Doctor Jay Schroder Chiropractor Murfreesboro , one of your chiropractor Murfreesboro doctor’s excited to talk to you more about one of our awesome techniques that will utilize in our office. The k laser is medical device that we utilize to treat several things in our clinic, including pain in the hip and the knee. So today we’re going to talk about to the hip, the sacroiliac joint in the lower part of the leg and the knee retreat in this area for things like sports injuries bursitis in the hip, which is inflammation of a padding that the body utilizes a between the bones iliotibial band syndrome. The iliotibial band is a piece of the structure that goes from the hip down to the knee and thus becomes inflamed a lot of athletes arthritis. Even hip replacement surgery can be treated and then a history of hip injury or a torn hip labrum. The chiropractor Murfreesboro doctor in a staff apply the treatment over the front side and the back of the hip going to have the patient sideline. So we can flex and extend the hip during treatment to have motion in that area. Chiropractor Murfreesboro While we’re treating will use the pushing technique and we’re going to treat trigger points in the iliopsoas in gluteus muscles, are we paying attention to the area over the greater trochanter, which is the to reduce inflammation at the insertion of the hip abductor muscle retreat from the front to get the laser into the hip joint there? No contract contraindications treating patients with metal hip replaced. So it’s really nice for patients with those hip replacements, most hip pain is diagnosed in the chiropractor murfreesboro office is diagnosed as arthritis or bursitis, and this can be traced to an active or layton trigger trigger point. Even if the diagnosis are correct, of arthritis and or bursitis, there’s always a mechanical issue caused by trigger points inhibit muscle, never assume at the chiropractor murfreesboro office. It is only a joint problem, there’s always muscular involvement. So we do not neglect the inner thigh muscles either when they are overactive. The inhibit the gluteus medius, the gluteus minimus and the tfl, and also known as the tensor fasciae latae, and the it band at the iliotibial band will take up the slack causing a leo from moral compensations, and this is why there is usually growing pain associated with hip problems. The chiropractor murfreesboro doctors also check for history of ankle sprains following ankle. Sprain has been proven of the tensor fascia lata and gluteus minimus become dominant internal rotation of the femur, which increases stress in the lower leg and knee so a lot of times. We see hip and knee problems as being interrelated an acute conditions and also lower pain conditions. We have the patient walk after treatment in the chiropractor murfreesboro clinic, the patient, general notices, a decrease in pain and improved range of motion within two to four treatments, if not, will generally increased dosage and will make sure that we’re tree the trigger points and using range of motion during treatment will see a patient every day for up to a week and then every other day for another. Four treatments was generally over about two week’s Chiropractor Murfreesboro  band so 3 weeks on an acute patient now on a chronic patient or a patient with higher pain should decrease in range of motion should increase within two to four treatments. We will also have the patient and will wait at least 7 days ejection to do any treatment on these people similar treatment protocol, just a little bit longer, will see them every day for up to a week and every other day for up to 3 weeks or 4 weeks, things with chronic arthritis. It has thinning of the joint cartilage may require ongoing treatments every 1 to 4 weeks, and that will be different for everyone. Chiropractor Murfreesboro We generally start the treatment over the lumbar nerve, lumbar nerve roots on the affected side. So, if someone’s having right-sided hip we’re going to start just a little bit higher on that right, side, pain at the beltline, for example, down through the si joint si, stands for sacroiliac. We utilize both scanning and pressing techniques and tell the patient can feel the thermal effect of the skins. We want that skin to warm up that warming up. Sensation is blood coming to the area. That blood is bringing oxygenated blood, Chiropractor Murfreesboro  which triggers the healing effects of the body, retreat at river points and lower back and the gluteal muscles, and we apply the k laser treatment before adjusting the sacroiliac joint wattage is increased or decreased based on response level from the patient. We always get feedback in regards to comfort level, heat tolerance and sensitivity. If they, the patient experiences increase symptoms, are no Chiropractor Murfreesboro changes to the first. Several visits will reduce the wattage by 30% if they don’t see any changes or are they going to increase the wattage on them until we start to see a positive change, but there’s several conditions that we can treat with a laser in the knee at the chiropractor Murfreesboro offices, post-surgical, pain, arthritis, sports injuries, meniscus and cartilage damage a few things to start when we can also in chronic conditions, treat passports, injuries, people who have knee replacement surgery, pass meniscus or cartilage damage, as well or arthritis, with thinning cartilage notable on x-ray. Your chiropractor murfreesboro staff will have the patient seated or they can be, laying prone I will be getting the k laser therapy in the scanning and pressing technique. On the quadriceps muscles, with particular attention paid to the insertion points above the patella, which is also known as the kneecap, we then paid special attention to the iliotibial band on the lateral part of the knee tibial band goes from the top of the hip to the Chiropractor Murfreesboro  lateral side of the knee the outside of the knee, and this is why I lot x hip and knee issues are interconnected.