Chiropractor Murfreesboro today we will talk about traffic, heavy congested areas living in a larger city, where some people have multiple hour commutes and how that can have increased back pain, neck pain or anything of that sort. We have multiple people moving in a day. At one point, we were reaching a little bit over a hundred people a day so with a hundred people a day moving into the city that shows us that traffic is definitely more congested than it was 5 or 6 years ago, on top of the new individuals moving into town, you have more infrastructure work, that’s being done more centers, more operational businesses, more hospitals, anything of that sort and which more jobs are created when we would move down here which increases traffic. Another thing is that Nashville is a commuter state centrally in the middle part of the south and which a lot of individuals from states from Florida, Alabama, Mississippi and other areas have to pass through Tennessee in order to get to us as well from the north, from Kentucky to Ohio I’m. Also, people come through this area in order to get to a different state. So my morning commute I live in Antioch in Nashville and I drive to Brentwood traffic. It’s about a 20-minute commute, 35 or 40 minute commute if there’s a wreck you’re looking about 45 minutes, so I spent about almost an hour every single day and my car going back and forth to work. So quick like that for 5 days a week or 4 days a week, I’m sitting in traffic for about 4 or 5 hours a week. Will during that time my spine and my cervical lumbar and thoracic area. Is there all an anatomical certain position after being in these positions for a long period of time, Chiropractor Murfreesboro I do start to send some type of just equivocate equivocating to the certain position that I’m being held in to as well with individuals that have older cars I’m in my bed, even more uncomfortable, depending on the specific lot of these new cars that we have, the 2017-18 2016 model cars different back support for different regions of the spine for the actual car seat. So while you are sitting and no certain positions, you are at least getting certain types of support that could eliminate some pain that you might be having, but still compare to. Nashville 2 to 3 million people Chiropractor Murfreesboro average commute times depending on certain areas and getting across the city could be anywhere from 45 minutes to 2 hours. So with that increase time, if you’re doing that 5 days a week, you could be looking at easily three to 11 hours sitting in traffic, which could definitely be a reason for intense Chiropractor Murfreesboro are additional back pain. So with that, you want to watch child having long commutes, any type of additional or new types of pain that she might want to go see a chiropractor on and to make sure everything’s, okay and, like I, said earlier, we all deal with this type of traffic, long, commutes and just exhausted afterwards in your body, it’s similar to having to work out I’m. Chiropractor Murfreesboro so definitely if you live in a larger city, where you see increased traffic you’re always in the car, you feel types of pressure of pain when you are coming out of the actual car seat. From being sitting in traffic, I would definitely recommend that you see a chiropractor, or it could be something that could help and the long run of daily are more likely, weekly or monthly adjustments that can help alleviate some of that pain.

As I sit here this morning and contemplate about my daily activities, or which I will be partaking when I get to work in a different things, I need to Chiropractor Murfreesboro do you live in a larger city is being stuck in traffic being stuck in traffic is one of the most irritating time-consuming activities that one faces, possibly on a daily interaction with her vehicle and with sitting in a car. For this long, you definitely could easily attain back pain. Let’s say, for example, will talk about certain cities in commutes where I live in Nashville Tennessee traffic is bad. We’re commuting state, there’s a lot Chiropractor Murfreesboro of individuals who drive from the south of the north and come through Nashville’s Chiropractor Murfreesboro and major city to get to different places. So what the increased traffic flow of Nashville that’s already been present here and with the commuters coming in, and then you have new individual people coming game room from different states at about a hundred people a day. Traffic has definitely been increased. I live in Antioch Chiropractor Murfreesboro area and to drive to Brentwood. It takes me in the morning till about 6:30 between 6:30 and 7:30 or 4:30. Sometimes almost 40 minutes, depending on, if there’s a specific wreck, we know in different cities, night does Nashville to Giselle a new York, Miami, Colorado, river, so highly populated area. You are definitely going to turn and be in a good amount of traffic. So your car has nothing to do with your pain as well. Do you even have any pain from traffic? Is it an older car? Is it not that much back support a lot of these new cars come with different settings. I can provide relief from certain positions. Anatomical position is your back might be in,  Chiropractor Murfreesboro while being in your specific car, with my back and my truck I have a truck in which the there’s a small back support, that’s located in between the lumbar and the sake, the lumbar thoracic area. So that way, I have to provide me a little bit of our support, while I’m in the car after multiple hours in the car, they that increase pain increases by fol. So with that being said, being cars for very long periods of time after a while, my back starts to hurt,Chiropractor Murfreesboro if I’m sitting in traffic for more than an hour, and let’s talk about to how long you’re in traffic, for let’s say you get back pain while you’re sitting in traffic, but you sit in about 30 to an hour and a half a traffic every single day by the end of the week, you’re sitting down for 6, sometimes 5 to 6 hour, just sitting in traffic Chiropractor Murfreesboro