First next room to talk about the region just below the ribs is called the lumbar spine, chiropractor murfreesboro also known as low back. Some conditions that are treated by a laser would be things like low back, sprains and strains hot lumbar, disc, post-surgical, pain or injuries from work or car accidents. Then also things like lumbar disc disease in type of history of spinal surgery or a history of work injury. So we going to treat, treat acute or chronic conditions. Acute condition to be things that are new chronic would be something that’s going on going so on this particular region. We would apply the k laser over the entire low back for region. The patient can be seated on a wobble chair, an exercise ball, so they can perform range of motion during that’s very helpful, flexion distraction or lumbar decompression work well in conjunction with a k laser treatment matter. Fact we utilize laser with all of our decompression patience. For this reason, utilizing on this technique, both scanning and pressing technique. Slowly enough, so the patient can feel warming on the body as well, and we’re probably going to treat trigger points in the gluteal muscles of the gluteus muscles of the butt in this is, he’s are commonly associated with low back pain, the trigger point in the bilateral it was so as muscles I’m also going to work on as contracture. These muscles is also commonly associated with low back pain in the presence of sciatic pain, we’re going to make sure that we treat over the path of the real pathway. So it’s going down the back of the leg or going to treat that path that nerve all the way down and even to the calf in the foot. If need be gentle with this week, it’s not advisable to perform range of motion. Flexion distraction during the acute inflammatory phase of the first three to five is especially true. Deficit is inflamed the surface that is one of the joints in the back, and so there’s some. That would be careful with in the presence of sciatica we like to perform a penis stretch on the piriformis muscles on the related side of sciatic pain. This helps to take tension off a sciatic nerve, as a sciatic nerve runs underneath the piriformis. The piriformis is a muscle that extends from the butt out of the hip and that nerve runs right underneath that. So, if that muscle is in spasm, it’s also going to put that sciatic pain down the leg and will apply the laser to the trigger points in this area of the piriformis. Using the pushing and pressing technique in the event in this does happen, but in the event that lower back is obscured by tattoos, I will roll the patient on their side and then a plant of the k laser from the ventral side of the body, which is the anterior side or the belly. We pay close attention to the area of the right and left lower abdominal quadrants on this.

The gluteus, medius and gluteus minimus are the most likely cause of intense low back pain, and we always released him first by trying to address the lumbar vertebrae or paraspinals. The paraspinals are generally splinting because of the gluteus trigger points in the event of groin, we’re going to check the anterior ileum and a tensor fasciae lot of muscles, the pectineus and the insertion of the iliopsoas as they these may be, causing issues as well. Your chiropractor murfreesboro doctors generally do some form of range of motion during treatment. The patient should I wear your chiropractor murfreesboro doctor’s difference. We have to monitor this. What we do is we have the patient walk up and down the hallway. Are you I’m around the block after treatment engage how they do? We generally find that we see a patient every day for the first 3 to 4 days and every other day for the next four to five treatments. Again, that can change per treatment per patient per anything cuz. Everyone is different. A lot of time is a chiropractor Murfreesboro, doctor’s notice, post-treatment soros, especially in smokers or patients, taking several medications, so you chiropractic Murfreesboro, advised of the drink extra water. The rest of the day after treatment helps to flush out any toxins that could be causing some of exodus,. It could take 3 to 5 Stevenson for positive changes noted that we do increase the dosage by increase in treatment time as needed every day for 3 days and every other day for three to five treatments in a chronic case in the chronic require ongoing treatments during all treatments. Again, the con tact of the headpiece will be on the skin. It’s the chiropractor Murfreesboro doctors and staff clean off the handle after each treatment. We get feedback from the patient’s regards a comfort level, heat tolerance and sensitivity, and we reduce or increase waters based on their response. Baxter chiropractic Murfreesboro doctor’s I’ll be going over the hip portion in the knee of the body today you chiropractic Murfreesboro is going to review several areas of the body that can be treated by k laser that to any area of the spine. That has injury. Will there be a acute or chronic, really helps athletes in weekend, warriors heal that soft tissue? Now we talked in the past other areas of the wrist the neck, the back that talk about marriage and threats expired that can be treated to start with, not a threat. This is the area in the back between the neck and the low back. This way to look at that would be to imagine so. Some conditions that we can treat would be diagnosed as such as arthritic conditions, scoliosis even things like shingles, mid back tension misalignment in the ribs or the rib cage and, of course, spinal misalignments. In the sub-acute conditions, chronic conditions can be things like thoracic disc disease.