You hear that all the time the famous saying lift with your legs, not your back! So there’s a lot of things that people do in their everyday life. They can definitely misalign or throw things off and just create some problems as far as the nerf logo, so their body, as well as how tonic or type that their muscles are. So we like to be very, very thorough and not in the way that we do our new patient exams. We like to look at your posture how you’re standing, how you’re sitting, how you’re moving? How are your feet? Look, how you’re walking how your gate is as well as we take a full set of x-rays, lateral and anterior and posterior just so. We can see the spine from different angles and also maybe pick up on some things that you may not even know they’re just general health things like your heart, but he blockage or how your organs are doing. Chiropractor Murfreesboro This can all be picked up in x-ray. We just like to make sure that you’re healthy all over and not just one specific area. So we want to make sure that the body proper, probably optimizes, that we can probably use how your body functions in your movements throughout the day. We also perform tens treatment or trans electrical stimulation, which this is just Chiropractor Murfreesboro. This is basically contract and relax in the muscles very rapidly so you’re going to activation of those muscles that maybe sometimes are a little bit neglected. So electrical muscle stimulator important prior to the adjustment that we like to perform just to get the body relax and get those muscles kind of feeling what it feels like to be loose and limber, maybe a little bit of stretching prior just loose and limber up the shoulders than that the lower back the hips. So it’s all these areas if it can become tight and tan it just from being on our phones lifting things throughout the day. Chiropractor Murfreesboro Just our overall posture. We can see some changes in how we move. We do offer spinal decompression. This can be effective. It kind of putting some of the nutrients and water back into that disc and there’s actually been some studies that can show that I can regenerate the disc slightly. Obviously, if you have you have no disc or no, no us no deal still would like to the desk. That could be a potential problem. Chiropractor Murfreesboro There’s some other treatments for that. But for my new things, like a slight herniated disc, spinal decompression be beneficial because what it does is it creates, is kind of like a you, have an anchor point and then it kind of pulls lightly on a particular area. Then we can set these as specific as possible to get a target, a specific area general or specific vertebrae. So we just want to make sure that it’s hitting the right area, because when it crashed out pull it can actually suck in some some of that fluid and all the nutrients of water kind of rush to that area to try to heal it. Things like scar tissue can be beneficial. If you had a prior injury, we can do it for the lumbar to getting some sciatic nerve pain and all those hips downward at a particular angler angle, if you have any interior or posterior pelvic tilt spinal decompression can also help with that. Because of the angle that it pulls that it may be pulling your body and a proper position, then you can kind of feel what the proper position of your hips and lower back and glutes, Chiropractor Murfreesboro how they all kind of connect together and help to make sure the lower back and pelvic region function as one whole unit, as opposed to one thing just firing. At a time. The cervical area can be very effective for people who have had maybe some trauma maybe dropped on their head and have some compression in the cervical spine. The kind of alleviate some of that pressure that you may be having things like migraines tension, headaches just overall tightness in the shoulders. Chiropractor Murfreesboro




So we like to look at things like that, then the patient may be a candidate for some spinal decompression rk. Laser is very, very important treatment to can help with things like scar tissue, it just kind of russia’s the bloods that general area using a light. But if heat and also red light laser has been and still is under a proving for just overall tissue health coenzyme q10 I can also use that things. Like I buy biofreeze just things with menthol, and then they can help relax tension around certain areas. It’s an overall general approach that we take here at healthworks chiropractic in murfreesboro tennessee. We like to look at the whole, the body as a whole, because it’s just not one unit that functions as it’s a whole bunch of different other units that make up the body and make it so special and in work optimally. We let me look at things like like justice function throughout the day, and it’s actually amazing how many people have these is functions. They keep on living with them for years and years and years until they can’t live with them. Any longer causes been pain, so they wait till they’re in pain to solve these problems, but by then it’s going to take a little bit longer to fix. There’s no magic pill. There’s nothing! That’s going to get you better! It’s an overall! How do you say throughout the day how you stand, how you walk, how you exercise or don’t exercise? How does muscles activate how your body is kind of position? It’s all of these actors? It’s not just one thing to HealthWorks chiropractic in Murfreesboro Tennessee. We like to take an overall approach. If you want the best chiropractor in the middle Tennessee area. Look no further, but healthworks chiropractic come see us today in Murfreesboro Tennessee HealthWorks chiropractic to get the best treatment in the middle Tennessee area