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The capillaries around the Chiropractor Murfreesboro areas is going to bring more blood to that area, so that is going to just cause and potentially some increase or is there another question? Planet k laser treatment, pretty good idea to rinse sterile water after cleaning with alcohol? Can we use products such as local, antiseptics or betadine before applying kayla I’m, as they can cause increased thermal activity and it’ll definitely cause some burnin Chiropractor Murfreesboro it in that area? If you should do that I’m, so any solutions Chiropractor Murfreesboro need to be rinsed off that would that would leave a darker color goes with dark colors absorb more of the infrared light which is going to cause a heating, send that you noticed a burning potential sensation in there. What if we hire a new employee 6 months from now, can they get trained horse? Chiropractor Murfreesboro Again then I see another  is there is there’s online resources for for staff to get trained in, so all of our people that are utilized Chiropractor Murfreesboro  sure there will be trained on on the process. Next I want to go over some of the history and science of the laser. You know its funny how to write 1970 in specifically, but it was not until later in 1960 that the first laser was actually built by guy named theodore maiman, Chiropractor Murfreesboro and it was another 25 years or so after that, before the technology advanced enough to make lasers safe and easy to use. Dr. Andre mester is credited with the discovery of the bayou, similar properties of red and near-infrared light, and he actually just stumbled upon this serendipitously during an experiment designed to find out if lasers might cause cancer by the way they did not and I do not it’s a laser Chiropractor Murfreesboro.

Laser is an excellent treatment in regards to pain management. The Chiropractor Murfreesboro stands for light amplification by the stimulated emission of Chiropractor Murfreesboro radiation lasers differ from a regular light in in a few very important ways. Laserlyte first is non-ionizing form of energy. That is part of the electromagnetic spectrum. Electromagnetic energy travels in waves, Chiropractor Murfreesboro so, as opposed to ordinary light laser light waves are in sync, the peaks and valleys are actually on top of each other, so they reinforce each other. They help of propagate each other. Is it called cohete coherence? Another difference from ordinary light is laser. Light is not divergent, it is collimated, as demonstrated by a laser pointer and so finally, the last of the different is a laser is monochromatic. It is one wavelength or color which is characteristic is this is a characteristic doe’s response for the laser specificity and selective effect on tissue? So the cool thing is all lasers work in a very similar manner and the exclamation would be as a medium of sword is composed of atoms that are capable of reaching was called a metastable or excited state in this media is charged by external energy source in this pumps on the addams to reach their excited state. So when it adams Chiropractor Murfreesboro fall back to their stable state, they give off this energy in the form of a photon, and these photons are contained within a resonating chamber with mirrors on either end, and so has the numbers of atoms in the excited state increases. The chances of the photons emitted spontaneously to stimulate release of Chiropractor Murfreesboro similar photon increases dramatically. The resonating chamber actually amplifies the stimulation exponentially until laser light is produced and that’s how it happens. So this light is then directed externally and got it to the target tissue. The course is all takes place at the speed of light or virtually instantaneously. The chemical medium will dictate. The waves, like a light that is Chiropractor Murfreesboro produced in the wavelength, will then dictate what function this particular laser is best suited for so we’re going to discuss medical lasers only here and therapy laser, specifically so I stated earlier. Laser light in the in the red had an earring. Fred’s range has bio stimulatory properties in roughly this corresponds to wave links between 600 mm in 1100 nanometers in the Chiropractor Murfreesboro shorter wavelengths are absorbed more superficially and therefore did not have the ability to penetrate as readily as longer wavelengths. So, therefore, the most important aspect for determining which laser what best suits you relate to the depth of the structure, you’re  Chiropractor Murfreesboro most concerned about treating so, if you’re treating something more superficial, you do something around the 600 Nano me an ohmmeter range. If you’re going deeper like bone or internal organs, you get more like the 1100 range, so biological effects from one where they to another in general, you want to have a laser that emits a beam with shorter wavelength if your main concern was superficial wound. So that’s from 600 750 listed earlier for musculoskeletal problems, a longer wavelength of better penetrating between 750 and 1000. So having multiple wavelengths as Chiropractor Murfreesboro we have here, will give you a wider range of treatment options and better clinical outcomes emphasized the importance of wavelength for proper clinical applications. The second most important parameter that will dictate how effective a laser will be. Is the power? Actually, the power is the rate at which the laser energy is being delivered, as measured in watts. There are four things that will happen to the laser energy when it strikes the tissue, some energy will be reflected back. Some will penetrate all the way through without interacting with the cells, in that someone actually become scattered. Chiropractor Murfreesboro Finally, only about 20 to 40% actually gets absorbed by the tissue at the cellular level have a biological effect. The power x. The time delivery will dictate the total amount of energy that is delivered to the tissue. This will be the dosage and is measured in joules there’s a certain amount of energy or dose that is needed to elicit a clinical response. This dosage must also be able to reach Chiropractor Murfreesboro the target tissue. This ass aspect of penetration and dosage is an important concept which many text fail to address when discussing proper laser treatment parameters. Chiropractor Murfreesboro 615-867-1144