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Chiropractor Murfreesboro so there’s some things that we can do to improve the results that that people get from the front of k laser treatment so, first of all time anyway, but make it a proper diagnosis and we want the patient to exhibit a clinical positive clinical response. Example. Decrease pain and increase range of motion typically was in for laser treatments. If this is not happening, we generally will reassess the patient’s condition. Consider making changes to the regimen for the care plan in general. What we can do to help with this process is, it is really have a proper line of drive for when the laser is being applied to the patient. So we like to aim laser with the line of drive to the intended target tissue and making sure that are that are Chiropractor Murfreesboro, which is what we used to deliver the answer to the patient. It is perpendicular to the skin and not treat at an angle. What does by holding the wine perpendicularly decrease the amount of reflection that happen if it was angled increases. The amount of energy which goes into the tissue in this is what we need to do for peeling, so we maintain contact with the end of the treatment one to the patient’s skin. Another thing that we do to pants treatment results for patients is doing range of motion during the laser treatment. We help the patient move the affected area through a gentle active range of motion, while applying the k laser treatment. For example, if we’re treating a patient who has a arthritic hip, we would grab the leg and move it through. Flexion extension in this is a very effective way to stimulate, what’s called mechanoreceptors in the muscles and joints and in this active range of motion during a treatment, it also helps to bring him any and he shins that are present in a soft tissue and in some cases, cute ones in particular. Assisting with passive range of motion also helps as well I wonder we always do as well as we treat from proximal to distal, so what that means is closer to the core versus further away from the core. So, if we’re treating a leg, it be like the top of the leg going down the toes the reason. Why is the therapy that the k laser therapy and stimulates the blood vessels to dilate? So if you treat distally or further away from the core first, the fluids that are stimulated may have nowhere to go if it’s blocked by the tissue. Above then, this can lead to the information and in discomfort. Chiropractor Murfreesboro So we always like to treat proximal to distal again from the center of the body towards them to the periphery and again, for example, and swollen couple cases like carpal tunnel treating wax before tree in the carpus and distal swelling. We can also reduced wattage sore. So if we’re, if we’re too aggressive and left on the first or second visit, something happened, and it is, this is experience repeatedly following treatments. I would easily reduced to watch by about 30%, which will reduce the likelihood of the patient continuing to have that discomfort when overall, just getting better results for the patient during individual sessions. Some pressure to techniques that we used to call a pressure technique and we can use the end of the of the trigger wise. What’s an acupressure device when it’s hd mode or Chiropractor Murfreesboro frequency modulated mode will pushing that affected me,┬áChiropractor Murfreesboro especially the muscles which I even get that light keeper penetrating the tissue. This pushes away the vascular bad. By doing this, what you can will give you that greater depth of penetration loss is going to do some trigger point work with the devices wand and in our guiding hand as well, so that will help the patient. We also treat the nerve roots. First things like extremity cases like carpal tunnel foot pain like a plantar fasciitis, but we always treat the nerves that supply the area that were treating the stimulation of these roots will energize. If you will those nerve roots and most often leads to better pain management in injury healing, and we usually apply to Sam’s preset that will use on an extremity, as well as the same guidelines for the proper dosage for the treatment schedule for patients. There’s really no cookbook recipe for fruit, for this is some guidelines that we use, but certainly tailor, make this to each individual patient as far as what their condition is, what it’s a cute, where there’s chronic or another words, whether it’s a new or injury or an older injury, and that is something that we certainly utilize .Chiropractor Murfreesboro Our clinical input for. We can use laser on metal implants because the light is reflected and won’t be absorbed into their and, and that is no problem at all before adjustment is, is utilize with us using k laser prior to the manipulation and soft tissue work actually increases our success rate cuz it. It opens up that blood flow to the area to help see the speeding, the healing process, and it decreases the body’s natural tendency to splint or guard when you start to adjust them. So just one ends up being more effective and less painful for the patient, and this last longer and prevents the natural rebounding muscle memory phenomena that patients will get sometimes no overall should be better and faster results. The nutrition part of laser, the laser therapy enhances circulation and drawers nutrition of the area of the body has to have nutrition in oxygen to heal, so patient with poor general nutritional status may not benefit as much from the laser treatments of adding a nutritional counseling is something that will do for people also in the laser is, what’s called a bio stimulatory process, so this enhances the production of atp, which is going to Tennessee in triphosphate, which is the powerhouse of the cells and that’s in the effect of tissues.┬áChiropractor Murfreesboro and Healthworks chiropractic is the best so give us a call today at 615-867-1144